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October 08 2004

Sarah Michelle Gellar's October talk show schedule. She's confirmed for Letterman on the 20th, Good Morning America & TRL the next day, and Regis and Kelly on the 22nd.

Start spreading the news...
I predict that Letterman will hug her uncomfortably.
And turn down the thermostat in the studio. Use your imagination as to the why...

Letterman is notorious for that. Maybe Sarah will wear the Yoko sweater and foil him. Heh.
OK, I hardly ever watch Letterman due to the hours I work. Are there issues there?

[ edited by Madhatter on 2004-10-08 18:12 ]
What no Leno? Eh, I don't normally like to watch Letterman at all, but maybe I'll record it just this once.

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