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"See how I'm not punchin' him? I think I've grown."
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December 02 2002

"Great characters evolve over time". Zap2it's TV Gal places Spike and Wesley in her top ten best characters on TV.

"3. Spike on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer": It's a rare actor that can pull off the heartbreaking quiet moments ("God help me Buffy, it's still all about you" ), the searing agony (Spike smoldering on the cross), the humor, the destruction, and the heroism all in one role. Last season his attempted rape of Buffy could have destroyed his character, but it didn't. That's proof of James Marsters' phenomenal performance.

4. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce on "Angel": Since we've met him, Alexis Denisof's Wesley has gone from hapless Watcher, to rogue demon hunter, to loyal friend, to a dark and twisted place his friends can't even begin to understand. And we've followed him every step of the way."

I'll go with Wesley being the best character from AtS but I'm torn between Xander or Spike being the best from BtVS.

So who do you think are the best characters from the shows at the moment?

Spike's my favourite - Xander irritates me sometimes.
On BtVS: Anya and Giles all the way. Xander comes in third.

On Angel: Definitely Lorne. Wish they gave him more to do. I still like Cordelia, but don't like what they've done to her character. I like Wesley better now that he's gone murky. Lilah's growing on me.
I'm holding out for Xander on BtVS. I think he will finally be the best developed character -- he's the "real" one anyway, the one that represents Joss and the rest of us in the Normalverse.

Spike is a terrific character, but I can't see myself as a former human poet, now monster-with-soul. Unfortunately I do relate to a poety dweeb mugged and killed in an alley, but I would have stayed dead and moldering.
Definitely Spike. I think his character has pulled the entire range of emotions from the audience--humor, horror, pain, heartbreak, anger, just to name a few. Also, it's pretty amazing that JM has been able to take such a flawed, even evil at times character and make him so sympathetic. And Spike's character has developed tons since we first met him, while still keeping his core motivation intact--be it Evil Spike, William the Bloddy Awful Poet, or the new soul-ful vamp, he's always all about the love.

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