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October 08 2004

Angel Season Four (R2) given 3 and a half stars out of ten! One of the worst reviews for one of my favourite seasons from MSN Entertainment. Instead of going into detail about every single episode, it instead rates each disc individually, with mixed results.

I do not agree with this!

Does anyone else think that's a really dumb way to review a Series set. Not to mention the fact that 3 and a half stars is incredible harsh, I MIGHT get a 5 star rating if someone really didn't enjoy it, but to claim that it was THAT bad just stirkes me as nonsensical.

Anywho it's not like they gave any reason for their ratings as is.

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Actually, I think "rating by disc" has merit, but it's no way to give an overall rating. There were things to like about this season such as the great opening episode, The Beast, and Faith coming back, but in retrospect, the love triangle storyline was nearly a deal breaker. I actually have a friend who pretty much stopped watching the show following this season, and the whole Connor/Cordelia thing was the reason. I suppose you can argue all day about the artistic value of such a switch, but as a writer, I think you also have to recognize things your characters *would* and *wouldn't* do. To me, that was crossing the line.
Either this is one of the most tenuous season 4 DVD links I have ever seen or one of the most pointless reviews I have ever read, I just can't seem to make my mind up.

But I think we've discussed the Angel season 4 DVD to death at Whedonesque so no more for a while thank you.
I agree with MSN.Season 4 was my least favourite season.It wasn't the best season of Angel.

Simon: Sorry about that post.I never knew you weren't allowed to post your own links.I won't do it again.I hope you can forgive me.When I first registered, I must've skipped that rule in the Whedonesque rule page.

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I suppose you can argue all day about the artistic value of such a switch, but as a writer, I think you also have to recognize things your characters *would* and *wouldn't* do. To me, that was crossing the line.

I realize a lot of viewers felt betrayed by the Cordy/Connor thing when it happened, but it was eventually explained and justified. It's pretty simple and clear to me--it wasn't Cordelia that willingly slept with Connor, she was possessed by the being that would eventually be named Jasmine. No, Cordelia herself would most likely never sleep with Connor (though before we knew Cordy was possessed, they tried to pass it off as her giving Connor something special in the face of a possible apocalypse. Which I struggled with a bit, but eventually bought). As far as Connor goes though, I don't see anything that would hold him back.

It just doesn't seem like such a season-ruining aspect to me. Even with the rest of the Cordy/Connor scenes we got after the event.
Did anyone besides me notice that although the reviewer gave the season a very low rating, the members who watched the show all gave a perfect score? Maybe the reviewer was just one of those people who never even really watched the show or something. Which, in that case, they shouldn't even be reviewing it.
Gahh! This has got to be the most reviewed season of AtS! Wouldn't you know too, its the worst one! Yeah. The worst.

The only reason I'm going to buy it is to complete my Joss dvd collection. Believe me, I'm in no hurry. And like Simon said, enough already. I'm sick of hearing about it. It really wasn't good, people. Yuck. * irritatedly shakes hands*
I loved this year. Shrugs, it was great.

Glad that MOST of the reviews have been insanely positive. :)
Am I missing something? I don't see actual reviews anywhere on that page. Is it because I'm not registered or something?

And I too thought it was one of the better seasons. Had it's problems like all of them but I thought it was a big improvement over S3. They did a lot of bold and daring stuff they usually didn't do. I liked Buffy S6 for the same reasons.
I'm with Ed - I don't see the review anywhere on this page either.
I don't see the review either. All I see is user ratings of the discs. I don't even see the 3.5 stars out of ten.
There was no review. They just rated the disks. The only thing it tells you is that they liked the first 2 disks, and hated the rest. They don't tell you why. Pretty pointless if you ask me.

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Must agree with Simon and Willowy. Enough with season AtS 4. Lets move on.
Season four is one of my favorites, can't beat episodes with David B as Angelus, Faith's return, the story arc especially of the first 12 episodes, keeps you hooked, I've never seen a better flowing arc to any television show while making each episode very good, yet leaving it on cliffhangers, it was brilliant.

As for the review, dumb review, move on.

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