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October 08 2004

Angel memorabilia on eBay. Fox Auction is once again passing on items from Angel. The descriptions this time around are particularly odd. One face cast described as being D'Hoffryn's from his time on Angel (!) clearly says "Aztec Warrior" on the picture. Not a lot of bidding going on either.

I noticed the same thing, Lioness, about descriptions not matching the photos (or even the show). There's just not as much good memorabilia as there was when Buffy ended, clearly. Oh, well.
I got something from Foxauctions on ebay when Buffy ended and it wasn't as pictured. I fought with them awhile but ended up taking it after I decided it was authentic, even if not what I thought I was buying. My sister ended up refusing another purchase when it also was not what was pictured. Clearly caveat emptor where foxauctions are concerned.
Yes, Lioness, I agree. I got several things from the Buffy auction, but was pretty much satisfied with them (though she didn't state that Dawn's mirror was dulled for the camera; but then, I didn't ask!). I've found it interesting that many of the clothes (such as one of Wesley's shirts that I got) had tags on them. Perhaps the costumers hide them, but I don't know...
And teeth cast?? In a word, no.
Is this a new level of stupid? Is it so hard to check things out a bit when you try to sell something? D'Hoffryn obviously was never on Angel, which is bad enough but that you place a picture that says 'Aztec warrior' in that same ad is just beyond idiotic.
Maybe the Fox auction people think that the fans are gullible enough that something as obvious as this would go unnoticed? LOL 'Errors' like this make them look unprofessional but I guess if people still buy from them, then that isn't a concern.
I won two things from them and I was very satisfied. I won two of Gunn's shirts. One is one he wore in several episodes, including the one where he found out who Jasmine really is. The second shirt is the blue polo he wore in Home when he and the gang are touring Wolfram & Hart.
Olaf was not on Angel either, as far as I know...

But maybe it's not the character name in this case, it may be the actor's name, does anyone name their kid Olaf these days???...and no way the actor was named D'Hoffryn.

These items would be more interesting if there was some information about which episodes they were used in and the full name of the actor who wore them.
They could claim that Olaf and D'Hoffryn were among the many demons charging towards Angel & Co. at the end of the series finale.

But then that would just be a lie, its the only thing they could say if they insist the two characters were in Angel though.
I think she's had a lot of success with both this and the Buffy auction that perhaps she has gotten sloppy, as people have suggested. And I agree, it's much more interesting when the episode is listed.

I suspect that this auction is more lame than the Buffy one because someone actually involved with the show might have gotten smart and kept the good stuff. Did anyone see the bathroom fixtures from Angel's penthouse and Harmony's apartment? Just what I want, Angel's TP holder!
"I suspect that this auction is more lame than the Buffy one because someone actually involved with the show might have gotten smart and kept the good stuff."

I think your're right about that. In Toronto this summer, Mercedes McNab said that the actors and crew had to start signing insurance waivers for some of the props on Angel - the wee glass slide that was used to take 'blood samples' in the Harmony episode was listed as being worth some ridiculus price like $1500, and she was terrified she would lose it and have to pay to replace it!
I want to know who from the cast or crew got puppet Angel.
I heart that the puppet maker kept him.
When Jonathan Woodward was in Toronto this past weekend, he said that his girlfriend Carrie who worked on Angel knew the puppet maker. We urged Jonathan to urge Carrie to urge the puppet maker to make more to sell!
Long time lurker, first time poster here. Does anyone actually know who runs the auctions? I'm guessing they aren't that close to the show and therefore have no idea if what the pictures are titled are true or not although the D'Hoffryn thing should be a no brainer.

Totally agree - puppet angel would be cool. I'm surprised Joss didn't keep one.
Puppet Angel's a merchandising goldmine, I've never bought any of the action figures, but I would definitely buy a Puppet Angel if they brought it out, and I'd reckon I'm not the only one.

It'd be a cool pre-order promotion with Angel season 5, but it'd probably be too expensive to produce them just for that.
cookie_dough I would imagine that 20th Century Fox (the production company) would be running the auction.

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