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October 09 2004

Jewel Staite speaks about her new acting roles in the latest update at her website. And regarding 'Serenity', well according to her "A little birdie just told me the film may be cut together already. I hear it looks AMAZING."

What a sweet heart. 'Widow on the Hill" sounds interesting. Love to see Jewel play a dark role. Could that "little bird" be Joss perhaps?
Oh, I just HAVE to try to be an extra on this movie! I was an extra on Celeste in the City(Nicholas Brendan) but not in a scene he was in. Maybe I would have better luck this time. It sounds interesting.
Why would she be jealous of Joss seeing the movie first? That'd be kinda selfish, hehe. It's probably one of her costars. I had no idea about this GalaxyCon thing. I missed DragonCon by a week when I was in Georgia, definitely going to this one!!!
Wish you luck, Lioness. BTW, got all the DVD's to ship to those two sites you named. Just waiting on AtS season 4. It sold out out here in record time.
Thanks Madhatter - for both!. If by any chance I do get on the set, I'll find some way to report on it.
Nice post - it's always nice to read these messages for Jewel.

I am also thinking the little bird would be one of the costars and not Joss, maybe Nathan, I get the feeling Nathan is very close to Joss and may be privy to seeing the movie ahead of time.
Galaxy Con BTW is Nov 12-14 in Washingtone DC / Baltimore area for those interested.

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