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December 02 2002

(SPOILER) Cast and crew of Firefly interviewed. Tim Minear, Adam Baldwin, Ron Glass and Morena Baccarin chat about their characters and the challenges ahead. (Interview took place before Firefly hiatus was announced.)

"...a lot of people have downloaded the pilot because there's a copy running around out there. But I would recommend you don't do that because it is just a rough cut. It's not the finished version. There's still more footage that will be added to the final pilot..."

Wheeee! That just means I can download and enjoy it *again*.
Exactly my thinking. "If one were to search out such a copy, where could one start? One is just asking, of course..."

After consideration, I think Baldwin's statement is really a plug -- I think he's dropping a hint so folks will hunt it down and get excited about the pilot, and spread the word.

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