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October 11 2004

New publicity photo of Summer Glau. Simply stunning.

And very different from our River.

Yup, "wow" about sums it up.

Her mouth looks a bit weird like that.
Caroline, you made me chuckle. Thank you.

But, wow.
That picture makes me want to go gay. She's so lovely.
Not gay. Married, though. *shhhh wow* Also, she can kill you with her brain.
Simon, you have a gift for understatement.

"Simply stunning"?

Oh, my, a good bit more than that!

(Can April come soon enough?)
Uh, how much Photoshop work went into erasing her pores? She's attractive enough in that, but looks incredibly plasticky.
"Uh, how much Photoshop work went into erasing her pores? She's attractive enough in that, but looks incredibly plasticky. "

I agree, this is one of those over-touched up shots. Why? She's pretty enough. What was there to airbrush out? I barely recognized her.
sigh. you know you've reached the point of no return, age-wise, when all the up-coming starlets you think are hot are younger than you.

wow. so talented, so beautiful, and yet so young. unfair!
As I don't watch Firefly, I had no idea why I should care about this actress; I hadn't heard of her. Now that I've seen this picture, I care about everthing she has and will ever do. :)
Wowza (it's like 'wow' and 'yowza' balled into one)!!!
Summer Glau wasn't a Firefly-only actress. She actually had a guest part on Angel before she was cast on Firefly. She played the ghosty ballerina in Waiting in the Wings.
weds, I agree.

As River, she has bags and dark circles under her eyes. Her hair is lanky and greasy and she wears Kaylee castoffs, seeing as how she was naked when she came to Serenity. Oh, and no makeup is de reguere (sp?)... I mean none.

I also remember her from Waiting in the Wings. More Jossy goodness.
It's a striking photo and no doubt will meet the goal of leaving a memorable image on the brains of all us males.

Cynicism on||| All that has to be done now is to pimp Summer for the numerous talk shows and magazine interviews (I can sense the scuffing and scraping of knuckles on the floors of the editorial offices of FHM, Stuff and Maxim, whose editors are steaming up their glasses). But that's the way the game is played ||| cynicism off.

All the best to Summer! I can't wait until our little dancer shows she has the brains, too, and blows away the critics with a tour de force performance -- which I certainly think she is capable of. I have that confidence because a fulla by the name of Joss Whedon does. Go Joss!
She reminds me of Christina Ricci in that photo.

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