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October 12 2004

(SPOILER) Steve DeKnight penned 'Smallville' episode to lead to spinoff? Speculation that the upcoming fifth episode written by the former Mutant Enemy staffer could lead to a companion series for the WB show.

I wasn't happy they are doing Bart Allen aka Impulse, I would have preferred Barry Allen, The Flash I grew up with, and the person who was The Flash when Clark started his Superman career in the comics.
Seriously...who the hell wants to see this trash?! I mean the reason Angel was so successful was that fans had gotten to know Angel via Buffy, and also the show was good and had some interesting characters. The Smallville people hope to bring a character in for one episode and then give him a show? Knowing them, they'll probably ruin everything the flash was to create this horrible updated piece of trash. Just leave the classics alone and start using your own material. I for one don't want a Flash show and can live without Smallville too.
I like Smallville, but I can't see how they can decide whether or not to give a character a show based on the popularity of a character who appears in one episode.

It's taken them 3 years to get Smallville right, shouldn't they just concentrate on keeping that good, rather than starting a new show.

The only spinoff from Smallville I'm at all interested in seeing is a Superman show after Smallville finishes.
I'd be interested in a Lex show. Lex Luthor is the best thing about Smallville.
esg, gotta agree. He's got something.

I don't watch the show, though, so I've only seen him in a few scenes. He's so magnetic!
The only reason I'd be happy with a Flash spin-off is if they let Steven DeKnight be the show runner (since it's his episode that's introducing the character). Mr DeKnight wrote some of my favourite non-Joss Buffyverse episodes (inluding my all time favourite Angel ep, Apocalypse, Nowish) so I'd be very interested to see what he can do when running a show.

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