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October 13 2004

HEX - buffy-like drama. You can watch clips and get the lowdown on 'HEX' the new UK sci-fi drama, which has very similar style and ideas as Buffy ... might be good :).

Although I'll always give something new a try after reading the Sky Magazine and seeing the lead actress go "this is more dark and humourous than Buffy", i learn't two things. One, this actress doesn't know what she's talking about (she's obviously never seen an episode of Season Six), and Two, this is going to have a lame storyline. Thanks for the link DarkchildeUK but I wont be watching this
I actually think the adverts make this worth checking out. Hell there's so little else worth watching on UK tv, certainly very little that's actually made over here anyway, that I'll give anything that looks halfway decent a chance. Of course if it sucks I'll just go back to pining for quality US drama and waiting for Dr Who to save (or sink) our genre "scene"
The language on the site certainly is more 'adult' than anything Buffy was promoted with.
I'll be watching it too. But I don't want this site inundated with threads about this show (cause it's not Whedon related) so I will post a discussion thread after the show has aired on Sunday night at Whedonesque Chat so people can tell us what they thought about it.
Sounds like someone wants to build on the success of Buffy by basically remaking it and giving it a different look and accents. Buffy is hard to remake, though, because what makes the show brilliant is that irreplaceable Whedon touch. But none of this means that the show won't be good or even great. I hope it is good and that the creators have a cool new vision. I'll be interested to read what you U.K. folks think of it after it airs.
It looks horrible, just one man's opinion.
It looks interesting but there will never be a new Buffy or anything close.
Having looked through the site and watched the trailers I'm actually quite looking forward to it. Of course there's a good chance for disappointment but apparently I'm not so disillusioned that I'm not willing to try out a new Buffy-like show in the hope that it can fill a small part of the void a Joss-less tv world has created.
The cast talking about Buffy, and doing comparisons is pretty lame. The series could be good, but if they starts "bashing" or saying they`re better, they lose reason.

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I think it's funny that someone who exposes *that* much cleavage is described as "shy."
I read a quote in one of the papers where they said it would be "sexier and funnier" than Buffy. Add "darker", as they have, and that's fightin' talk....

If they manage all three I will bow down and worship the new master. But I'm not holding my breath...
Not a terribly humble production, eh?
Sometimes they should just keep their mouths shut.

Sky said recently that losing Buffy was a big loss for the channel, so one would assume that this in some way is an attempt to regain that audience, they should know that Buffy fans are an incredibly loyal group, and not get the stars of the show they hope we'll all tune into, to start saying how much better than Buffy their show is, before a single episode has even aired.

I am expecting this to be rubbish, never seen an original Sky One series that I've liked. They reckon it is going to be sexier, funnier and darker than Buffy, I doubt any of those, they may reckon they're being sexier just because they get the (not particularly attractive) actresses to wear low-cut tops.
I have a wonderful feeling this will be the supernatural version of 'Dream Team'. I shall revel in Hex's glorious tackiness and bad acting and then weep as I realise British TV hasn't had a decent supernatural show since 'Ultraviolet'.
I will speculate that it'll be a Charmed clone, and that's not a road you want to go down...

But then what do I know? I loved 'Strange'!
Oh, dear, this to my little eye appears to be a British version (sexed up a bit) of Charmed.

You can't imitate and emulate Buffy--the Whedonverse is sui generis, and any attempts at imitation are doomed.

Prove me wrong, Hex, and I'll be glad!
ignoring all buffy refrences, and just trying to look at this show from an unbiasted prospective, I think it looks like it could be pretty good--or at least better than anything america is coming up with save a few exceptions such as Lost.
I dont get Sky, but I look forward to giving this show a download, and if I like it hopefully there'll be some DVDs for us yanks.
Oh, dear, this to my little eye appears to be a British version (sexed up a bit) of Charmed.

Charmed could be more sexed up?
Anything-ed up on Charmed would be an improvement. Mutilated Yak's heads (sorry to all you Yak's out there) would improve it!

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