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October 14 2004

Superman Casting News. Not a direct reference to David, but Singer states he's "committed to casting an unknown." Depending on who you are, David fits the bill....

This is mostly about how Jim Caviezel is *not* getting the part, so if it's too far afield, feel free to chuck it! :)

I like David Boreanaz, but I cannot for the life of me see him as Superman.
Oh, I don't know. He might look really good in tights ;^)
When he said unknown, I think he meant someone who doesn't already have baggage to another role. That way when people see Superman on screen, they'll be seeing Superman on the screen, not Jesus or theguyfromTheMummy. So would DB really count if you look at it, like that?
I'm glad Caviezel isn't going to be Supes. He in no way embodies my vision of The Man of Steel (he has no chin!). Christopher Reeve (rest in peace) did. So did Dean Cain. And I think Tom Welling is a satisfactory successor to the cape. In fact I wouldn't be disappointed if Welling did get the movie role, although I don't think he will.
I'm also glad Caviezel won't be Superman. Not to say that Caviezel isn't a talented actor. But in my mind he's all wrong for The Man of Steel.

I do fall into the camp of Boreanaz being okay as Supes. I can see it. Although maybe he's getting a little long in the tooth. I can see a first-year Angel Boreanaz in the role more than a Boreanaz of the now. Don't know who Tom Welling is.

I am glad about the unknown thing. Unknown is best for these roles.
Tom Welling is Clark Kent in Smallville. He has said in past interviews that he's taken meetings about the role, but I've not heard anything since Mr Singer took over.
This doesn't seem to be Whedonesque related at all really. But yeah, I definitely don't see David as Superman.
Boreanaz could maybe do Superman, at a stretch, but can you really picture him as Clark Kent? I think not.
Well in the scenes in AtS where he had to be goofy he did pretty well so maybe he could pull a Clark I just don't see it. Just not the type. And no neither is Jim caviezel.

In all honesty, I don't think I'll ever accept another actor as Superman completely. And I'm not just 'praising the dead' here. I always felt that Chris Reeve somehow managed to wear that bright blue-red-yellow spandex (stuff that looks fine on the page, but kinda silly in real life) and really give it dignity. He didn't look silly, he looked like Superman. He looked impressive. The way he moved and spoke ...he made it work. I've never seen anyone else pull that off. (Sorry, Dean Cain's 'watch me cross my arms again' poses didn't have the same effect)

Tom Welling is the best resemblance of the character since Reeve. Well, on paper....he's got the build, the jaw, the farm boy quality and the blue eyes and the black hair, but....I don't know. Can't put the finger on it. he never really felt like Clark Kent for me. He's got a certain quality that always reminds me of Calvin Klein underwear models or something. Maybe it's the pouty lips, but....don't know. Besides, he's too young. He's 'superboy'.

I can't think of anyone I would pick for the role. Not Josh Hartnett, not Ben Affleck, not Nic Cage.... Hugh Jackman...mmmaybe...he's got the build and the chiseled looks and can be wholesome (he did 'Oklahoma' fer pete's sake) Dunno....maybe. He could probably do a decent Clark Kent, but...don't think anyone could ever fill those tights like Chris Reeve.
Any takers for Marc Blucas - sorry warped sense of humour at work!
Since I'm watching Smallville (mostly cheesy guilty pleasure that it is, and I imagine the new Superman movie will be as well), I'd really like to see Tom Welling get the part. And for it to be incorporated into the series somehow. Wouldn't have to be a bridge-the-gap-between-seasons deal the way The X-Files film was, but it'd be a neat challenge, giving the series' writers a future version of Tom Welling's Clark Kent to adhere to, to lead up to.

It'll never happen though. Even if Welling does get the part, I seriously doubt it'll be within Smallville continuity. I can't see them casting the same Lois Lane they have on the show, as well as any other major Superman mainstay they wanna feature in the film (though Michael Rosenbaum would be a great asset as Lex). More than any of that though, I just don't see Bryan Singer going for it. He'll want to create his own vision of Superman. On the one hand, I'll be less interested in the film that way, 'cause I really couldn't give a toss about Superman. He's not a comic book character that I've ever liked or has ever really interested me (that was part of the appeal of Smallville actually--that it seemed like it was going to be far enough away from what the Superman comics were that it was worth giving a chance). On the other hand though, Singer has a pretty shiny track record, so I trust him to make something that's at least fun and engaging, if not excellent. So I'll be going to the theatre because it's Singer directing. And maybe for the person/people writing the screenplay as well (has it been confirmed who they're going with yet? On the IMDB, it lists the same 2-guy team who wrote X-Men 2 and have collaborated on other projects).

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