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December 03 2002

(SPOILER) Wanda has spoilers and gossip for BtVS at E!Online.

Further discussion of what she talked about last week and its all very interesting.

Wanda doesn't ever have real spoilers. She just picks up bits and pieces that every other real spoiler source has already discussed. And then she manages to get it wrong. ("Tara is not going to die") The only time she'll actually have something that's new is when she talks to the actors (as in this case with Principal Woods).

I mean, she can adamantly say "Giles is not dead because he returns in the next few episodes", but who says he isn't Mr Morphy? ASH was told not to touch anything in his recent shoots, so they're going to play on that possibility whether true or false.

The "international slayer" thing comes from casting sides... sides spoilers usually come from Cher's Spoiler Underground (busted and moved again, don't know where it is these days) and turn up on the Cross and Stake or on TWOP. That's where I read it last week, anyway.
Well, at least with Wanda, she is fairly reliable and is a huge fan of the show.

And speaking of spoilers , beware of a very unreliable news item about Joss Whedon saying Buffy has run its course. For a start, the grammar in the news item is awful and most Buffy fans know that Alyson is spelt with one 'l' not two.

I say its a 'foiler', those that post at the B C & S boards will know what I mean by those.
I'm adding this here because I don't have a link and because it's an FYI-type thing and not worthy of a discussion of its own, I think.

Also, I'm a clueless goob, so everyone else may already know this: TVGuide's online listings has the next new episode of Buffy listed on December 17 (for the US). I'd thought (and been told) that we'd get reruns until January, but it looks like we get a small reprieve. If you go to take a look, beware the episode copy and cast information. It's spoilery.

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More info from TVGuide today on the episode "Bring on the Night":

As the Scoobies research the orgins of the First to find a way to rescue Spike, Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) arrives with reinforcements---three apprentice Slayers. Also: Buffy is rattled when her mother (Kristine Sutherland) offers advice in her dreams. Kennedy: Iyari Limon. Annabelle: Courtnee Draper. Molly: Clara Bryant. Ubervamp: Camden Toy. Andrew: Tom Lenk. Principal Wood: D.B. Woodside.
Apparently, the actor who plays the Ubervamp, Camden Toy, is also responsible for Gnarl and one of The Gentlemen. Quite a reputation.
Yup. Here's some more info on him.

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