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October 14 2004

A poker night in Vegas for charity featuring BtVS/AtS guests. So far they have James Leary, George Hertzberg, and Camden Toy playing. The night is Jan 22, 2005 and it is for the Shriners Hospital for Children in Sacramento, CA.

"Be one of the first 100 to register for Jacks or Better and take a Chance of winning a cool Buffy and Angel Prize pack!

The prize pack includes:

Buffy Season 7 DVD Set
Angel Season 4 DVD Set
A Complete Bobblehead set, featuring Buffy,Angel and Spike.
And A Special VHS copy of Chance, autographed by the lovely Amber Benson.
A special drawing will be held at the event containing the names of the first 100 registered, with the prize pack to be awarded to the winner."

Oh what I wouldn't give for a Buffy, Angel and Spike bobblehead set. *sigh*

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