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December 03 2002

Buffy Ratings Woes and Season Eight Spec From T.V. Guide Online. Says UPN President Dawn Ostroff: "Our growth will be an evolution, not a revolution." Looks like UPN wants an eighth season of BtVS, with or without SMG. Also a little about Enterprise and its ratings problems, if you're one of the Trek faithful.

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Not that I mean to be negative or anything. Okay. Maybe I do. But I don't think the problem with "Enterprise" is that it needs to be sexier. How about just making it entertaining? I so wanted to enjoy Enterprise when it first hit the airwaves, but when I catch that show, I swear I can hear crickets. And tumbleweeds roll across the living room.

And puh-leeze. An eighth season of "Buffy" without Buffy? Oh yeah. The rating's will hit the roof. Of a roach motel.
If they snag Faith they'll grab their beloved demographic right where it tickles...
Enteprise was a severe let down , recycled plots and a tepid approach to the birth of the Federation. DS9, for me, was the best series by far.
Simon, I'm a DS9 person too. Can't wait for the DVDs (and the $$ to buy them).
Prolific, do you think they could persuade Dushku to give up film for tv? Maybe---it would NOT surprise me to see SMG hang in there if there is a Season 8.
Can someone please tell me how this information can possibly be classified as a spoiler?
Sorry. I despoilified it.
Lady Pele, I think Eliza can be convinced, because in the 2.5-3 years she hasn't been on Buffy/Angel, exactly 3 movies featuring her have been released. One of them was one of the worst films in recent memory. Soul Surivors, btw, if it wasn't obvious. I think she's realized by now what she left behind. A starring tv role would only help her film career. She can still do at least a movie a year and she'll be offered better parts if more people know who she is.

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