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October 15 2004

Vote for the Sexiest Men in The World. And you can choose either David or James in this poll to find the Number One Man in the world.

This seems to be one of those badly put together polls where you can click away to your little heart's content to stack the votes for your favourite cutie -
Danny Strong isn't even on it!
He's so lovely.
Does anyone know who Alistair Griffin is ??
He is running away with winning this poll.
Alistair is a 25 year old British pop singer - sort of a British Idol I take it.
@Passion, that was my question exactly. I don't even know who half those people are.
I just feel so out of it that this guy is winning the poll by a hugh amount over the others and I have never heard of him.
I Google'd him, and he's really not that good looking. I can't believe he's going to beat out James, Orlando Bloom and all those other hotties.
Alaister Griffin was the runner up on Fame Acadamy, a british reality TV Show (he lost to a Cornish lesbian). He's had about Two Top Five hits in the UK, and we haven't heard anything else about him for about a year

Hoped that cleared it up for you.
Actually half of these people are reality TV Show stars from the UK! Nooooooo! Not Peter Brame, the singally most arrogant ponce on British TV!
I gotta say, it was really hard not to vote for Mark Wahlberg. I mean, he's just yummy. But in the end, I always vote for our Angel boys.

Alistair Griffin? Not so much with the yum.
Gypsy, I agree. He's got a nice smile, but otherwise, eh. Thanks for the link. And, yes, I didn't recognize most of the names, either!
I haven't even heard of the majority of these people. I love DB and JM but I don't think either of them is the sexiest man in the world--Knox has my vote any day. Do all the guys on this list place?
If this were a Cinescape, E! Online or some other news organization poll, then I think the results might have some modest interest to folks in the entertainment industry. It appears to be a fan site and is registered to an individual in London. It may make a difference to the fans that visit his site, but other than that I doubt the results matter.
Nathan wasn't even on that list!
Mal'sGal - I looked for him too and was disappointed not to see him. Love Spike and Angel but Mal does it more for me than they do!
OK - this Alistair Griffin guy - no way is he better looking than James or David (or IMO Johnny Depp, Vin Diesel, or Heath Ledger)

And I agree with the above, Nathan should be on the list...not so sure about Clem but I would like to play with the folds of skin...I digress :)

We should be able to add our picks to the list so that they appear with the other choices, then people could vote for them and they would get tallied too.
I voted for Chad Micheal Murray, because he's sexy.
I voted for Alyson Hannigan and Emma Caulfield...oh....they aren't on the list. Kinda' disappointed here.

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