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October 15 2004

Michelle captured by Michael Muller. Flash site. Five rather stunning photos by this professional photographer. Click on M. Trachtenberg and move your mouse around to view them.

How old is she, again? Sheesh!

Dear God in Heaven...stunning is not the word here...not loving this latest development in Michelle's career.
She’s so naturally pretty I don’t see why stylists seem to insist make-up artists put her eye shadow and liner on with a paint roller. Plus the “heroin chic” look is so over.
I do like the photographer’s abundant use of texture in the other photos, particularly in the Drew Barrymore ones.
Heroin chic does not work for Michelle if I may say so.
I would say compared to the other photographer - these photos are 80% better. I also have issues when photographers thinks it enhances to over do the eyes. I think if you make them think while you are shooting them then you get a better shot of their eyes then with the overdose of eye makeup.
To provide a bit of background info -- this is actually quite an old photoshoot of Michelle. So in case people are concerned that this is the only style of photoshoot she'll now do, that's not actually the case. As noted, this shoot was done quite a while back -- and since then, Michelle has been in quite a few shoots that don't go for the same dark, stylized look. It seems this was merely one of the more experimental photo sessions she's gotten involved in :)

Regarding this Michael Muller shoot -- if anyone wants to see the whole thing, it's located over at this link.

I suppose the photographer was trying for a more stylized interplay between light and shadow. In my opinion, it sometimes worked and sometimes didn't -- depends on the picture. For instance, in terms of a visually striking image, I quite liked this one. Some others I liked, and some others I didn't.
Did anyone notice that the site also has two pictures of Max Perlich (Whistler)?
I do think some of these are beautiful, but they could indeed go a little less on the eyeliner. Also: 'heroin chic' never worked for anyone if you ask me.

On a side note: that is a very well made site and a very original way of 'getting to the pictures.

It is also the most *annoying* way to view pictures I've EVER come across on the web. For frag's sake give me some thumbnails so I can watch them how I want to!
I can only say, "Daddy like."
Is it me, or do some posters on this site want MT to remain as 14-year-old Dawnie forever?
I thought the pics were pretty cool. Its not like she was posing nude or anything. I've never heard of this photographer before but I thought a lot of pics on his site were very creative.

I agree nietoperz... she can't stay Buffy's little sis forever... she's all growed up now, it's time to let go. :) (friendly sarcasm)

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