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October 15 2004

Wonderfalls DVD Cover Art. The cover art looks pretty cool. They're calling it "Wonderfalls: The Complete Viewer Collection."

Still no official PR info from Fox, however.

I like. Cover art with a difference methinks.
Hmmmmmmm, I don't know about it. I loved the two episodes that I saw while in Canada and will so probably buy the series, but as a person who was looking for something to buy, the cover would probably put me off

I just don't think it conveys the tone of the show very well. Something much more colourful would have been better, as I've always thought of Wonderfalls as a very bright show and don't think I am alone in thinking that

What I will be interested in is to see what they do with the cover art for Angel Season Five, and if they will put Spike on it, making it the first time in R2 Buffyverse history that a supporting character has been placed on the front of a DVD Cover with the leading Lady or Man
Her Outfit makes me think of the Doublemeat Palace Uniform!
I like it a lot. Sorta reminds me of "Amelie" for some reason (or maybe it's Caroline Dhavernas reminding me of Audrey Tatou in her insouciant gallic-ness).

And, hey, anything reminiscent of "Doublemeat Palace" gets extra points in my book.
Wonderfalls was a cool show, but I must be the only one here who never wants to be reminded of "Doublemeat Palace". That has to be one of the weakest Buffy episodes I've ever seen.
Agree about the Amelie vibe. Looks different and cool. I'd definitely be interested in buying it based on the cover art, even if I had never seen the show.

Also re: Doublemeat Palace, I personally not only love the episode but was able to use it as the centerpiece in an 50 page thesis for a sociology/media/communications class. I wrote it on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Postmodernism and the Middle Class. Despite seeming flimsy on first glance, the episode actually has a lot of depth if you start to analyze it.

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Doublemeat palace is the worst episode ever. The entire episode has this bizare sex vibe, and the monster of the episode is a giant male sex organ, that spews stuff. Its probably one of the most blatant and pointless sex references ever, it was too much and not needed.

That said the cover art is bad. You dont get any idea of what the show is, or anything really. But then again only people who liked the few eps will pick this one up anyways.
Hey now, I loved Doublemeat Palace. But I certainly don't love this cover art. It's different, but just...blah. There's something that I don't like about it, and I can't imagine anyone who doesn't know about the show picking up a DVD box that looks like that. Of course, I'll rush to buy it the day it comes out, bad cover art or not.
Killer in Me is hands down the worst episode anyway...:)
"But then again only people who liked the few eps will pick this one up anyways." - Gage

I don't think that's true. I think there are plenty of people who saw one episode(myself included), or none for that matter, and then heard the buzz that will be plenty interested in picking this up. There's been so much talk about WF, on the Internet in blogs, etc, like this. I know people who have seen someone's opinion of this series on the Net, trust that opinion, and are anxiously awaiting the set.
I didn't love Doublemeat Palace but i still liked it, it was fun. The Wonderfalls cover art is fine, i will still buy it.

Side note:
This is my first post here at Whedonesque after lurking for a little over a year and half now. I am quite pleased, i finally get to post:)
Jane Espenson said the spewing penis monster was not intended by her or M.E. It was supposed to be a eel.

As for the cover art, I like it. And as I've seen people pick up box sets of shows they've never seen (like say...Firefly?) I don't think this cover would put off anyone.
Well I've previously posted my top 10 worst episode list (somewhere buried in the August? archives), so I'm not going there again. Suffice it to say, Doublemeat is probably in the top 50% of Buffy episodes for me.

1st, Buffy gets to deliver loads of great one-liners - and she does it *so* well.
2nd, Anya's riff on the workers building the country.
3rd, anyone who has ever actually worked in a service industry job will appreciate how wonderfully the writing nailed the particular, um, "tang" that the industry possesses;
4th, Buffy and Spike doing the dirty in the alley (OK, not everyone's fav thing, but worked for me . . .);
5th, the whole "Soylent Green" riff: "It's people. Probably not the chickeny part. But who knows? . . . What about the cherry pie?";
6th, well that's probably enough reasons.
But anyways the whole snake-demon/phallic symbol denouement is, for me, so *not* the point of the episode. Sometimes it really is the medium that's the message.
I'm also one with the Doublemeat Palace love. It was a brilliant dark comedy.
Who buys DVD sets based on the cover art anyway? DVD sets of cancelled shows sell almost purely on word of mouth I think, since there no advertising and only the people who've seen it really know about it. Firefly could have been in a plain brown wrapper and would have still sold the same numbers.
"Firefly could have been in a plain brown wrapper and would have still sold the same numbers." - sTalking_Goat

Wonderfully stated! I was lining up to by a Firefly dvd set when there was just some internet talk that it might be available on DVD. I didn't care one way or the other what the packaging looked like.

I liked Wonderfalls but wasn't at the completely in love with it stage yet. But, if it isn't outrageously priced, I'll probably pick up a copy of it regardless of what the cover looks like.
I'm trying to find out if we're allowed to post the rest of the packaging on The DVDs themselves look like viewmaster reels and are really cool, and the rest of the art (on the back cover and on the thinpak cases inside) is more what people were expecting -- cast pics and little episode stills.
I like the cover art just fine. Big Viewmaster goggles, reminiscent of my childhood, made me laugh. If I had to quibble, I personally might have made the Viewmaster just a tad smaller, the better to see Caroline Dhavernas. On the other hand, while CD is a fine-looking lady, I appreciate and respect that her physical attractiveness is not what's being used to sell the DVD set. (The quality of the stories themselves, and positive word-of-mouth, should take care of that.) It's got sort of a subtle yet individualistic, strong woman vibe. Kinda like Jaye herself.

I'm also another Firefly fan who would have bought that set in a brown wrapper, crappy cover, whatever. The show was so profoundly good that even bad artwork wouldn't have dissuaded me (and I'm a graphics/artist-type person, so that aspect of things is something I do definitely take notice of). On balance, though, I care far more about what's inside something than the packaging.

Re: DMP -- I disliked it immensely when I first saw it, but after a second viewing I realized I had initially responded to it based on a visceral negative reaction related to my own past food service experiences. Now I can appreciate it more, even though it still isn't anywhere near the top tier of my BtVS favorites.
Pictures of the DVDs themselves are now up on :)
Sadly I'm one of the Doblemeat Palace haters.

But hey great cover. I did watch the whole series I really like it, and my consider getting a copy of the DVD set for myself. Jaye's last lines in the show was just priceless, by telling the was lion to shu up.

Tim and the guys got to tell a whole arc with these 13 episodes, I'm just very intriged by where they might have gone if they had the chance for a 2nd season.
I think that cover is excellent. As others have mentioned pretty different, which is good cause it's quite a different show.
I like the cover - but I like the Doublemeat palace episode even more.

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