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October 18 2004

Vampires and Those Who Slay Them. Using BtVS in Adolescent Therapy and Psychodynamic Education.

i came across this by sheer coincidence. sadly, only the abstract is free. however, i got a warm fuzzy feeling in my chest when i read this. i wonder how great joss must feel having his creation become such a staple in all sorts of aspects in society, even academic psychiatry!

I feel rather proud, since I used to work at McLean Hospital (where the author works). Hee. Except I'm not paying $15 to access the site for an hour!
Well I'm not paying either, but I can imagine the jist of this. I think it sounds really positive. Don't know anything about psychodynamic education but can you imagine using BtVS in Adolescent Therapy? I think it would work especially well with young girls, but young guys could get a lot out of it too.

Look at Xander the underdog. Not smarty-smart, not popular with the girls, but saves the day time and time again. And nobody knows how to be a better or more loyal friend.

If this is what this article talks about, I say yay! This could be especially helpful to the uninitiated. How COOL.
I think Buffy would have helped me when I was in therapy as a teenager. I wish I had Buffy back then.
I tried to find a way to qoute this in my psychiatric doctoral thesis. That would have been so cool. Couldn't find the right angle though.

The item first discusses the ways vampires can be seen as metaphors for the troubles of adolescence and concludes with casuistics, describing how therapy sessions with young patients would be started discussing last night's Buffy episode and moving on to connect the episode's themes with the patient's problems.

A few months ago the article was still accessible for free and I posted it here at the end of a thread where someone had brought up the topic of Buffy and therapy.

Too bad you only found out now about this article. I recommend that we all regularly check our slayage for publications in the area of our interest.
I have this book called "BtVS: A Spiritual Guide" (or something like that; I don't have it handy) it is really interesting. You can get it on amazon if your interested. I don't think I've seen it mentioned here.
Are you thinking of What Would Buffy Do?: The Vampire Slayer as Spiritual Guide, by Jan Riess? Yes, it has been mentioned here. Check the archives.
Yeah thats it... couldn't think of the title, it is at home. It's still worth another mention...

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