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October 19 2004

Sky One's HEX ratings. From The Guardian Unlimited (registration required)

Sky One's heavily promoted new drama Hex has been billed as a "British Buffy" and the launch episode last night attracted a Buffy style audience to the channel.

Elisbeth Murdoch's latest production for Sky, teenage horror drama Hex, was watched by 868,000 viewers between 9pm and 10.45pm last night, making it the most watched multichannel show during that period.

I watched it last night. It was long and very slow. Some of the characters seemed a little adult for students, but then what do I know about what students get up to these days. If the weekly episodes are shorter than this 'pilot', I may keep watching it. I thought the acting was good and production values didn't stink. I quite liked Cassie, the female lead. I don't often like female leads (I never cared for Buffy/SMG herself), but Cassie is quietly striking.

... further Hex postings on our Flickr group, please.
The rest of the episodes - all 4 of them - are 45 minutes each.

I thought it was a good first episode and Im glad it got good ratings
Thank you Caroline for the news.
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I truly wanted to like Hex. Unfortunately, the script was apalling - badly written by people who had obviously never met a teenager in their lives. The characters were characatures at best and at worst cyphers. Even the magical lore was poorly grasped.

It was almost as if someone had watched a few Buffy episodes and firmly grabbed the wrong end of the stick. (Initially) reluctant blonde heroine with power thrust upon her? Check. Lesbian best friend with singula dress sense? Check. Class bitch with hidden depths? Check. Creature of darkness and light as possible romantic interest? Check. We can't call him Angel, so let's make him one instead. The school headmaster even had Robin Wood's beard!

This show was arse from start to finish.
With you on that nietoperz. With all the effort Sky One put into publicising this show, I expected a lot more than a sub rate supernatural Hollyoaks.
..a sub rate supernatural Hollyoaks.

Heh. :D

Thanks for that, Simon. ;)
This is the show that was going to be "Darker, sexier and funnier" than Buffy...?


The big problems was lack of any character development. Cassie got these superpowers, met an immortal being who then killed her friend, yet she didn't change at all. Even after the big shock of her friends death we saw nothing of her reaction except her crying. Big deal!

Compare it to WTTH/TH, about the same screen time, any you see waht Buffy went through, her wanting nothing to do with slaying, rejecting her calling and Giles, then being drawn in with guilt after Willow is taken as food. We see Buffy, Willow and Xander all go through a big change in character and it sets up the rest of the series.

Hex just had a bunch of kids doing stuff without any real feelings or consequences. Even Thelmas death was robbed of it's impact by bringing her back.

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