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October 20 2004

Diamond Select to release Puppet Angel! A half-scale replica of our favourite puppet prop from "Smile Time" will be available to buy in March. And get this, it'll come with a "faux leather coat, boots and a mouth that opens and closes".

Is it just me or does the face look wrong?

Anyway, $50 isn't a bad price, the nose should come off though.
Wow, this was the best news I could possibly wake up to. My dream has come true! I can't wait until March. Maybe some nice, wonderful soul will get me this for my birthday.
I'm not a collectibles person, but I would really go for a good Puppet Angel -- but the picture of this doesn't look right at all. Think I'll pass.
Is that what the puppet will look like??! Yikes! NOT a good representation at all. I'm with palehorse...I'll pass.
My heart leapt with joy when I saw this link. Then 'twas dashed into pieces when I saw what the proposed puppet looks like. WTF??? What a desperately squandered opportunity. What's with the hair going down along base of his jaw? What's with the total non-similarity between this so-called PuppetAngel and the real one?
I agree that it isn't a very good replica... but I don't know if I will have the will power to pass!! Must have!!!
Well it could be that this is a dummy run version. Might not be the final product.
Yeah, not a good likeness at all. Looks like a fan version or something.
Someone on another group suggested that they just had to add a beard and it was Abe Lincoln. Let's hope that Simon is right and the final version is better.
Yes! It's Abe Lincoln! Good call.
Actually, there's a fan version around and about (I'll not link in case TPTB are watching this) and it's rather better than this one.
you know, i think it would work. if the eyebrows were moved, so he looked quizzical rather than determined and angry. and fix the hair so it doesn't stick up so much behind the ears and around the neck.

{okay, fine, i looked at the pix at Angels Acolyte ep guide to compare. and his skin should be felty rather than plushy.}

but hey, if it's FABRIC it could be modified rather easily (more easily than plastic). sign me up! my teddy bears need protecting.
Like everyone else, I got very excited until I looked at the dummy. I hope it's improvedóbut at least the idea is out there and for a reasonable price!
If the finished product looks more like the actual puppet Angel rather than that picture, then I'll have to have it.
For me, Looks like a fan replica of it, and not even a good one.
Agree with all the comments that it doesn't look right. I immediately clicked on that link above all the others that sounded interesting (Gellar wants to be Bond?!!) and was hugely disappointed in what it looked like. Now, I get the Sideshow dolls and they usually post something that the final doll might look different and I didn't see anything like that. I couldn't buy this because I constantly be looking at it wishing it was better.
It looks like the puppet version of Donald Trump. Change the hair color, add a comb over...
Well maybe if enough fans wrote to Diamond Select expressing their disapproval of the puppet shown in the picture, then Diamond Select might take note and change the design.

I'm sure the last thing they want is to mess up a golden opportunity for Angel fans.
It looks like the puppet version of Donald Trump. Change the hair color, add a comb over...

"You're Fired!" (Swings sword.)

And no one can stop him except John Wilkes Booth...
Their email address is this:

but when I went to the Diamond Select site, I saw no mention of the puppet. I'm inclined to wait till I see it on their website before I write and complain.
I just tried to email them and it said "diamondselecttoys could not be found, please try again."

I wanted to get my opinion in early before they mass-produce these Abrahams. They look NOTHING like puppet Angel.
This is it???? They're finally bringing out Puppet Angel and this is it? Now I know it's hard to get likenesses of actors transleted into merchandise (action figures, comics, etc) but here they had to translate a DOLL into a DOLL! That should be doable I think!

What the frag....And Abe Lincoln? Hell that's a compliment! I think it's Captain Ahab on crack!
Well everyone agrees - it should look more like the puppet Angel from SmileTime and yes doing a knock off puppet of a puppet shouldn't be too hard to do. Maybe they used a photograph with a particularly bad angle of their "exact replica" because...well...yeah I'm thinking Abe Lincoln... and that's not good.
Ditto to all the above.

Want Puppet!Angel. Don't want this cheap-looking, Abe Lincolnesque (exactly what I thought when I saw the picture before reading this thread, too!) Puppet!Angel knock-off. I will be writing the company to tell them just how smart they are for taking on this project, but how very dumb it would be for them to go with this design.

Puppet!Angel is one of the most beloved characters in the AtS fandom; they must understand that and give the project the respect and execution it deserves, or it's pointless. Charge a little more for it, I'll still pay -- but only if it looks nearly as pretty as our site's mascot. (Nina-scars are optional.)
Awwww... *pokes it* Tis so cute.

Although...the face looks...a wrong. I still want it. Although $50 is a bit much to fork out for it at the moment...

I could always convince someone to get it for me...
Wow. I read all these comments before the picture loaded and I still wasn't ready for that.

Sigh. My poor puppet man.
That thing is ugly with a capital UG.. Hope they fix it, cause if they do, I'm gonna give it a nice home........
Worst puppet ever...
Strange. It kind of reminds me of something out of Planet of the Apes. But I'm guessing Mutant-Monkey Angel wasn't the intended end product. That said, maybe it was indeed just photographed from a weird angle, and actually looks better head-on.
If it looked like the actual muppet Angel from Smile Time I would pre-order it so that I didn't loose out. If it looks like that... mistake... then I would inform friends and family not to waste their money buying it for my birthday or anything. Not even for free. has a puppet Angel (AND Spike!) for $250 (plus $20 shipping worldwide) that looks exactly like the real one and has all the stuff this one has. And WTF is up with that one!
The weelittlepuppetman one darkviola mentioned definitely looks better. But somewhere between $50 and $250 we've got to be able to get a better looking one.

I mean, I understand a private person making these by hand charging that much because I'm sure it takes time...but, but *begin whine* I want a good one and can't pay that much *end whine*
I love the picture at of the Angel puppet sitting in the chair "reading" by the fireplace! It's just too cute!
That weelittlepuppetman PuppetAngel is seriously good. And too seriously expensive for moi. I get that an individual puppet maker would need to charge a higher price than a mass producer. Let's just hope that Diamond Select changes its puppet radically for the better. Because I'd scrimp and save and sell my soul to Wolfram & Hart for a $50 PuppetAngel. That I could manage.
Everyone should calm down. I wrote to Diamond Select Toys and someone wrote back saying, "The image we used for the ad was an earlier prototype and Puppet Angel HAS been updated since then (he is still undergoing radical cosmetic surgery). Unfortunately, sometimes we have to use old images in ads and press releases because the newer images have not yet been approved by the license holder (in this case, Fox). Keep your eyes peeled for new images (that I think will make everyone more happy)."

I have hope just by looking at the quality of other replicas Diamond Select represents.

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