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October 20 2004

Sarah on Letterman Tonight! Just a quick reminder for all users living in the US: Sarah will appear on the late night show of David Letterman! Plus list of all of her appearances in the next days.

Drinking game tonight: If Letterman asks SMG a question that's Buffy related, take a shot.

..if she answers, get a keg.

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*falls over laughing*

That's all we need....a large mob of drunk Buffy fans.

Oh she'll answer . . . but if anyone here is actually satisfied by her answer, ZachsMind does a keg-stand.

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Zachsmind - if it were a Friday night, it'd be on. Too bad really...
Well, I'm not working tomorrow...maybe I can participate. Except I have a doc appt in the morning, and I don't think she'd appreciate me being hung over....
We in Canada have the Letterman show, too!:)
Canada and US, share 90% of the tv shows.We also share a few tv networks, such as TBS, B.E.T, and A& E, CNN, FOX, etc..
Wow, quite a flurry of appearances coming up.
Unfortunately, most of the advance word i've seen on the Grudge isn't great. Entertainment Weekly published their review today - they gave it a C+. Here's an excerpt:
"The Grudge, which stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as a transplanted apprentice social worker and a number of lesser-known actors who look even more at sea than she does, is a horror film that consists of virtually nothing but don't-go-in-the-attic suspense scenes strung together with a reasonable degree of brooding mood and a minimum of logic."
Oh well... I was hoping she might finally be in a film I'd be interested in, but unless it starts getting some good word-of-mouth, I may wait for it to come out on DVD.
acp: I haven't seen any in-depth reviews of the Grudge yet; but, as usual, I'll only pay attention to those reviewers I actually read regularly (in my case, Turan et al. in the LA Times, Denby and Lane in the New Yorker, and a couple of others). It's not that I always agree with their reviews, but I know where I stand with them, and can fairly accurately gauge the likelihood that I'll enjoy the movie from what they have to say.

As far as EW goes, I neither know nor care what they have to say. You, who may be a regular reader, may feel quite differently of course. I guess what I'm trying to say is: don't go by the average review, but by the reviewer you trust.

Of course, it's immaterial to me in this case, cos I like the genre and the actress probably a whole deal more than the reviewers do . . .

[ edited by SoddingNancyTribe on 2004-10-21 01:16 ]
Well I was burnt by the critics with "ET" , and it's being confirmed down the years with other movies , so nowadays I only believe them on what the plot of the movie is
im watching it now and it started out very weird Dave didn't know what to ask about her marriage and it was pretty uncomfortable...i changed the channel for a minute so did he ever ask a Buffy related question?
Nope, no mention of Buffy. So y'all will have to find another reason to get sloshed. I thought the interview sounded rather scripted. I agree it didn't seem like Letterman knew what to ask her. Betcha there was a nix on Buffy related questions, otherwise they would have had more to talk about. Did ya catch Dave's comment after she left (after the commercial) how she reminded him of a real movie star (like in the old days). What's that all about? She was quite charming, but they both seemed kind of uncomfortable to me. But she's lookin' good.
I'll only pay attention to those reviewers I actually read regularly
I couldn't agree more, SNT. For me, those are the New Yorker critics, the NYTimes critics, and the EW movie critics. (As you say, I don't always agree, but I read them often enough to know where i differ). Despite EW's trashiness as an overall news mag (i consider it a guilty pleasure), i do actually have a lot of respect for their film critics, which is why i mentioned their review. I may still end up seeing the Grudge, but I can't say i'm eagerly awaiting it/expecting a lot.
acp, me too. I'll see it when it comes to pay-per-view.

Seems like the only movies I go to the theater for these days are the big special effects blockbusters. In a character-driven film, its just as good in your living room.

Big hairy blockbusters demand the huge screen and sound system of a theater. It seems silly to me to pay 8 bucks admission, and 20 in junk food to see people talk to each other.

I will, however, be there for the 1st and 2nd weekends of Firefly. Everyone thinks the opening weekend is most important, but Joss said "The first weekend is Universal's responsibility. The second weekend is mine."

Plus, our Big Damn Heroes deserve a big damn screen.
She looked great, but the interview did seem scripted and Dave was just reaching for questions. She was very cute and witty with him. No buffy talk? of course what did i expect.
I've seen all three of SMG's interviews with Letterman. I can say that Letterman is no fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yes, I am aware his writers have written a BtVS spoof, but he himself doesn't seem to know what to think of the show. This is the second time he has blundered his way through the title. Calling it "Brandy the Buffy Slayer".

For whatever reason, SMG never seems to be able to relax around Letterman. Although, this appearance is much better than her first one, she still seems a bit uneasy around him. I much prefer her appearances with Conan O'Brien. Looking forward to seeing that show on Friday.
As for the interview appearing scripted, donít those shows do a pre-interview so the audience is spared the sound of crickets chirping when the host canít connect with the guest or doesnít know what to ask? I know some guests have said they are intimidated by Dave, but I felt that he was a bit intimidated by her! Quick Study Sarah got her part down and seemed very poised and proper waiting for the questions (which is much better than the nervous guests who giggle uncontrollably) but Dave didnít seem to care what she had to say.

I just watched her on Good Morning America and I couldnít help but cringe. She had to follow a story on vacuum cleaners and was really given the bumís rush. Diane Sawyer is not a good interviewer and prompted Sarah on the sweet potato vendor story. Geez! Do your research, lady, or at least watch Dave before you make her tell the same story for the millionth time! The brief scene they showed did creep me out, though.Once again Sarah was very poised and professional and looked very nice, but Iím sure sheíll be glad when all the publicity crap is over. I wish she would appear on Charlie Rose so she could have an actual conversation instead of being asked and having to answer the same inane questions.
"Study Sarah got her part down and seemed very poised and proper waiting for the questions (which is much better than the nervous guests who giggle uncontrollably) but Dave didnít seem to care what she had to say."

I agree with you Bloodflowers. Sarah was very poised. The unease I meant to point out is the fact that she and Letterman have never seemed to connect. The fact that Letterman mentions that she was guest about six months ago had me wondering if he knew who he was interviewing from BtVS. Eliza Dushku appeared on Letterman to hype Wrong Turn. Sarah hasn't done a Letterman interview since 2002.
Anne 5_by_5óThis was the first time I had seen her on Letterman and I missed the first few minutes of her segment to boot. He canít be expected to hit it off with everyone, but there was just the slightest hint of contempt because Iím sure he wasnít familiar with the actual show and not just what he thinks it's about. I contrast that with the recent appearance of Ricky Gervais from ďThe OfficeĒ. Iíve never seen that show but he seemed like a nice guy and was entertaining. Now Dave told him ďThe OfficeĒ had spoiled him for any other show (funnily enough what a lot of us say about Joss) and was laughing at simply *everything* he said. The first guest had been Jude Law who was trying his hardest, but once again I think Dave was a little intimidated by the glamorous factor. It was an interesting thing to watch.
Well, I'm currently watching TRL; she looks great and a lot more at ease than on Letterman. And she juggled! More later.
Well, again, I think she looked fabulous; however, she flunked the Japanese test (they asked her questions in Japanese and she had to answer, but I guess her Japanese wasn't that good). No surprise that, again, no discussion on Buffy but it was mentioned (she had to guess where three of her screams came from--one was Buffy).
If a guest is good-looking, unless Dave can make lewd jokes at their expense, he's always uncomfortable. Its always been that way with him. He's like the unpopular kid talking to the cheerleader.

I watched last night because I was so jazzed about Joss being here that I couldn't sleep, but I haven't watched Dave for years. He's an asshole. (Can I say that here? I know we can say ass, but it just doesn't fit as well... feel free to edit me!)

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