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October 20 2004

More X-Men 3 rumors. It looks more and more likely Joss will be Directing X-Men 3, according to (Joss Whedon has posted in this thread about High Stakes 2004).

I guess some one should be asking him a question about this on Sunday then.
'Serious gut feeling'.....uh huh. I hope he'll forgive me for not quite holding my breath on that evidence. Still, hope springs eternal...
Hey guys. I wanted to post on the thread about the fund-raiser, but it's long gone. So I'll post on the X-Men thread instead.

The truth about the X-Men is...

...much less important than this election. Much less important than putting someone in the White House who knows the difference between leading and bullying. I'm here to confirm that I will be doing the phone-party on Saunday and I'm urging any and everyone to attend one or even host one. ( I plan to be incredibly funny and insightful, or mention some people who have been in the past. We can talk about politics, we can talk about Buffy, we can talk about car maintenence (though I'll mostly just listen at that point) and I will once and for all tell you all what IS going on with the X-Men. And then we can talk about politics some more.

So many people are acting like there's little difference between Kerry and Bush and that is not the case. If you're for Bush I doubt I can sway you but if you're one of those people grumbling about politicians all being the same I'm begging you to look hard at the facts and at the smirking face of the man who is doing more damage to this country than any president in my lifetime. We cannot let apathy decide our fate. I'm sounding all soapbox-y but I am truly afraid for our economic infrastucture, our dwindling natural reserves and most of all our place in the world. We need to act.

Uh, and it'll be... fun...

It will. Insane Phone Posse, and for a great cause. Get in. I'll stay on the phone as long as anyone will listen. Let freedom ring, unless it's on vibrate. Can we pretend I didn't say that?
Actually, after careful consideration, we'll probably have it on Sunday instead of Saunday. More people that actually exist will probably show up. The party on Hmnoortzday sucked large.
Fantastic! Oh I wish there was one in my area. With you on the "Bush cannot win" front. This is a very positive thing you are doing. Just another reason to love ya, as we all do here.
Oh, and really... we've got to know if you're directing X-Men. Hint, please?
Joss! Well, for a twinkle of an eye he was there. Nice one, mate. Now, if only I'd rallied enough forces for a Sunday bash in L.A., I would be looking forward to audio to go with verbal. But next time . . . Welcome to the site, and, um, keep fighting . . . (trying hard not to add tons of stuff all ending in exclamation points)

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God speaks!! Or types, rather. And he types pretty well except for the whole Saunday thing. Unless Saunday is his designated holy day, in which case I definitely will be slothful and not lift a finger on Saunday. Ya know, in honor of Him. And maybe I'll watch a Buffy.

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I couldn't even say anything. I just read the first post, had time before he slammed up the second one to have something witty and intelligent in there....and instead I just stared. Ah well, I'm pretty sure all those exclamation points SNT managed to leave off would have been there. That man just cracks me up. Hmnoortzday. *snort*
Having looked at the site - I'm really surprised there are only two planned in the entire State of California. SNT - if my car weren't in such crappy shape, I would have been there!
Heh, for a second I wondered who had the poor taste to just call himself 'Joss'. Then of course I notice different font aspects going on...

Thanks for posting Joss. Couldn't agree more with the political sentiments. (Political views can be seen loose from one's work of course, but I'm still glad you didn't turn out to be a fervent follower of Rush Limbaugh or something. Would've been quite a surprise too....)

If my parents weren't visiting from europe I'd have been the first confirmed guest on SoddingNancyTribe's list, but....alas. Now if Bush wins I'll blame my mom....

Anyhoo, henceforth we shall try to find the holy day of Saunday. When we do, the portal will open and we shall walk into Sunnydale itself.....and fall into the crater...uhm, wait no....

Damn, so far the attempts at witty and intelligent....Uhm Joss good. Voting good. Bush bad.
Yeah, Angela, I'm sorry too. :( Bobster and MalsGal were staunch supporters of the cause, but three folks, two kids, and a bottle of mulled wine does not a party, not even a shindig, make.

Maybe Joss can invite us L.A.-types to his gathering? Spoken more in hope than belief . . .
Welcome to Whedonesque Mr Whedon :).
EdDantes - I did the same thing with the name. Howcome it's purple? Wait, someone used "joss". Wait - it's PURPLE. Then I thought, no wait, that's the sarcasm font. I get it. I think. And then I started actually reading it...and it all became clear.

SNT - Well, if you slip the kids some, put them to bed, and then all 3 of you drink lots...I don't know. It could be a shindig then. :)
Has anyone checked to make sure Caroline didn't faint? You okay Caroline??? :)
Don't know about Caroline, but something tells me that Simon has the broadest smile on his face right about now . . .
Well, I remember Simon mentioning he smokes. Don't know if Caroline does. However, lighting up a cigarette right after seeing that must feel just as satisfying as the one you spark up right after...uh, nevermind. Clearly I'm wound up.
Right after you vote for Kerry in November. I know exactly what you mean, Angela! ;)

But seriously, I'm all jumpy now with the visitation and the Saunday parties and what-have-you. Maybe it really is time for a ciggie . . .
I'm pretty much speechless in response to the joss-post.

There's a High Stakes event in downtown Chicago, but I won't be able to make it. I'm assuming that there will be plenty of fan reports, though.
Joss lurks here! How else would he know we had a thread for the fundraiser? I'm feeling warm fuzzyish right about now...
He's also at the Bronze Beta as well. And yes Marc Blucas is very dreamy ;).
And he says there's signed stuff to be given away. Okay. I'm not even voting for Kerry but I would totally give $35 bucks to his campaign for that. I've got priorities dammit! I live in Sacramento - the freaking State Capitol! No one's hosting a party here. What the hell? I mean, I can't actually host a party...that would just be too wrong.
Honestly, I come here so often it's embarrassing. But this is the source. I get to find out what my actors and writers are up to, what movies I'm directing... it's excellent! See, I've secretly been kind of a fan of me for some time now. I've seen everything I've ever done. I'd love to meet me, but I'd probably just stare and not be able to say anything witty or anything.
"but I'd probably just stare and not be able to say anything witty or anything"

Well, I'm familiar with that problem. Blucas is dreamy...but it's all about Marsters.
OMG Hi Joss!!

Err *stops breathing hard, fixes collar* Yeah I'm definitely voting for Kerry, but I don't have any money at the moment(yet I would just a day before the election..darn!) so I can't attend. Sorry, Joss. I hope you don't plan to move to Canada(though filming X-Men 3 in vancouver would be easier..) if the worst comes to fruition this November.
Stares at Joss' third post. I really don't want to go and get ready for work now. This is the best work morning ever. Good luck with High Stakes and all that :).
ACK! You just pop in like that and scare us all! See, we're all very excited that you're here, yet we want to appear cool and not at all fannish. *Fans self*
I was just wondering if my boss will accept the "I'm-sorry-I'm-late-but-I-couldn't-go-to-bed-because-The-Man-was-online excuse.
Angela, I'm sure if he's any kind of a reasonable human being, that he would have to give you the day off... with pay!
So: "The Magic Bullet." A politically-motivated metaphor, or not?

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And I thought that the Red Sox winning the ALCS was the most amazing thing to happen today. er, yesterday? Anyway, Whedon on Whedonesque. Yup. It's the end of the world... DOesn't that usually wait until May? ;)
Most excellent. I haven't been up this late in ages. Going to lie down now. *sigh*
I'm pretty sure this May'll rock, k8cre8. Serenity'll be cleaning up at the box office around then. Unless it sucks.
I should say something. Um... hi Joss, you're looking lovely and periwinkle there. That account you're using's been sitting around for you since day 1 - thanks for putting it to good use!
Good point, Smo. Yes. Let's shame that Lucas fellow with the impressive Box Office receipts for Serenity.
Hey joss - welcome to the board and I guess I'm one of those you are trying to convert this Sunday. I ponied of the fundrasing money over better judgement, but hey to hear you speak on anything is worth it at twice the price even though it goes against my nature to give money to polictical anything, the only political thing I support is the WWF (no not the wrestling one - the wildlife one). I will be attending an event in Ohio - I'm even taking my 2 speaker phones with me just in case they are needed. I'm not really apathetic, just disgusted with the state of the union as such, and dash it all I hold out hope for no one to do anything cause it takes more than a president to run this country. Granted he's the commander and chief and in that respect I will give Kerry his props for having more in the way of combat experience than Bush, I'd much rather have someone who has actually been in battle leading the country than someone who spent time in the national guard only. I still however, have doubts about Kerry on other issues. How come it's always the lesser of two evils rather than the greater of two goods when it comes to choosing a president. Out of genuine disgust for the paries in general (I stand firmly independant)I have always voted for a minor canidate, heck I was planning going Nader this time just for the sheer frustration of having no one else to vote for. Anyway I have babbled on to long and went way off topic. Sorry Simon and Caroline, I will make my penance shortly. Again welcome to the board and I hope you do come back and visit us now that you have your user name and I do look forward to listening to what you have to say come Sunday. Now back to regularly scheduled programming.
I have nothing really exciting to add to the general 'yay Joss postage'-ness, except to say (*hey, Joss!*) that it makes me very, very happy that the person who's given me so much pleasure and inspiration also shares my belief that if we don't get up off our collective butts and do something about the way things are moving in our country, we're liable to end up wishing the Hellmouth had swallowed us. Maybe a kinder fate considering some of the options we're facing, you know what I'm saying?

I really hope High Stakes, and Joss fans, can make a difference. For all the constant assurance of how 'safe' we are these days, I can't remember a time in my life (and I'm just shy of 41) when I was so afraid all the time. I feel like it's all-pervasive in the culture, a pounding drum of fearfearFEAR -- and it never freaking stops. We've got to turn this paranoia and the endless, poisonous rhetoric around and start working on real answers to what's happening around us, or ... well, it won't be good.

Whoa, sorry, waxing a tad heavy there. Back to the revels. Funny hats all around! Um, is there cake?
I'm a worthless foreigner.

I plan to contribute to the Kerry/Edwards campaign (and lend my spiritual support to the Democrats) via a series of dirty looks (in what I assume to be the general direction of Texas) on November 1st.
Actually for the first time i my life I wish I was American right now, just for a month or so, so I could do my bit to get Kerry in

It's a weird feeling
Hi Joss! :-)

We're so happy to see you.. or hear.. no, read you! (That just sounds wrong).

Anyway, being from Denmark you can't use my vote for anything (or my money, as it seems you need to be a resident to contribute money?), but I share your hope that Bush won't get another period. Good luck! Wish I could be at one of the parties.
"Has anyone checked to make sure Caroline didn't faint? You okay Caroline??? :)"

Heh. Unfortunately when Simon mailed me to say Joss had posted, I was busy blowing my top completely over a royal screw up (we lost a major, major scoop we had worked, waited and sat on for over a year) on one of my other sites.

Mighty chuffed now, though. I've been really happy with Whedonesque over the last few weeks (thanks to all you good people and Simon in particular) and this is probably the proverbial icing on the cake.

Funny that emotionally I'm far more involved in most of the other sites I run, but - perhaps because of that - Whedonesque is the one that is working out the best, beyond expectation.

As for politics... Kerry isn't lefty enough for me by miles, but were I an American, he'd have my vote.
That was JOSS! That really was Joss!

OK. Calmer now.

I agree with Bad Kitty and Mcb. The first time in my life I've ever wanted to be American - so I could vote against Bush. Joss is so right on this one. He really is God.

Shutting up now.
What's happening with X-Men 3 is Magneto is in the Whitehouse; without the eloquence or the gravitas or the being an oppressed minority. Ok, so Magneto isn't in the whitehouse, just an administration with a kind of rampant mutant power which entitles them to pope like infallibility.

Good to see Joss fighting the good fight. If it was a choice between Joss on X3 and Bush not being in the Whitehouse, I'd be picking the latter. Unfortunately (for the world hehehe), I have little choice in the matter.
I should also add a 'Thanks!' for putting it all in perspective. Again.

(hi joss!)

kerry has my vote and his campaign has much of my spare time the last few months. thank you for using your celebrity and influence this way. <3
As a Johnny Foregner type I only know about what's happening in the elections from the odd bit we see in the media here, and what I read on sites such as this!

But if you can get rid of Bush can you give us some tips so we can get rid of Blair? Please?

And hello and welcome Joss. And BTW, I don't think it was much of a secret that you were a big fan of you (I've read the sleeve notes to OMWF) and since it appears that intelligent, witty, educated and successful people are all fans of you it makes sense that you'd be as well. However, be careful that it doesn't develop into an obsession. Stalking yourself is never a pretty sight.
WOW, Joss actually posted can't believe it. Makes me feel honored that he chose to post on my first thread.
Krall you ARE the conqueror!
OMG - I'm feeling all trembly. I can barely type. Well, that's it. If there was any doubt in my mind, it's gone now. I'm hosting a party. There are only so many chances in this world to talk to God.
I'm too young to vote (don't turn 18 until April), so here's something I can finally do to help.

Joss was here!!! AAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!
Hi Joss! Glad you could stop by :^). Kerry has my vote and my money. There's even a party near where I live! If I can at all manage it, I'll be there.
Yippee! First the Sox beat the Yankees and then Joss posts, now I need three for three and I'm hoping that will be Kerry Wins!!!!

Nice to hear from you Mr. Whedon! When are you doing another series!!?? - Sorry, that just popped out! I'm giddy and tired from watching the Sox game and highlights on my local news all night! Love you, love your work and can't wait to see Serenity!
Welcome Joss. This is a great thread to wake up to :)
Oh, and the Sox winning the World Series would just kind of make my day too!!!
As an outsider looking in, it's frustrating to watch a vote take place that will have a large effect on the world landscape but to have no say in it whatsoever. Obviously, there are healthcare and economic issues that are of extreme importance in your own country, but seriously, there's a lot more than that on your shoulders, which I'm sure you know.

Side-note: The values of the Republican party are mostly alien and unconscionable to me. Mr. Minear, thou hast broken mine heart.
*Gosh*... Nice to finally see my pretty 'vip color highlight' function in action.
This existence cannot get better - Joss posts and then my partner buys me the OMWF soundtrack CD just because. Even as I type, Marti's trying to get out her parking ticket. Life is SWEET (whoops, sorry for the unintentional pun!)
Hi Joss.

Pleasure your long distance, California-flavored wordage (I'm over on the East Coast).

I'm going to try extremely hard to not become a bibbling idiot of fan worship (which is, even though I have a backspace key, a surprisingly difficult task). But, big supporter of you, look very much forward to Serenity, and I hope you're in some way involved in X3. No matter what you do, I admire your writing talent oodles, and hope to one day learn your secret (is it spinach? No, wait, that's Popeye...).

There, that was concise wasn't it?

As far as politics go, I'm not political per-se. I'm registered non-partisan. And as a 22-year-old who graduated college in May with an English/Comm degree that isn't getting me a job, I'm primarly voting for Kerry because I think he'll give the economy a jumpstart. I don't agree with Kerry 100%, but I agree with him more than I do Bush. So I'll be lending my vote to your cause.

Good luck in all that you do,

Hi Joss - Of course I love your work and respect you. Your passion for being proactive and supporting what you believe in is an inspiration to us all.

The election is an important reason for your post but I hope in the future you won't be a stranger - please lurk alittle less and post a little more -

I think you have some movie coming out you may want to post some information on at some point? We would love to hear from you again.
catalyst, it's a great CD. I assume it's remixed for the CD because it's sounds better musicaly as opposed to being a soundtrack, and you must read the liner notes!

And it ends with Joss singing!
Bah, I've not had the internet at home for 2 months now but this is the 1st time I've really regretted it :( Anyway, woohoo, welcome Joss. My fanboy hat is well and truely on at the moment, I'm waxing lyrical to lots of people who previously thought I was an extremely cynical, down to earth person. Not felt this fanboyish since I was actually awake and reading the Bronze while Joss was posting there a good few years ago.

Sadly being from/in the UK I can't attend one of the High Stakes parties but I wish you all the best of luck :)
zz9 Haven't got to Joss singing yet but just read the liner notes - guess it is all about the "me" subject!

thanks so much for letting us know you're here!

oh, that just made my day
catalyst, as he said, occasionaly life doesn't suck. If Kerry wins and Serenity tops the BO I guess it'll suck even less.

I've always suspected some Hollywood celeb political involvement is down to PR or image but it's clear our man has real convictions. I wish him luck. If Bush goes maybe he'll take Blair with him....

Just read Joss's profile. Forget X Men, I want to see him vs. Batman!

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zz9 Not too hopeful myself - we just got Howard BACK in our federal election, the first of the Troika of the coalition of the witless... sorry, willing to be up for re-election. Here's hoping!
Is anyone else thinking it's absolutely hilarious, the Jayne quote at the top of the High Stakes page? I bet Adam Baldwin is gritting his teeth. Hehehehehe.
TWO LOCATIONS IN VIRGINIA!!!! I am surprised and quite in the same town as Jerry Falwell makes one think the whole state (or sometimes country) are full of extreme-right wing religious types.

I discovered Mr. Whendon's work this past January so I recently converted :-) It is a good thing we have DVD's and reruns.
Sorry another useless foreigner, so can’t be of help.
However, luckily today is also the day of the weekly audience at Buckigham Palace:

Queenie: Bit stormy yesterday.
Blair: Quite. More rain forecast for this evening. Oh by the way, Joss popped into Whedonesque. Something about an election I believe.
Qu: Marvellous chap that one really. Must remember to knight him. So, more rain eh?
B: Indeed. Cup of tea dear?
Qu: Don’t mind if I do. Any biscuits left?
B: Let me have a rummage. Good lord, look at this, there is a whole tin of WMDs behind the Jaffa cakes, I have been looking for these all over.
Qu: Does this mean the war is over?
B: Now dear, don’t be silly. More tea?
Qu: Don’t you too have an election coming up soon?
B: Errr, time to go I believe.
Qu: You got that one right!
If Bush goes maybe he'll take Blair with him....

If only there was someone worth replacing him with :/

lol miranda
Wow oh wow. Joss spoke at Whedonesque! All my Christmases came at once.

I'm one of the lucky ones attending a High Stakes party. Can't wait. Can't bloody wait. Wee hee!
...oh, maybe I should mention that I am a Swedish I can't vote......eventhough I live in Virginia
We've been linked back to: Superherohype Whedonesque link
lol. That's a bit amusing if you go to it. They've linked to us (and to Joss's statement) as a source for Joss's involvement in X3, saying that Joss himself says he'll talk about the X3 rumors on Sunday. Something tells me they missed the part where mentioning X3 was just an offhand reference to the subject of this particular thread, and didn't quite get the actual thrust of his message. Blinders on, and all.
Definitely nice to have Joss himself post (and to know he lurks frequently!)
I rechecked the JohnKerry site, and there are now a few HighStakes parties going on - one in my area (Chicago), one in Boston, though not as many as I'd hope to see. I, sadly, am prohibited from donating money to political candidates by the ethics of my profession, but I'd be there if I could. Go Joss. (and, more importantly... Go KERRY!)
Welcome to Whedonesque, Mr. Whedon (say, that's kinda' catchy).
If I were american....
I would've voted for Kerry, even Mr. Whedon started to support him officially.
Wished I had the resources to give up some help, to make the world better.
Let's wish for the best....

(Note: I'm still a little almost speechless after seeing Joss posting here)
Dude... Joss... dude...

*blathers incoherently*
"So many people are acting like there's little difference between Kerry and Bush and that is not the case. If you're for Bush I doubt I can sway you but if you're one of those people grumbling about politicians all being the same I'm begging you to look hard at the facts and at the smirking face of the man who is doing more damage to this country than any president in my lifetime"

Wow, insparational words there! I've been reading a lot lately over the past week (since the HighStakes2004 link) about the prescidency, and although I wanted Kerry to win, it was only because he wasn't George Bush. Since Simon gave me that great link, i've been checking all the regular updates and reading all the articles. I can now safely say that I want Kerry to win. Keeping Bush in for another term will have catastrophic effects for not just America, but the world. We may not like it, but thats the way it is. Kerry will hopefully bring a new era into the white house and maybe the rest of the world will gain a little of the respect that they have lost for the American Government over the last few years

Joss, thankyou for posting.

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Golly! I looked, rubbed my eyes with my little fists, and looked again. Yep, that’s the man who puts the Whedon in Whedonesque.

“If you're for Bush I doubt I can sway you but if you're one of those people grumbling about politicians all being the same I'm begging you to look hard at the facts and at the smirking face of the man who is doing more damage to this country than any president in my lifetime.”

It’s as simple as that.

For those of you who are not citizens of these United States, but still wish you could vote for Kerry/Edwards, thank you! I'll be voting with everyone in mind because, contrary to the current administration's attitude, you matter too.
Wow! It figures that "the" morning of all mornings I would be late on the web. Welcome Joss, to my favorite web place. Although I mostly just lurk, it is the best. You the man! I'll be checking out a party near me; I could be one of your converts.

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Oh my God, I can't believe I'm writing something that you might actually read, but have you gone to the All Things Philosophical on Buffy and Angel Forum or the site at It is in my humble estimation the finest Buffyverse site on the 'net. I don't run it myself, but all of my very best on-line friends are there and have almost all written essays that are pages long extolling your brilliance (I wrote an over 50 page one myself!), and we've often wondered if you might have ever been lurking. Confirmation would make the days of everyone there, and just felt I would be completely remiss, having an opportunity to contact you in some small way, and not asking you that.

If you haven't realized from what I've written so far (or the fact that I post here!), I think you rock. You write the shows that make the whole world sing. ;-)
"I've been reading a lot lately over the past week (since the HighStakes2004 link) about the prescidency, and although I wanted Kerry to win, it was only because he wasn't George Bush. Since Simon gave me that great link, i've been checking all the regular updates and reading all the articles."

In a similar situation here. I've been trying like Hell to pay attention to the election but it's hard to get to the facts when the candidates have to bash each other (I know, it's all part of the game). Having seen Joss and others so outspoken about the election has gotten me off my rear! I've now found a few sites that are not only relatively neutral on issues but lay them out so I can see exactly how each candidate feels about things that matter to me specifically on a personal level. I feel a little more educated about it all now. Instead of voting against what I think MAY be wrong, I can now vote FOR what I believe to be right.

Thank you Joss, for encouraging people to get involved and interested.

[ edited by T. on 2004-10-21 17:29 ]
Well, it's the morning after the night before for me (and fellow west-coast types), but I'm still a-buzzing . . . And for those who haven't looked, JW has penned a nifty little biog description (click on his name to see).

Having checked out the Bronze Beta posts and the new Lost site, I will say, once again, how grateful I am to Caroline, milov, herb, and Simon for running such a ship-shape and welcoming place here. Those other places are terrific, natch, and I'm sure many posters there are also posters here, but the layout of the Beta is terribly confusing for this net newcomer (all the tags and shout-outs and old buddies etc.). Whedonesque doesn't make me feel like I've stumbled into a party full of people who've been friends since kindergarten with spaghetti sauce splashed all over my shirt.
Heh, reading his decription was the 1st thing I did once I'd read his 2nd post (mainly because I was checking how many posts he'd made to see if there was more to be found :) ) It is, as per usual, very funny stuff.

I must also add my thanks to those of SNT's, thank you Caroline, milov, herb and Simon.
I wondered why this thread was so long. I almost missed this! Unfortunately, he's not periwinkle on my screen...

Caroline, I'm with you on the Kerry not nearly being left enough but, yeah, many of us here have decided that voting for him is the right--er, ethical--thing to do. There is a plan for a big push for the vote on the 2nd and then a protest the next day to show where we stand on the issues.

(low gutteral moan.)

Another sigh.

(Most of) the Republicans are quietly staying away and letting the unwashed masses rejoice in their woefully misguided ways. Tsk, tsk. We are just SO much better than all of you ;> You go enjoy your little parties, shindigs, whatnot, but we're going to be throwing a bigger party in November, just you wait and see.

And for the comedically challenged, tongue was firmly infixed in cheek and knotted up like it was trying to tie a cherry stem. I ain't trying to do nothing but have a little fun. Joss started it. I swear. And don't look at me that way. Makes me nervous. Yeah, OK, yeah... Uhm, there might be cake over there. (Pointing far away.)]

All kidding aside, if Joss has something to say then I will give it all the gravitas it deserves. Ok... there! I'm done. Plant your flag, Joss. I respect that. I'll even mull over what you have to say, probably for years to come (reflection is one of my weaknesses). But right now, I just can't salute. I think you'll come to understand later. Not me, silly, but your position. You've made your position well known prior to this election -- no surprises here.
What _is_ surprising is that we can still change ourselves, even as adults -- _especially_ when adult.
I still find myself changing. We are our own greatest projects, aren't we? How sad would it be to have stopped growing, that we thought we knew it all?

Anyway, I ain't going to cast stones, but maybe a ballot or two. (Thinking of driving down to Florida and helping out the ol' cause a few times. I mean -- common! -- they can't even count their own ballots, so why shouldn't I sneak another one of mine in? We stole the election last time, so that means we can do it again, right?)
[watch my tongue, folks ;) The tongue never lies ;> ]

Wow, look at that! The sun's shining and the birds are singing, yet it's cloudy and overcast when I actually take the time to look out the window. Best remember to stop doing that.

And the colored girls sing

What a wonderful surprise to see Joss post. Hi Joss!!!

It has gotten quite political here at Whedonesque...I feel kind of like a black sheep in a real big family! A little uncomfortable but worth the family visit none the less!
Fair dos, vanekl, you get to make jokes at our expense too. ;)

Only I take some issue with the part labelled not tongue in cheek: a touch of condescension, methinks, in the intimation that JW will somehow "change" or evolve, having outgrown his (progressive/Democrat/liberal) ways. Some of us change in all kinds of incredibly surprising and powerful ways, and yet we still can believe in certain "liberal" tenets. Gasp.

And if any side seems to think they "know it all" right now, that would be Bush and his puppeteers ("Don't you worry people, Uncle George is taking care of everything. No need to ask questions.").
Joss, it's great to see you here. Our collective love for your work is obvious, so I won't belabor the point. To the matter at hand:

If there's one thing we can all agree upon in this election, is that there's no excuse for apathy. At all. You can't lie around in your house thinking nothing will ever change. If you don't take action, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you're not registered to vote, register to vote. If you are registered, vote. That's the minimum, gang.

Kerry v. Bush? I know who I'm voting for. And no, I'm not going to tell you. But I want to make something else clear: your candidate might not win. But that's no reason not to keep fighting for what you believe in. Angel didn't win. Mal didn't win the Great War. They kept fighting.

And as for those who mock celebrities like Joss who speak out for their political beliefs, let 'em mock. We're American citizens. This is a democracy. Joss can say what he wants when he wants.

And Joss, if you're somehow still listening, let me echo Rob's recommendation for the ATPo site. Masquerade does a wonderful job, she does.

Excelsior! (veiled Marvel reference for your next directing job)
Can't vote. Live too far north.

Just remember the best way to get the voters out on election day:

Rent a van and spend your day driving people to and from the voting booths. One of the main causes of voter apathy is general apathy. Make it as painless as possible to hit the booths.
*sigh* Joss...

Somehow, I feel special!

*sigh* :)
SNT: I was afraid that would happen. I went too far. Joss is the last person I want to piss off, or condescend to, and I can see how my remarks can be read that way. Let me put it a different way then: I have hope that everybody (myself included) will "self-actualize," so to speak. Who knows, maybe I'll turn Democrat, too? Could happen. I'm not trying to denigrate people's positions. I'm trying to be respectfull, but I also would like to make my position heard. That's fair, right? I do find it interesting that we all have the capacity to evolve into something greater than we were, though. All of us.

As far as Uncle George is concerned, I find it difficult to support him, and I wont even try to do that here. Let's just say there are a lot of people voting for Kerry because he's not Bush, and there's a lot of people voting for Bush because he's not Kerry. I'm one of the latter.

Thanks for calling me out. Maybe I've made myself clearer. I'll leave if you think I'm still too harsh. Wont slam the door, no hard feelings.
Holy Crap! Joss was here. What a thing to wake up to. Wow. I don't have anything more articulate to say than that. It's too early.

And I already voted for Kerry. Go, Kerry!!!

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2004-10-21 19:17 ]
Just some random thoughts...

Maybe because I've been living in Brazil for too long, since in the local democratic system, there's only one tiny detail that is not exactly as democratic, you have no option not to vote.

In Brazil, Everyone that can vote, has to vote: A literate brazilian (natural or registered - I wasn't born in Brazil but I can vote) adult between the ages of 18-65 are all obliged to vote. If you don't vote you have to explain why you didn't vote.
The only optional cases people between the ages of 16-18 and people older than 65.

But going back to the US election, why it's so complicated? Even now, I can't really understand what happenned in the last presidential election, with all that mess. Al Gore won, and then didnt, instead George W. Buss won.

Nevertheless, the keep fighting part it's very important. The fight is only over if you give up of the fight.
But going back to the US election, why it's so complicated?
Ah, if only someone had the answer to that...:-)
There are a lot of us IN the US that wonder that too, Numfar. For starters, the US isn't a democracy, it's a republic (something that i think many people don't realize). People don't vote for a candidate, in the strictest sense, they vote for electoral college members who then represent their state in voting for candidates. It's all a throwback to the post-Revolution days when American was much more a loose coalition of independent states than a truly unified nation, but (in my mind at least) is far outdated now. At the least, there shouldn't be an all-or-nothing model for the electoral votes in each state.
Last election, Gore won the popular vote but still lost the election because of electoral votes (I'm not going to go into the reasons why many people still feel he rightfully won that as well). There's a distinct possibility that could happen again this year, in which case I wonder if it will finally bring about a debate on a system that's outdated, unfair, and (dare I say) unAmerican. JMHO.
Sorry for the mini-rant, but hope that clears things up Numfar :-)

As for why so many people here choose not to vote - who knows? Certainly many people feel their vote doesn't count, and in some states where the outcome is certain, that's probably true - though i still don't think that's a valid excuse for ignoring a civic duty. A lot of people would like to see election day be a holiday, since voting is particularly hard for people with long commutes/odd hours/tough jobs, and sometimes discriminates against the poor and working-class. I don't think i'd want to go to a compulsory voting system, though – if people *really* don't want to vote, and haven't informed themselves – well, that's their decision to make.
But i urge you all, whatever your political persuasion, to vote.
And as for those who mock celebrities like Joss who speak out for their political beliefs, let 'em mock. We're American citizens. This is a democracy. Joss can say what he wants when he wants.

Good point. Big corporations donate money and support lobby groups. Why can't people who are well known for their creative out put address politics???? At least they stand up for their views, no matter if it is Mr.Whedon or Toby Keith??

If i could vote in the US election I would not have to think twice who I would vote for....but that is a different story..(here is a hint I am Eurotrash and a Social worker...)
Wow, here I am just getting in on the tail end of things.

I would LOVE to attend or even host a shindig in L.A., and was initially planning on attending SNT's bash, but that didn't happen.

I have prior obligations until about 5 p.m. that day, so I can't participate in the early afternoon timing, but I am still up for an evening gathering anywhere in L.A. Saunday or Sunday.

And if not, I will still donate my $35.

Joss and Kerry...two of my favorites. I couldn't be more excitied.
Mal'sGal, there is now an L.A. party posted at High Stakes. This does not help me, since while I live in L.A., I'm stuck working in the Central Coast area now and Sunday. Surely there must be Democrat/Whedon fans aplenty in San Luis Obispo, it's so *crunchy* ;). Won't someone step up? I would if I had anything more than a billet on a military post with no phone line.
I'll post a thread on Sunday about High Stakes 2004 so people can tell us how the parties went and what Joss said in the conference call.
For starters, the US isn't a democracy, it's a republic (something that i think many people don't realize).

Hate to nitpick, but this is said so often that I think some people believe it to be true in the wrong sense. The US isn't a direct democracy, no, but it is a democratic republic. It is absolutely a democracy, in any case.
It is absolutely a democracy, in any case.
Not in the strictest sense, no. I don't say that as a criticism, just as a fact, and an important one at that. I think a lot of non-Americans just assume it's a direct democracy, and don't understand how someone can win the popular vote and lose an election. A democracy is one man (or woman), one vote, and voting directly for a candidate. At least in presidential politics, here in the US we don't vote directly for a candidate, we vote for electoral college members. It's an important distinction.
There are all sorts of arguments on the side of *why* we have an electoral college system – mostly having to do with making sure small states aren't overlooked – but it's a system that does very much effect how campaigns and voting are done here.
There are a lot of Americans just over the border in Canada with no chance to host or attend a High Stakes party. No fair!!! We would if'n we could.
Another tail-ender here -- and ... uh ... wow! Totally speechless.

Thanks, Simon, for offering to post a thread on Sunday. I look forward to seeing how everything went. Do wish I could participate.
There is a good analysis of the debate over the terms "democracy" and "republic" in the book How Democratic is the American Constitution? by Robert Dahl if anyone's interested. ( And, yes, the electoral college bites and personally I think we should be devoting effort to dismantle it.)

Does anyone know of any of these parties in the Philadelphia area? There is nothing listed on the Kerry site. I could possibly try to host one if there is any interest. Unfortunately, the only Whedonesquer that I know is in the vicinity is Coll and I'm guessing she's not wanting to pony up a donation to Kerry... Unless you are, Coll? ;-)
With all due respect, your facts are wrong, and it's still a democracy. No modern democracy uses a direct system. In fact, in your definition, you describe a form of republican democracy. Some people might claim that your definition is inadequate because it means that people don't get to be involved in the same way as the Ancient Greeks (i.e., directly). That's nonsense, however. The US presidential system is still democratic, but it has an extra "layer" of representation, one more than as is usual.
It's sort of like saying that Canada isn't a democracy because it's already a constitutional monarchy.
I think that this thread is straying somewhat from the original "yay Joss posted!" posts, it would be greatly appreciated if it could find its way back there.
Joss posting at Whedonesque? Neat! I'm trying my best not to be all non-plussed. And that's confusing me, because 'plussed' isn't even a word [furrows brow].

Ahem -- Regardless, it's very cool to see an intelligent, influential person who's willing to take a strong stand on an important matter. Thank you to Joss Whedon for weighing in during this crucial time frame.

On a tangent -- it's also good to see various cast-members attending events such as 'Rock the Vote' (for example, Eliza Dushku & Michelle Trachtenberg have been seen at such gatherings). Voting is of the good, and I hope people will exercise their right.

[ edited by inverse on 2004-10-21 20:19 ]
Yay! Joss posted! What an extreme honor to have shared this experience with all of you and kudos to Whedonesque for having such a great site that he felt comfortable doing so. I'm coming off an extreme high being a New Englander from Massachusetts and having the Red Sox beat the "evil empire" and I come on this morning to see what's happening on Whedonesque and I find that Joss has posted! I don't know what I was more excited about, the game or Joss posting here! When my husband got home (he works nights) I greeted him at the door with the Sox won and Joss Whedon posted on Whedonesque!!!! He then came in with me so we could read the posts together! My husband doesn't post here but he's gotten to know quite a bit about this site and those of you who post regularly. I quite often talk about this site and so and so said this and so and so said that. I also drag him in to read a lot of the very humorous posts that some of you quite frequently do. Whedonesque feels like home to me and now it feels like Joss Whedon visited me! Thanks again Whedonesque for having such a great forum and thank you Joss for paying us a visit!
Really nicely put, blwessels. I second all your emotions.
Sorry, my Fault.... This should really be all about Joss... (Singing just like troika: "HE IS GOOOOOODDDD.....")

If someone get's to ask a question Sunday, can you ask about if Marvel already offerred him a longer stint on Astonishing X-Men. Just re-read #5 last night, what a great issue. Hope he sticks around much longer.

Going back to the issue that started this thread. I'm even imagining a marketing phrase if Joss gets to make X-Men 3.
"From the creator of Serenity, and writer of Astonishing X-Men comes X-Men 3"

okay, lame... Not a good writer myself and english is not even my first language... Shutting up now.
And I third that, blwessels. I knew that Joss admitted to checking out our site regularly, but it was a treat to see him post a message. I think we all feel he paid us a personal visit.

Please feel free to drop in any time, Mr. Whedon. You will find yourself most welcomed.
I haven't gotten around to posting much lately but I just had to add a great big "woo" and may I add a "hoo!" to Joss posting. What a great way to start my afternoon. Yet another reason to love Whedonesque.

I really wish there was a High Stakes event closer to me but I'm not seeing much in the So Cal area. I'm in Riverside and I'd go up to LA or down to San Diego to attend but alas there aren't any. What's that about? Up until Bush took office I was, shamefully, in the color me apathetic crowd and this will be the first election I vote. So, I'll with Joss all the way on this one, VOTE KERRY.
Well I wouldn't be at all surprised if Joss' news on Sunday concerning X-3 will be: "Yeah, not happening. Now about Bush..."

And hey, I already enjoyed the hell out of his post here where he says "look hard at the facts and at the smirking face of the man who is doing more damage to this country than any president in my lifetime." I'd love to hear Joss go off on Bush for an hour or so, hah! (Course I'd still be a might bummed if that truly is the X-3 news)

Gawd, Bush' constsant smirking at the 3rd debate....from the petulant scowl, to the angry-boy-yelling to the scoffing smirk. There's your political strategy america...

"I rechecked the JohnKerry site, and there are now a few HighStakes parties going on - one in my area (Chicago), one in Boston, though not as many as I'd hope to see."

Maybe there was too little time for most people to get this off the ground. And of course the fact that so many of us on boards like this are spread throughout the world doesn't help either.

Btw, not important but do you guys see Joss' name as purple? It's white to me....
Ed... I see Joss' name in purple (light purple)...

by the way his selfintroduction in his profile is just hilarious...
Looks white to me too Ed, I think it's supposed to me light purple, periwinkle like Caroline said above.
It looks purple to me, actually more bright lavendar, but I believe it's s'posed to be periwinkle. *as we all adjust the color on our monitors*
I'm seeing it purple, EdDantes. I guess milov had it set up this way as he commented above. I'm also still wondering about the 'X-men' director slot. I must admit I would be shocked if Joss does it. Awaiting on Sunday.

EDIT: On second thought, it's much lighter on my home monitor (LED). At work, the color was much sharper on the CRT monitor.

[ edited by Madhatter on 2004-10-21 20:49 ]
Karen: there is one High Stakes party listed in the L.A. area now. I offered to host one in Long Beach, but I rather needed to pin down a quorum before I could formally go ahead (because my wife just happens to be gone this weekend, leaving me with the kids, I'd have to find or invest in a speakerphone, etc. etc.). Unfortunately, I got only two interested responses (thanks MalsGal and Bobster!) and some probably-nots. I suspect it was just too late for all concerned . . . at some point, I'll throw a general whedonesque bash in Long Beach with plenty of notice and see who shows up. :)

EdD: I see purple. Or is it lilac?
It's light blue. It's a nod to the Bronze and identifies our VIP posters.

And Numfar PTB thanks for the heads up about his profile, I hadn't noticed it. Very funny :).
I know that this has been said before, but i must say it as well, WOW!!!
I checked Whedonesque before i left for class and then come back to find that Joss himself has been here. Not only been here, but posted 3 times. I am also eagerly awaiting Saunday:) If i were old enough to vote i would be out there for Kerry. Not just cause Joss is voting for Kerry, but for the obvious reason that Bush is screwing this country and etc (Okay, i may be a little more passionate about the whole our country's future thing now that i know Joss is on my side!)
On a side note, i must say how crazy i am. My day has just been bumped up from "eh" to "JOSS!!!!" just cause i know that Joss was here and said stuff and i come here and say stuff. It is like knowing that i go to the same diner as Joss and i came in right after he left and those are his old pancakes or something. That seems kind of stalker-y but you get it. I can now tell my parents and friends that i took part in a discussion that included Joss Whedon. So to wrap things up:
YAY Kerry!
BOO Busch!
YAY Joss pancakes!!

[ edited by Dhoffryn on 2004-10-21 20:57 ]
Seeing extemely light purple here...almost an ice blue. Periwinkle fits.

As I told SNT, I saw that font color and all the blood drained from my head and my hands went numb. I couldn't frickin believe it. I'm still all chirpy from him actually being here.
SNT- If you get some other takers you can add me and my husband to your guest list and I have two speakerphones I can "borrow" from my office if need be. But you're probably right with such short notice it's hard to put something like this together. Definitely let us know when you plan your Whedonesque bash though.
Hey Joss!
Great to see you here and also back at the Bronze Beta. You should do that more often since you really could interest a lot of people in politics... and buffy and of course Buffy animated (any news???). Im also really glad that you are interested in politics and see the situtation how it is. If I would live in USA I would definitely help you out but since Im in Germany... (hey we should have people like you in germany while elections are ;) ). Anyway thanks for stopping by and come back sometime.

xoxo Princess of Darkness
I skipped over the first message (long, someone had gall to hijack a thread, would that explain 90+ comments?), then the second had a very funny correction and checked the name - I felt it in my eyes. They widened and lightened, and I laughed a happy laugh, not a funny laugh. Trust that man! I can't vote on your elections, but now I think I can force myself to vote for the good & rational guys and girls in our own little election next sunday. Nice people make nice politics.
Wow - this is the first time in ages I haven't checked in on Whedonesque as soon as I get to work in the morning, and I almost missed this thread as the will he-won't he X-Men threads are kind of boring, but Wow - I'm so proud to be part of this community. Yay, us.
Oh, and please, please all US citizens - go vote on November 2. Yeah, I know it's really tough because it's not a public holiday like in most civilized nations, but it's worth it. You get this warm glowy feeling inside that you have done a Good Deed. Of course, if you vote Kerry, that feeling will be reality.
Well then!

Joss will be at a Kerry fundraiser party in LA on Sunday. Cost will be $50.00

Details to follow as soon as I have them.

And if this all falls apart, everyone blame Joss' assistant, who said he'd take the heat. ;-)

But it all looks good.

holy crap!! um..hi joss!!!! i love love love love love love love love love you! -ahem- and now to make myself unpopular-i am disappointed (although not surprised) that you (he) is campaigning for Kerry..:-(
Minear is supporting Bush, if that makes you feel better.
Holy crap! You LA folks are as lucky as can be. I am soooooooooo envious. SNT, you'd better get a babysitter for your kids, stat.
I can't help but wish that this kind of opportunity to meet with (at a party in LA!!!!)/listen to Joss was something I felt a part of, for clearly selfish reasons, but alas, I just cannot drum up any excitement for Kerry or Mr. Tacky Televangelist Edwards, or the Democratic Party for that matter. IMHO, the far left has hijacked the party as a whole, and Michael Moore is the Antichrist. If you political leanings happen to fall on the far left, you're fine with that - but mine don't. As a liberal Republican, or conservative Democrat, depending on how you want to put it, I don't get to feel warm and fuzzy about either candidate.

I'm not expressing my opinion to open a floodgate of political debate here again, I'm saying it to illustrate my sadness that I can't participate in this event and enjoy engaging in this discussion with Joss - or just sit there with a big stupid grin on my face listening to him speak. But at least I can take part in the "Ohmigod - Joss was here!" exclamations. Sigh. Someone get Minear to set up the some *other* parties. :)
I just have to add my voice here and say yay Joss! That put a big smile on my face this morning, and then had me outright guffawing when I read his userprofile. Fantastic start to the day =).

It's too bad I'm busy on Sunday afternoon, at the opposite end of the Bay from the one Bay Area party I see listed. Looking forward to hearing reports from people who do get to participate in the call!
I think Joss should direct X-Men 3. That would be good. I'm sorry -- did I miss something?

[reads thread]

IMHO, the far left has hijacked the party as a whole
Funny, I feel the same, but about the Republican party – that the far right has hijacked the national party. With the Democrats, on the other hand, I actually feel like the party has also moved more to the right, so that to be a Democrat now is to be a moderate. Remember, michael Moore is NOT the Democratic party, and frankly, most prominent Democrats these days have very little in common with him policy-wise.
Anyhow, just funny how people's perceptions can differ.
As for your feelings on the HighStakes thing – I'm sorry you feel excluded by this particular event, Angela, but I wouldn't worry too much – i'm sure there will be many more Joss-related conventions, events, whatever, that will be outside of politics. I think the election has just come to take on such a degree of importance right now – for both sides – that it's starting to creep into everything, even the whedonverse. I know i feel it starting to permeate all of my life. But that, like everything else, will subside...
And, if that's what it took to get joss to post here, three cheers!
And if that's what it took to get joss to post here, three cheers! - acp

I know.

However, interesting that you see the right moving right and I see the left moving left. And I know that Michael Moore is not the Democratic party, and frankly there were several Democrats that could have been on this ticket that I would have voted for wholeheartedly. But I see Kerry moving slightly to the middle for the election...and then putting his pedal to the medal back to the far left after he's in. I've researched his record, and disagreed far too many times. I'll leave off specifics because like I said, the politics wasn't my point here, my whiny sadness was.

I do know there will be more events, not related to politics, it's just the intimate, personal setting here - the idea of meeting fellow fans and hanging out and listening to Joss in someone's living room instead of in the back row of a convention - sounds like so much fun.

SNT - throw that Whedonesquers party! (My place is too small.) :)
Something about a party. I think somebody said there may be balloons, and a cake. Yeah, there may be a cake. Probably be dry, though. Easier to just stay home and watch The Practice, or whatever they're calling it now. Oh, and there's something about a phone call... crank phone call? no, that wasn't it. Oh, sorry, I don't remember any more. Probably some new Buffy drinking game or sumfin. You know how it is when a bunch of Buffy freaks get together. Nothing good can come of that, I tell you. Damn shame, those yunsters, but what can you do? Their answer to everything, "let's throw a party!" Yeah, like that's going to solve anything. That reminds me. You really want to bring a lot of dough with you, too. Not sure exactly why, I think you need to pay to get in. Sounds like a lot of hooey to me. Who needs that kind of grief? Just take my advice: stay home, fix yourself a drink.
blasphemer! ;)
Just take my advice: stay home, fix yourself a drink. - vanekl

Well that's no different than any other night!

And totally OT - I keep wanting to type your name with a y "vanek*y*l and I finally figured out my fingers just keep trying to spell the end of Jekyll. Doesn't have anything to do with anything...just couldn't figure out why I was having problems with that. :)
Joss reads this stuff ?!? The only thing I can think to say (is):

"Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"

I love this board.

Pardon me for just one moment.
(Comes back from the wet bar after refreshing his drink.)

OK, I'm back. If anybody needs their drinks refreshed I'll be going back shortly. I think there's some wild turkey left. Sorry, but the gin is gone. This is the last of it if anybody's keeping track. I could always go on a run to the store later if anybody gets thirsty. Just saying.

But back to the matter at hand.

I've been told I act like two completely different people, but never as subtle as that. Uh, huh. So we're going to blame it on our fingers, are we?

[In the interest of full disclosure, I don't really drink (much). Don't want all the kiddies reading these boards to get the wrong impression. Remember: Beer Bad. Got to love the economy of words. Just say no. That's a good one, too. Not totally sure if 'Beer Bad' applies to all alcoholic beverages, but maybe somebody can ask Joss at one of his soirees. Good: we got an agenda! We aren't just some mindless college punks any more (no offense to the mindless college punks out there--I was one of yuh).]

There, I think I've just about totally destroyed this thread.
Wrap it up!
Ok, see now I started typing a disclaimer about not having any subtle meaning or anything...and I figured no, it's clear I'm poking fun at myself here.

I ain't blaming it on my fingers. I'm blame it on my oh-too-tired brain because I stayed up too late to make sure I could see every Joss post as it came in.

Not trying to say anything there *blushes sheepishly* I mean, I clearly don't know you by way of your posts well enough to make that assumption yet. So, while I meant nothing beyond "my fingers can't type your name" this time - I reserve the right to add lots of subtle jabs and innuendo as I realize they are appropriate. :)
IMHO, the far left has hijacked the party as a whole

Wow, if you think that then you know nothing about far-left politics. Nor about the Democratic party for that matter which has moved dramatically to the center in the last three decades. And Michael Moore is not a representative of anything except Michael Moore.

And by the by, if you're concerned that Kerry is "too left" for you, you should really check his voting record and policy positions because he's very moderate. The only candidates in the primaries more moderate than him were Gephardt and Lieberman.

[ edited by marmoset on 2004-10-22 02:12 ]
Wow, if you think that than you know knothing about far-left politics. - marmoset

Well, thanks.

I have checked his voting record and I disagree with much of it. In some ways, I'd love to "bite" here but I'm not going to. And in some ways I'd rather go have a root canal. I know Simon wants us to stay on topic here, and I respect that

Again, my point was that I can't celebrate these parties with many others, and that's unfortunate, but everyone else go have a blast and report back!
I'm just guessing but is this now the longest thread on this site, Simon. :)

How many times have we broken the thread record in the last 6 monthes?
I'm not Simon, but actually the Oakland Con thread still has this beat, I think, though this is rapidly gaining on it. 165 comments there. Would be 166 if I thought anyone was still reading it, since I've now got 8/10 transcripts up on my site.

Oops, snuck in an OT shameless plug, sorry about that.

Still smiling over the joss posts...

And er, on topic - it'd be fantastic if he directed X-Men 3! Yeah!

*sneaks away*
Is it back to me?
I think it's back to me.

"Hi, Joss! Glad you could drop by. Don't be a stranger!"

There, got that out of the way, at least for a moment. (Could you tell I was channeling a little Billy Crystal there? No. Uh, never mind.) These human waves are harder to do on a bulletin board, especially when you can't tell who's listening. Not much to go on. No facial expressions. Not sure whether people are blushing, sheepishly or otherwise, but if you say you are then that's that. I wasn't trying to be forward--just making conversation and drawing out the thread count. Might have a record going here. And sometimes I just like to hear my own voice, or at least that's what I've been told. Subtle jabs are copacetic, but innuendo I'm afraid is frowned upon on proper boards such as this. I would rather not get thrown off, present evidence suggesting my tenure on this board will probably be curtailed much sooner than I was anticipating.
I have checked his voting record and I disagree with much of it.

I didn't suggest that you'd agree with it, simply that it is very moderate.
WOW, all this over a post on X-Men 3 rumors.
All kidding aside,it is great to see Joss actually cares enough about his fans to come and see what they think. As far as the bigger issue of Presidential elections my opinion is that Bush needs to go. I think this country needs someone who is going to worry about what is going on here in the states not what is going on everywhere else in the world. Is that person John Kerry? I dont know but, I think it is worth my vote to find out. Can't be any worse than what we have in office now.
I honestly don't mean to sound condescending but it always amuses me when Americans use the term 'far left' when they mean 'very centrist' by most other countries' standards. I think you guys don't realise how very right - socially and politically - you are.
Mmmm, I do enjoy a discussion about the American election. Much easier to keep a steady head when you don't have a vote and when you don't have to think 'what if there's a draft in 16 years time when my son's 18'. (Sadly and frustratingly, my son will almost definitely have to serve in his country's army in 16 years time but that's totally OT).
Hooo, boy.

I think I may have just drawn blood. My tongue hurts.
Ok. A thread on politics is great and everything, especially since the thread _should_ be about the event on Sunday.

Let's not go bashing entire countries, or individuals, for their political beliefs on this site. Ever.

Stick to the topic or don't post.
Vanekl, I may disagree with you but I don't think you've done anything to be booted off (maybe I should go back and read your posts again?!).

Joss, if you are still there, please post again because we want to break a record and if you post again that'll be at least another 100!!

(Plus we all really, really like you!!!!)
As I won't be going to any of these parties, I am eager to see if a transcript pops up giving all the details. How is this going to work anyway? Will he be calling individual parties or will he somehow be linked to all of them at once?
bl, from what I gathered, its going to be an 800 number and different parties call in at different times? Unless the 800 number has numerous lines, like an airline. Then they can all call at the same time. I'm sure there'll be a moderator for this.

Geez I wish there was one in my area.
blwessles, from looking at the main site for the event, it appears it's going to be a conference call connecting all parties. The section on the Kerry site describes it as "special national conference call"
That sounds great! I'm sure some of these people attending will be sitting handy with a tape recorder (hint hint!) and be nice enough to transcribe it for us (more hint hint!).
Politics aside (as one of the two NO-NO topics in many a get together - the other being religion) I'll see if I can't bring this thread back somewhat near the original topic, X-Men...

I was having a conversation today with my other half, I showed him an article on how Godzilla is going to get a Hollywood star at the opening of the 50th anniversary movie in November.

He said, "Looks like we're heading to LA!"
I said, "That's pretty cool! Actually, that's pretty Geeky!"
He responded with, "No geekier than going to a Buffy Con. Face it, we have to admit we're at least 35% geeks." However, since he's also a huge comic book fan and loves the X-Men I think if Joss is involved with X-Men 3 (and already is involved with the comic) the hubby should already admit to being 75% geek. If two of his geekdoms cross over each other any more he'll be ALL geek. Get Joss involved with Godzilla and the hubby would be a super geek! :)

P.S. I think that's going to be one very interesting conference call! Can't wait to hear the reports.

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You know, this seems like a really huge endeavor. Why isn't it getting more press? Seems like it would be on CNN or ET or something. No small feat to connect the whole country with a single phone call. And parties all over the country, simultaneously? When you pick it apart, it sounds gihugic!

Is it because if the media starts covering it, then they have to give equal time to the Bush camp?
Joss, bless his heart, isn't all that well-known. He's not on the cover of Rolling Stone, hasn't done the talk show circuit. I mean, my mom doesn't know who he is. That's always my litmus test for big time fame. It's not the whole country, it's a few dozen parties on a conference call, which, well, I can conference call about 60 people on one call, and give them all access to a computer presentation where they can make changes on one screen.

So, it's not a huge feat. Which is why getting the word out on the interbunny is so important.

If you all have blogs and livejournals, link to this. Put it on your listservs and post to the boards you visit.

There's not a lot of time for folks to send out invitations and set up parties, so if this is something you find interesting and important, then spread the word.
That's really nice that you can do all that Allyson, but I don't think its about his level of fame.

If Joe Blow were organizing this, I'd think it would be just as much of a human interest and/or campaign story/news.

Its just that I haven't heard of anyone else doing anything like this. And by the whole country? I just meant from LA to the east coast and in between. Its like a sampling of America. You'd think the media would show more interest.
Oops, sorry for causing offence. The Jossness must have gone to my head. Hope your tongue's healed, Willowy. :-) Eat some ice-cream - that always helps.
When I spoke to Mike about this initially, he said he wasn't sure how it all worked but that the Kerry campaign has done celebrity conference calls, before, and it seemed rote to them. So apparently, it does happen often enough and we don't hear about it.

Last election Martin Sheen left two messages on my voicemail telling me to vote, and it wasn't national news that he was part of the DNCs recorded message, and he's certainly more well-known than our Joss. I mean, he is the president and all.
Thank you for de-mystifying that for me Allyson. I was kind of scratching my head there because it just seems like a different tack that could really make a difference. I didn't understand why it wasn't news. But heck, if its common practice, then I see.

Still, good on Joss for the effort! There are thousands of Whedon fans out there. And forty or eighty of us probably won't make THAT big a dent, but there are many, many folks that can't make these parties, yet are still hearing about them.

If it inspires more folks to get out and vote, then its all to the good.
Actually, Willowy, house parties have become pretty common campaign practice this year, often on a MUCH bigger scale than this, and often with someone well-known (Edwards or Cheney, say) addressing the parties via conference call. It's part of a general trend to try and use things like the Internet to facilitate more personal/grassroots-y connections as well.
So no, cool as this seems to us, it's actually pretty small potatoes in terms of the types of similar events that have been put on this year. And, as such, not really newsworthy to mainstream media.
Yeeahh, got it acp, thanks.

Think I'll go turn on my talkin' pitcher box now... grab my 'shine jug while I'm at it, and stick a piece a' straw in mah teeth...
Shee-yeet Willowy, didn't they teach you nuthin' in that fancy-ass school you paid good money to go to? Them mainstream media folks're only interested in dead people and nekkid people and scandals and such . . . not in real-life endeavors, or whatever that ten-dollar word is. Well, that and something called television ratings, which apparently means something darn special to a whole bunch of people out there, but don't mean spit to me.

Yer funny as heck! Made me chuckle more'n I done all night.

Where's Adam Baldwin and Tim Minear when you need 'em ;) I mean, yay Joss posted!
I'm not surprised about the lack of press. I just wish there had been a little more notice. There doesn't seem to be anything going on around here with this. I might have been able to arrange to head to a different city. I would have been willing to host one if there'd been a little more time. Ah well.

And WWBD, since you don't list your email, I have been jailed in this country and others for my political beliefs so I really don't require a lesson about how I'm such a political ninny. I can assure you I am considered a leftist regardless of what nation I'm in.
marmoset, out of curioisity have you been jailed for beliefs or for actions undertaken to promote those beliefs or both? this is in no way a slam i am just curious and i applaud that you stand up for what you believe in and would likewise stand up for your ability to express it whether we agree or not. figured i'd get that out of the way :)
marmoset, (a) my apology for stepping on my host country's collective toes is posted above and (b) to clarify my initial offensive post, I have no idea what your political beliefs are, but I gravely doubt whether John Kerry (or Ted Kennedy or Hillary Clinton) would be labeled 'far left' in many other countries outside the US.
And I repeat "I think that this thread is straying somewhat from the original "yay Joss posted!" posts, it would be greatly appreciated if it could find its way back there."

Please do take heed of this.
I think we should ban Joss, he's the one that got us offtopic :)
I'm disappointed that I seem to have come late to this particular party. We're over a hundred messages into this thread, it's scrolled off the front page, it's apparent that Joss is not going to post in here again, yet still I feel compelled to leave a message here. I know the futility of it and yet I'm still compelled. This mirrors my opinion of this year's election. And on behalf of all American regulars to Whedonesque, I apologize to all NON American regulars to Whedonesque. Hopefully we'll stop talking about this foolishness in a couple weeks. I know the rest of you are tired of it.

No one's going to read this far down anyway, yet I feel duty bound to state the obvious. I also feel safe speaking my piece, because no one's goign to read this far down anyway.

I find it passing strange that Joss Whedon waited until he had something to talk about that's not really Whedonesque related before he stopped by Whedonesque. Granted, he IS Whedonesque incarnate, so if he posted a message telling us how much toilet paper he uses on a given day, that would qualify as on topic in here. Not that I mean to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but, well, I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth.

We've wanted Joss to swing by Whedonesque for years, and he doesn't do so until he wants us to vote for Kerry. This is politically motivated and I take offense to that. Joss, let me be pragmatic: it's not like the democrats will let you get away with space westerns any more than republicans would.

Now, for the record, I'm gonna vote for Kerry anyway, but Whedon's using this point of time to ingratiate himself to us for political purposes is demeaning. This presidential election is NOT more important than whether or not Joss is gonna direct X-Men three. I mean I live in Texas, so my vote's not gonna be heard here anyway. I vote out of principle but Bush has already won this state's electoral votes and there's nothing I can do to change that. However, if we learn Whedon's directing X-Men, I can go stand outside the local AMC theater and camp out for tickets now. Whedon's directorial future is going to affect my future a lot more than the whole Kerry/Bush thing ever will.

No one who wears a suit regularly represents me. Kerry doesn't know or care what I want any more or less than Bush does. And I'd love to tell those two a-holes to their face what little I think of them, but I'd probably just stare and not be able to say anything witty or anything.

Anyway. Thanks Joss for stopping by. If you ever do so again, try to make it about YOU, and not about a presidential election that has polarized this country and done more harm than good to it. Everyone's already made up their mind whether they're going to vote, and if so who they will vote for. This isn't going to change anything.
I don't agree with you, ZM, but, as ever, you raise points that were hitherto unraised.

However, I did read this far down.
I think we should ban Joss, he's the one that got us offtopic :)

Heh heh. Funny. This thread is dead anyway...

You're right, it was technically for actions, not specifically the beliefs although often it's been questionable whether the cited offenses would have merited arrests if there weren't political statements behind them. And WWBD, no one in the US who really knows anything about the left would characterize any member of the Democratic party to be "far-left"--in fact, that was precisely the argument I was making in the first place. But I did miss your apology above and I now do likewise.
Gosh, and I said this thread was dead...but here you all still are.

ZachsMind, I applaude you for voting regardless of the futility of the Texas situation. I would also say that while your particular vote might not make the impact you would like, Joss reaching out to fans in swing states could really tip the balance. Furthermore, it's a fundraiser and the more dough the Kerry campaign can spend on ads in the last week the better. Lastly, I would like to point out that there are global implications for whoever wins this election. People are dying. And not just US soldiers and the Iraqi people. The Bush administration's AIDS policies are a death sentence for all African countries, as is their refusal to fund family planning internationally for women across the "developing" world. The cuts in domestic spending has left many children and elderly in this country hanging by a thread. I could go on but my point is, if you really believe that the X-Men movie affects your future more than the election, I would urge you to think again. What affects those around you, even if you don't know them, will eventually affect you. I believe that Joss's drop-in was politically motivated and I commend him wholeheartedly for that.
This is definitely not a dead thread. I've checked several times today and there are always more posts added.

Zachsmind, I believe Joss posting was appropriate. Some were questioning in the earlier thread on whether or not this thing was legitimate. He clearly states that he would've posted there but the thread had already left the page. How sad would that have been if he had just gone to the archives and posted there for none of us to ever see or know he had been here? Anyway, in his post he confirms that yes indeed, he is doing this so it is very appropriate for him to answer the doubts that some people had.

That said, even if that wasn't the case, he above all, is just another human being trying to do what he feels is right for his country and the world. He's reaching out for support for his candidate and he's using any means available to him to do so. I appreciate that he came here as just another US citizen looking for support for his cause. And a lot of the posts coming from non US citizens seem just as interested in our election as we are. Unfortunately, probably more so than most US citizens considering a great number don't even bother to vote.

Also, between his first and last post, an hour had passed so he didn't just come and post and run to drop off his message. He also took the time to do a profile, and a very funny one at that too. So I think he enjoyed the opportunity to not just try to help Kerry but to reach out to his fans as well. He strikes me as a very open person and I'm thrilled that he did this. I noticed he's been a member since August so he's probably been lurking a bit like so many of us did before we did our first post.

Hopefully he is now addicted to Whedonesque and will feel the need to post 100s of times a day - I can dream can't I?
Now that I stated this is definitely not a dead thread, I bet no one else posts just to make a liar out of me!
I'm here for you, blwessels.
Joss joined on my birthday! Hoorah! He posted here. Hoorah! No matter what anyone thinks of his politics, he is trying to make a difference in the world, using what tools he can.
Marmoset -- I would question whether its our place to fund anything internationally. That kinda comes down to how busy or isolationist should we be in the world. What I honestly believe is that we need a new and more capable body like the U.N. to spearhead these sorts of things and one that is effective and backs up what it says. When the worst that can happen to you for disobeying the U.N. is a stern letter... Ok ok I just posted this so blwessels wouldn't feel so lonely :) And I promise not to post anything else political on this thread... sorry Simon!
For the record, I agree with Whedon's politics. I take exception to the fact that he chooses NOW to warm up to, and I'm disappointed in the regulars that I'm the only one taking exception to that. Had Joss started irregularly posting here months or years ago, then just happened to have recently brought up, things would be different. However, the only reason he's here is because of the election, and when he gets what he wants from us, he will move on. Indeed, I'm predicting he already has moved on.

"Furthermore, it's a fundraiser and the more dough the Kerry campaign can spend on ads in the last week the better.."

Perhaps I was unclear. My Texas situation was just an immediate example to me. The futility of this election is grander than my immediate situation, but I was trying to be brief above.

Whether Kerry or Bush is in office next year, we will still have problems in Iraq, Korea, Israel, Africa, and here at home. Problems far too complex and myriad to detail here. Both men claim to have 'plans' but whether Kerry's plan is better than Bush's has yet to be determined. The only saving grace is that Kerry's plan will be different and it's painfully obvious that "staying the course" and continuing with Bush is definitely not going to work, because the last four years have been terrible all across the board. We have no certainty that Kerry will be better. He'll just be different, and the presidency matters less than some would have us believe.

We will still have a religious right in this country dictating that it's okay to say 'excrement' but not '$#!&'. We will still have homophobes deciding whether or not homosexuals can publically profess their love for one another and be treated fairly in the eyes of the law. We will still have a man in the oval office who has been spoiled most of his life and knows more about the economically aristocratic elite than the poor teeming masses. The only thing about Kerry that wins me over is stem cell research, and there's no guarantee he's gonna hold up his end of the bargain on that one.

"..he above all, is just another human being trying to do what he feels is right for his country and the world.."

I'm very conscious of the fact that he surely puts his pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us. It's why I can't rationalize ingratiating myself to him. Everyone else is kissing his butt and I can't believe no one else would call him on this. IF he had swinged by months or years before now, maybe I'd listen to his political leanings now. He's posted to other websites that I don't frequent, but we here at Whedonesque have been ignored until now, and I for one take offense to that. I understand his politics are very close to his heart, but I'd say the same thing here and now to Emma Caulfield if she chose to come in Whedonesque NOW to convince people to vote for Bush.

I'd be more than happy to proverbially kiss Joss's ass here, but my principles can't allow that. This is far too self-centered on his part for me to be able to set it aside and be a good loyal fan and just fall in line. And again the futility of my being ticked off does not escape me. I find it laughably pathetic. Images of Don Quixote chasing windmills have been very prevalent on my mind today.

"Hopefully he is now addicted to Whedonesque..."

I will be pleasantly surprised if Whedon ever became a regular here. I will be more than happy to eat my words. However, I would not recommend you hold your breath. We have a better chance of SMG saying yes to Buffy the motion picture. We have a better chance of Ripper the BBC programme moving out of Development Hell. I have a better chance of dating Jane Espenson than we have of Joss Whedon becoming an irregular regular here in I will now calmly and patiently wait for hell to freeze over.
Zach'sMind: Blame me. I was asked where Joss would be most welcome to post his message, and I said he should come here, as well as two other boards.

I mentioned that while I can confirm things to some small degree, that it would be better if Joss confirmed it himself, here. And so he did. I sound like I'm being all BNF about it, but I just want to be clear that this was just something important to Joss in a very personal way, and that he just wanted to make sure the most fans got that message in a welcome environment that he both enjoys and trusts. That's all. No harm meant.

I do disagree that it will have no affect, I think if even just a few people are inspired to vote, then it's all good. Joss' name has inspired people to give tens of thousands to charity in the past ten years, maybe a handful of people who felt apathetic might be inspired now to go vote.
but we here at Whedonesque have been ignored until now

Hey now. That's just unfair. There are dozens of prolific sites where Joss does not, has not posted. He hasn't been active on message boards for a very long time. He reads this board. He posted at two places, and I think that speaks volumes about this being an important place to him.
What I honestly believe is that we need a new and more capable body like the U.N. to spearhead these sorts of things and one that is effective and backs up what it says.

Actually I agree with you for the most part. We do make up a huge percentage of the global wealth and also use a disproportionate amount of its limited resources so I do feel we have some responsibility. I was referring less to direct US aid and more to the NGOs that Bushes policies pulled the rug out from under. Also, the heavily protected pharmaceutical firms that are located in this country that won't step up on the AIDS crisis.

Whether Kerry or Bush is in office next year, we will still have problems in Iraq, Korea, Israel, Africa, and here at home. Problems far too complex and myriad to detail here. Both men claim to have 'plans' but whether Kerry's plan is better than Bush's has yet to be determined. The only saving grace is that Kerry's plan will be different and it's painfully obvious that "staying the course" and continuing with Bush is definitely not going to work, because the last four years have been terrible all across the board. We have no certainty that Kerry will be better. He'll just be different, and the presidency matters less than some would have us believe.

I don't think the solutions to our problems lies with Kerry--or really any politician for that matter. I do think there are people whose lives are hanging in the balance due to some very draconian policies of the current administration who will have marginally better life chances if we can vote it out.
Zach, although I think you make a lot of good points, I don't agree with you in regards to your feelings of Joss posting. I feel bad that you think we all sold out and are kissing butt when it is so far from that for me and I imagine many others who posted as well. I'm sorry that for you, the experience of him posting has been disillusioned because you feel he did it for selfish reasons. I don't see it as selfish reasons.
And I agree with Allyson and many others that this could help (or hurt depending on whether or not people are Democrats or Republicans) some undecideds make up their minds.
I take exception to the fact that he chooses NOW to warm up to, and I'm disappointed in the regulars that I'm the only one taking exception to that.
Why *should* any of us take exception to that, ZachsMind? I'm afraid I still don't really understand why, if Joss wants to get a political message about a cause he feels strongly about out to his fan base, this (and a few similar boards) isn't the right place?
I don't really expect Joss to stop by here regularly and post. He's got other things he's doing, and I think it would take a lot of narcissism to spend a lot of time hanging out at a board that's devoted to oneself. It is nice to know he sometimes checks this board, though I don't think that's the reason why any of us stop by here.
And frankly, it's perfectly understandable to me that this – not a specifically entertainment-related thing - would be the reason he'd come by. He's trying to reach out to fans for a cause he's passionate about. This is where fans are. You may differ, and that's fine, but I think many of us here would agree with him that who wins this election matters a lot more than who directs X-3 (I would say the two aren't even comparable). So, it took something of this magnitude for him to step out of the shadows.
Rather than taking exception to that, I say more power to him. Go Joss, Go Kerry, Go HighStakes 2004! And if he ever feels like stopping by again, for any reason, I hope he always feels welcome.
ZachsMind, I'm not really one for the ass-kissing, but this. is. Joss.

My fangirlishness knows no bounds when it comes to this man. If there was a puddle near him, I'd expect him to walk on it. If I appear to be ass-kissy with excitement over him being here, and responding in kind to his fundraising efforts, so be it. I don't care.

I'm not one bit insulted he came here. I'm thrilled beyond words! If he wanted to speak to us about anything or nothing at all, I'd be one of the first in line. And if this fundraiser was the ice-breaker for him to begin posting here, then woo hoo! I'm for that too.

If that sickens you, I'm sorry, but too bad. I am totally unapologetic when it comes to my adoration of Mr. Joss Whedon.
*edited out after seeing Zach's post above - heck I could probably blow this whole thing away, he said it better than I can* Here we are everyday following Jossverse things and rather than stopping by once in a while for various random related tidbits, he came here when he could use his fame to shill for a candidate. I know he's busy and wouldn't expect it to be anything but a rare visit in any case, but had be posted at all before this it wouldn't feel quite so 'cheap' to me... For the record I don't agree with Joss' politics, but if he came here to push for Bush I would be just as... well, not insulted, but it made me sigh. While I am glad that Joss stopped by and would hope he feels free to do so any time, I wish it hadn't been for a Sean Penn moment. I also found slightly offensive the "If you're for Bush I doubt I can sway you..." line. It felt like "Since you are basically unable to be reasoned with". Probably all that dealing with Adam Baldwin, eh? :D

"Why *should* any of us take exception to that, ZachsMind?"

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What acp said. Much as I would love to have the thrill of seeing those ice blue letters, it would be rather bizarre for Joss Whedon to post here on a regular basis. What's he supposed to say: "Oh, I love the art work on the cover of S7 DVD - Sarah's eyes look all blue" or 'Goddamnit, when will Aly and Alexis get out of bed and get a job, because I really need to see their acting, even on Charmed if that's what it takes'.
zeitgeist - I don't think he meant to be offensive. By this point, most people have made up their mind and I thought he recognized the integrity of Whedoesquers by acknowledging that they won't change their minds just because Joss says so. Well, maybe Willowy would :)
Zachsmind I can understand where you're coming from but what Allyson says is the truth. Joss is not known for for his postings and the impression I get is when he gets the time, he lurks and posts very occasionally on sites he feels safe at.

I don't expect Joss to be a regular here. He is not a regular at the Bronze Beta or that other site.
WWBD, ;) back at ya.

Good thing then, I guess, that my leanings already agree with his, hmmm?
I also found slightly offensive the "If you're for Bush I doubt I can sway you..." line. It felt like "Since you are basically unable to be reasoned with".

I honestly don't think he meant it that way. He's seems more focussed on urging on folks who may not vote out of apathy than trying at this late date to convert already decideds.
I think the very nature of this board, what makes it great, is it's focus and staying on topic whan discussing matters rather than just all chatting and saying "Hi" to each other. However, this makes it slightly awkward for Joss to post here. If he pops in to confirm a rumor we say "Great" then the next rumor that comes up we'll say "Well, he hasn't confirmed this one so it must be false" and he'd quickly be in the situation of us expecting him to comment on every rumor, confirm every bit of gossip and so on.

I'd love to see him post every now and then but I think that's all we can ask. Despite the persona he projects of a vast ego I think even he would be slightly embarrassed at some of the adulation that some fans can show...
Zachsmind, this site has been around 1 minute in the Buffyverse. I never expected ANYONE to post here, let alone writers, let alone Joss. I have no idea where you're coming from.
Yeah I think offensive was probably too strong a word but that's the way I took it when I read it. I much prefer your interpretation :D And well Willowy blows with the Joss wind so... (KIDDING!!!) *grin*

zeitgeist - I don't think he meant to be offensive....I thought he recognized the integrity of Whedoesquers by acknowledging that they won't change their minds just because Joss says so. Well, maybe Willowy would :)
Wow, i go away for a couple of weeks and nearly miss Joss' first postings here. Typical!

Okay, having just read this entire thread which therefore means i'll probably be suffering some severe eye strain this evening i think i'll post my thoughts regardless of the fact i'm from the UK and so obviously not going to be swayed to vote either way.

I am a little surprised that any of us here, no matter how few, are taking issue with the reasons Joss has chosen now to make his Whedonesque membership official. It's clear that he has political motivations for his timing but so what? This is something that is clearly very important to him and i'm happy to read his thoughts on this subject the same as any other.

What goes on in the United States has a knock on effect to everywhere else in the world regardless of whether you like that fact or not and the leadership of the U.S. effects us all eventually. Personally, whilst i'm not going to assume i know that Kerry will do any better, he certainly can't do any more harm than Bush (and Blair for that matter) has done in the last few years. If i actually had a vote to make it would be for Kerry, as i don't have that vote i'll shut up about politics now.

Welcome to Whedonesque Joss, hopefully we will see you post again soon.
Caroline just dismissed my argument as if I were a neutered stray cat, Catalyst2. What do you expect me to say? "Jane you ignorant slut"? The gold names own the swimming pool. It's not my intent to piss in it.

I lost the argument. However I won't take back my words. It may not be unethical to use celebrity to push political agenda, but it's certainly not ethical either. I don't know what it could be if it's not either ethical or unethical, but it feels dirty and narcisistic -- I say this and I agree with Whedon's political agenda. That doesn't lessen the insult. If Emma Caulfield came in here encouraging people to vote for Bush I'd be just as upset and frustrated. I'd feel just as disenfranchised and belittled in return for enjoying their efforts to entertain over the years.

We've asked questions Joss could have answered in here for years, and he comes in here NOW and just says "Vote Kerry!" Then runs off again and why is that? Because our appreciation of his art for the past decade or so is petty? It pales in comparison to voting in Tweedle Dum over Tweedle Dummer? I disagree with that argument. Whether its Kerry or Bush for the next four years we'll have the same problems and while both men have plans I don't see how one could do anything remarkably different from the other to change the tide of persuasion elsewhere on the planet. This is way bigger than this stupid election and you all know it. It's not terror we should be fighting, but hate and ignorance and deception. It's people who use religion like a weapon of destruction and not an instrument for peace. Whether we choose Kerry or Bush that's not going to make a bit of difference. Had Gore been in office instead of Bush, the Twin Towers would still be rubble. Petty votes by petty American citizens won't change that. I got no proof Gore wouldn't have embraced the fear like Bush has. He may have become a warmonger too. What other choice was there in the heat of that moment?

But hey. Caroline doesn't see where I'm coming from. It's her sandbox. Maybe Whedon will come in here four years from now and tell us to all jump in a lake. If the water's fine, I'll be right behind you.

[ edited by ZachsMind on 2004-10-23 17:59 ]
Whether its Kerry or Bush for the next four years we'll have the same problems and while both men have plans I don't see how one could do anything remarkably different from the other to change the tide of persuasion elsewhere on the planet. This is way bigger than this stupid election and you all know it. It's not terror we should be fighting, but hate and ignorance and deception. It's people who use religion like a weapon of destruction and not an instrument for peace. Whether we choose Kerry or Bush that's not going to make a bit of difference.

Yes, ZachsMind, the issue is much bigger than the election. This election, however, encompasses many, many issues that are getting no press and for which there is a dramatic difference between Kerry and Bush. And the outcome of many of these issues will be a matter of life or death depending on who wins. It's really important not to lose sight of that. Bush can try to frame the whole debate around the supposed "War on Terror" but it's very important for other role models, like Joss Whedon, to stand up and remind us of what else is at stake. (No pun intended.) Too many artists refuse to make statements because they are afraid of offending people. That Joss is willing to do this it just makes me respect him even more.

And I don't think Caroline "dismissed" your argument. I think she's saying that as the creator of this relatively new site she never in her wildest dreams expected Joss to show up so she can't imagine that other people did.
Yes, and I also couldn't care less whether he shows up to talk about politics, or Buffy or whatever. In fact, no, I think I rather have him show up to speak his mind about what he feels strongly about, than coming round to talk about the latest X-men rumour, or what Buffy had for breakfast in Season 3.

That and other stuff to do with fandom in general that I best not go into this week.
"In fact, no, I think I rather have him show up to speak his mind about what he feels strongly about, than coming round to talk about the latest X-men rumour, or what Buffy had for breakfast in Season 3."

Excellently stated! Couldn't agree with that more and frankly, I feel honored that he thought highly enough of this site to offer this invitation to us.
What Caroline and blwessels said - ditto. It meant more to me, in some ways, that joss stopped by for something like this, that he felt so strongly about. And boy, do i wish I could go to his party in LA (I'd even be tempted to cheat on my promise to my paper not to donate to political campaigns and go to the party here in chicago if i didn't have an out-of-town friend visiting. Probably good she is so that I don't bend the rules).
Now, with 205 posts, this must be the longest thread ever on Whedonesque. :-)
Even though I'm not American I think its good that Joss posted. Its got a whole discussion started here and I believe if people actually used their power to vote instead of thinking their one voice isn't heard then perhaps the election would have turned out differently last time.

Keep posting Joss! Whether everyone agrees or not, the debate it generates makes you think. As Martha would say "Its a good thing."

Oh how I wish I was in LA. Sometimes it sucks being Canadian.
Oh my Gosh!Joss, thanks for the news!:)I am such a big fan of yours.I hope you continue to stay active here at!!!
Dear Joss -

A Million thanks for your support via Kerry HighStakes - Wish that I could have sponsored a party because I too believe GWB is a real and present danger to our democractic political system.

I knew thatI connected with The Whedonverse as more than superb drama, now I think it was also because of the man behind it all. Hope that I can hook-up with the Kerry HighStakes during your interview - THANKS AGAIN "Verse rocks...Serenity flies."
"I feel honored that he thought highly enough of this site to offer this invitation to us."

Or to put it another way -- 'This site seems to have some traffic, I think I'll post here'. Regardless I still feel, well, 'cheap' isn't the right word, but it is the first one that comes to mind.
Wow Zachsmind I couldn't disagree with you more here. The fact that his coming here was politicly motivated does not made it any lesser a thing. This site is called WHEDONESQUE, it is about stories connected to his work, his films, his shows, the casts he has created. His politics are a part of him, and an important part at the moment, maybe even as important to him as Serenity is.

Just because we are fans of his work doesn't mean that his politics, and his attempts to turn people to his side are unimportant. Why would he need to come here and post about buffy when chances are there are two dozen interviews stating exactly what he would say, his work should speak for itself, and he doesn't need to post about it.

I mean the most he has ever posted is likely at bronzebeta, and look at his nuumber of posts, it is incredibly low, and only for a bit of feedback. Even he says that this to him is a news site where he comes to know what's what with his actors etc. Not a public forum like Bronze Beta.

Heck I'm Canadian, and even I think that the coming election is more important than if he's doing X3 (and he's not), I don't get the random hostility that the man should have an agenda, everyone has an agenda, he spends all this time creating worlds that you enjoy. He comes here to post about his political party, confirm that he is in fact doing it, and some are already jumping on him.

Kind of sad.

YAY he posted here, in a Jossian way.
Wow. I've not posted since the last episode of Angel and I'm actually very nervous about adding my 2 cents, which is a first. It's just a wee bit contentious up in here.
First and foremost: Joss posted here...lalalalaaaaalaaaaa! No matter what he said, that fact in and of itself is exciting in a weird 'he's watching us' kinda way.
On to the nastiness...I'm completely with ZachsMind here on the whole "just dropped in to stump and all you hate-mongers; ahem...Bush backers; are not invited since you obviously can't think for yourselves anyway. And Bush smirks." (ok, the Bush-backer part was from zeitgeist...but it just flowed so well!) No further comment required on that front. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone.
And as usual, my political beliefs match those of absolutely NONE of you. Guess we can blame that on my being a fourth-generation Texan, right Bad Kitty? Well, send your dirty looks. We're-a gittin' mighty used to 'em.
Feeling less and less welcome here all the time.
I have always felt Whedonesque a better observer of his work than the BronzeBeta. I rarely visit the BronzeBeta because the user interface is not as friendly. I also find the participants here (usually) more receptive to varied ideas and just overall more welcoming. However, this place has until now been ignored by its own namesake. When he bothers to turn his attention here, it's for the most unWhedonesque reason possible.

And in saying unWhedonesque, I mean it has nothing to do with him. It's about something that matters to him yes, but it's about politics. That's noble of Whedon perhaps, but this place has not until now been about Whedon's politics. It's been about his television and film work. It's mostly been about his invention of Buffy and the ramifications of that. And let's not go into how Buffy indirectly relays Whedon's opinions on politics and religion and whatnot. You know what I mean. Joss used this place solely to influence people's votes. Had he come here before then to answer fan questions or contribute to the topics at hand, I wouldn't be upset. If he returns repeatedly after November 2nd and says, "hey let's talk about me" then I'll stand corrected and proven wrong.

I'm not a Bush backer. In a few days I will drive down the street, show my voter's registration card and vote for Kerry. Whedon isn't influencing my vote either way. My vote isn't influencing the outcome either way, because I live in Texas, and those electoral votes will all go republican, as they have since before Kennedy. My vote doesn't count, but I'm voting anyway. Why? Because if we learned anything from Angel, it's that even when the forces of evil are going to win, you don't stop going to work.

In fact I believe if Bush is re-elected, the John Titor prank may turn out to be more accurate than it seemed. Whedon being a Kerry supporter doesn't change the fact that he has ignored this place until now. It's not what he's said earlier in this thread that pisses me off. It's all the threads before this one, where he said nothing, and/or was absent.

I feel like Linus, having chosen the most sincere and perfect pumpkin patch in all the world, and when the Great Pumpkin finally arrives, I realize that It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown had a much better written ending.

[ edited by ZachsMind on 2004-10-31 00:51 ]
I love that this thread is still going.

This is my question for you, ZachsMind: If Bush were to win and the victory was tipped by a few undecided votes who ended up going for him because they didn't feel they knew enough about Kerry, would you, as a Kerry supporter, feel that anyone who supported Kerry and did reach out to every single undecided that they could possibly have access to was derelict in his or her civic responsibility? I know that's a wordy question...
Last election was not decided by votes. It was decided by something evil called the Electoral College, then by the Supreme Court. If a tie happens this time around, it goes to the Senate, which is majority republican. Bush and his supporters have more MONEY than brains. They bought the election last time. They manipulated the system until it did their bidding. They'll do it again.

So Marmoset, I'd love to answer your question, but given the facts presented four years ago, I really can't take it seriously.
Look ZachsMind, I'm not an idiot. I know what the electoral college is and how it works and I know what happened in the previous presidential "election". All you need to do is read my preceding posts in these political threads to know this about me. If you can't even consider a hypothetical question about a subject you continue to bring up, perhaps you should quit shooting your mouth off on the board about it instead of condescending to people.
Is this thread still going on?

And will you two behave? Email each other about this, I don't want a fight breaking out here. So take it off site.
Zachsmind, I understand and respect your opinion on this, but I don't feel that Joss Whedon needed to post here in the past, he came and he posted about his High Stakes party yes, but it was current news, and something he was trying to get people too.

I honestly never expected him to post here, it's a good website, but Joss Whedon is off working on his projects, not chatting with his fans on a regular basis.

He posted here about politics, it's an agenda, but Whedonesque was at the time talking at lease a little about his High Stakes Party, that is what he was posting about. I really don't feel that he needed to come on and post about his shows and work.

If he had posted in his High Stakes party thread, merely to state that he comfirmed it, maybe it would have been a little less jarring or whatever. This was a good site to help state that it was real, there were quite a few doubts about the autehnticity.

I respect that, to be honest I'm happy about it, he posted about somethign that he was currently apart of, I don't think it's his responsibility or anything to come on and talk about his shows or X-men. Joss did post here, about politics, so mabybe you're right and we shouldn't be dancing for joy that he came here to respect us, but neither did he do any form of negative act by doing so.

You'd rather he came for a different reason, the thing people are happy about is that he was aware enough of this site to come at all. It's not like he went EVERYWHERE to spread the info about his parties.

Plus he stated that he goes to the website, if I'm not mistaked ne he said earlier on that he has come here before, that is a huge compliment to the makers of the site. I came on here for close to a year before I ever posted a single message.

If you want to contact me to say your argument, or argue it, or w tv. It's, I don't seem to get every message that comes through though.
I hear monarch butterflies are very pretty this time of year. Would anyone like a cold blooded jelly donut? We all like the manic depressive chick. That's a given. I think we can honestly say that toying with the powers of evil is a bad thing. I think we've all grown. I rule that this thread has been found to be inconclusive, and suggest we let everyone move on with their lives. I obviously won't see where the rest of you are coming from, and no one else seems interested in listening to reason, or the truth. So let's just leave the rest of this stupidity for our respective dream journals. I'm gonna go off and march to the beat to my own drummer. The beauty and the beasts is playing. If anyone else wants to chase in the woods and drink green glowing bile stuff, I'll get the tranquilizer gun.
Congratulations Joss, not only on posting here but in getting a fair few people talking 'politics'. I can't vote in your elections being English, any Americans not voting can't complain about how things turn out... same applies over here.
Simon - "Is this thread still going on?"

Hehe, funniest thing i've read here at Whedonesque in ages! :)

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