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October 20 2004 serves up some reviews on 'The Grudge'. About 14 reviews so far have been collected from around the country. "A minimal, stylish look and sinister atmosphere support a ho-hum storyline and pedestrian script." is just one of the descriptions given.

My favorite? "It ain't Buffy, but it will have to do." (
Just curious, does anyone know what kind of reviews The Ring got?
Yeah, blwessels, i was curious about that as well. All i can remember now is the hype that followed "The Ring".
blwessels - apparently The Ring got rather decent reviews. Over at this link at RottenTomatoes it's listed as having 72% good reviews (i.e., out of 163 reviews 118 were positive).

Right now, The Grudge hasn't received many reviews -- once more start pouring in, the RottenTomatoes rating will grow more significant. But in the early going, that rating may fluctuate quite a bit. Once more reviewers have weighed in, we can judge whether (in general) it was negatively regarded or positively regarded.

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phlebotin"My favorite? "It ain't Buffy, but it will have to do." ("

I noticed that one too! Funny.

Well it is indeed a bit early, but I'm surprised it's already so negative even now. And it seems that most critics aren't just going by the usual 'the original was better' routine, but instead already appear to not have been impressed by the source material Ju-On.

Japanese or American, my main thing is still that it looksa bit like a Ring rip-off with less story. I have a feeling I'll enjoy the Grudge, but will still prefer the Ring. It probably has more plot going on.

(And frankly, in terms of plot and development of information and tension 'The Ring' greatly improved on the 'I'm-psychic-so-I-just-know-everything-that's-going-on' antics of 'Ringu' if you ask me)
Obviously, I can't comment on 'The Grudge' because I haven't seen it, but I thought 'Ju-on' was superb. I watched it a basement cinema on a typical misearble grey Sunday afternoon in London and was blown away by it. I have subsequently bought the DVD and watched it a couple more times and I still hold the same opinion.

This doesn't mean the new film is going to be any good, but I am still looking forward to seeing it, especially if it retains the minimalist feel of the original. Reviews are interesting to read, and can be useful, but I like to make up my own mind. I've seen negative reviews of BtVS in the past and I know I what I think about those!
Agree with dashboardprophet. I don`t care much about reviews (but, if they`re good, better :p) I prefer to judge for myself.
Well, I just kind of read the Newsday review. By kind of, I mean skimming over it and trying not to read anything spoilerish. They seemed to like it but weren't sure if the mainstream would like it. They gave it 2 1/2 stars. I then clicked on the Surviving Christmas link, the Ben Affleck flick that opens the same night as The Grudge, and they gave that 1 1/2 stars so The Grudge may beat it at the box office anyway. That Shark Tales seems to still be very hot. I'm perplexed why they are coming out with a Christmas flick this early and I'd think that would kind of hurt it's numbers too.

Just clicked on "Shall we Dance" and that only got two stars so they think the Grudge is better than both of those.

As for whether or not the Ring was better than Ringu really depends on, imo, which you saw first.

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Having re-checked the Rotten Tomatoes link, the rating for The Grudge is indeed in a state of flux. Now that more reviews have trickled in, its rating has risen to 43% positive reviews (at the time of this post).

I suppose tommorrow is when we'll get a true rating thermometer -- that's when the majority of critics will publish their reviews, and those reviews will be factored in at RottenTomatoes :)

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