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October 21 2004

ABC officially gets 'Lost' for a full season. The freshman drama on ABC has now been offically picked up for a full season, as if there was ever a doubt. Of course than again stranger things have happened we are talking network TV.

"For four weeks in a row (all four of its telecasts), "Lost" has been the No. 1 program in its hour among viewers and young adults. On its most recent telecast (10/13/04), "Lost" ranked as the No. 1 TV program of the night in Total Viewers and Adults 18-49. In addition, on the same night the new drama drew its largest overall audience since its debut episode (9/22/04) and hit series highs in Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34, Teens 12-17 and Kids 2-11. Compared to the first four weeks of last season, "Lost" has improved the hour for ABC by 6.1 million viewers (17.6 million vs. 11.5 million) and by 40% in Adults 18-49 (6.6/18 vs. 4.7/13)."

Good news for Lost and Housewives, may be disturbing news for Alias fans as ABC had originally scheduled the series to return to it's Sunday night slot. However, since Housewives numbers are far better than those of Alias it looks like Sdyney may find herself moved to a new night.

David Fury, J.J. Abrahams and various other Lost staff have just posted at The Fuselage. Seems to be one of those days for show creators popping up all over the place.
I know. First Joss (still in shock, hope he makes it a habit), now David Fury. Good news for 'Lost' and ABC. had an interesting article about this today. These shows have pushed ABC to first place with CBS taking second spot with CSI. NBC is up in arms trying to figure out what happened. Seems 'Joey' ratings have been dropping. Also noticed several returning reality shows are also dropping ratings. Are the networks finally realizing that good dramas are the way to go? We can only hope.

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The tide does seem to be turning away from reality shows and towards quality scripted series. And good to see than Fury's ep got such great ratings. All the Angel fans tuning in....?
The other news is not so good at least for Eric B (Jesse/BtVS), just 2 days after putting Hawaii on hiatus claiming it would film the entire order of 13 episodes, NBC offically canned the show. Making it the first new casualty of the fall season (of scripted shows). The last episode aired last night with only 1 episode that will remain unaired.

Ah, the pruning has begun now if the WB would just wait until the James episode airs before lopping off the Mountain and adding it to the heap of dead shows (ok I know technically it's already there). With the timeslot flip with Jack & Bobby only 1 episode of the Mountain will air on Oct 31, followed by LOTR on Nov 7th, which leads us to the 14th if the network execs don't descided to cancel it before then the James episode should now air Nov 14th.
Ah excellent news, though as if there was ever any doubt :) A very good day to be a fanboy, Fury, Joss and JJ all posting at various places = nice :)
There is a perfect spot to put Alias -- right after Lost on Wednesday nights. Both Abrams programs, why, it would be the best synergy since Buffy and Angel were back to back, uh, back in the day!
As a fan of Alias, I'm not worried. JJ Abrams is the creator of both and Lost being a big hit will probably help Alias. I read somewhere that they may even move Alias to follow Lost on Wednesday nights and that seems like a perfect teaming.

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I've really enjoyed what I've seen of Lost so far and I'm thrilled a show I liked hasn't been canned in the first few weeks of airing but now I'm thinking I might go the Alias & 24 route of just waiting for the entire season on DVD. No commercials, no watermark in the corner, no nothing but TV goodness.
Slightly vearing off topic a bit but not much ... just some Nummber crunching ...

First about Lost;
From the futon critic: "Nevertheless, "Lost" (households: 10.2/16, #2; adults 18-49: 6.1, #2) continued to perform well for ABC (households: 7.7/11, #2; adults 18-49: 4.6, #2)"
From zap2it: "ABC's "Lost" held up well against the game, posting a 10.2/16."

Now onto the molehill (which is quickly becoming an anthill) the WB calls the Mountain;
Ratings from the futon critic: "Rounding out the night were new episodes of "America's Next Top Model" and "Kevin Hill" (households: 2.8/4, #13; adults 18-49: 1.9, #13) on UPN which once again combined to beat "Smallville" and "The Mountain" (households: 1.6/2, #14; adults 18-49: 1.1, #14) on The WB. Year-to-year comparisons (10/22/03): The WB - "Angel" (households: 3.2/5; adults 18-49: 2.4)"
From Mediaweek: "In the battle of UPN's Kevin Hill versus the WB's soon-to-relocate The Mountain, Kevin Hill (#5: 3.9/ 5; Viewers: 4.06 million; A18-49: 1.9/ 4) bested the crumbling Mountain (#6: 2.4/ 3; Viewers: 2.31 million; A18-49: 1.1/ 2) by 62 percent in the overnights, 1.75 million viewers and 73 percent among adults 18-49. Although the WB has high hopes for Jack & Bobby, which moves into this hour next week, keep a more positive eye on Kevin Hill."

For those Marsters fans out there it may be even bleaker chance of seeing his appearance since the episode has been pushed back to the 14th. Although I still have doubt it will make it out of this month. The first Sunday it airs is Oct 31, the following Sunday the show will pre-empted to air LOTR, so the episode James guest on will air Nov 14th if they have not cancelled it by then. The WB has already kinda shot itself in the foot anyhow since TVG announce the James episode would air Nov 3, for the casual viewer who might have tuned in (not those of us who will hunt a show to ground to watch it if it has a 'verse guest but those who have no idea we are out here with the throughly investigated info) will find Jack & Bobby and no James and they will presume that the Mountain must have been cancelled. WTG there WB. Also if J&B post bigger numbers on Wed. and the Mountain does not when it appears on Sun. night, the WB I think will cut it's losses and perhaps ramp up it's mid season replacement with some 'verse spin to it - "Global Frequency" which Ben Englund has been hired to write for. It would also fall into the Buffy/Alias type catagory, not to mention it would be in the perfect spot to follow after Charmed.

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