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December 04 2002

"One of the most expensive series on television". The Futon Critic examines if BtVS has been a success for UPN.

And seeing as UPN has to pay $2.35 million per episode, this is one of the most significant factors on whether UPN will keep the show.

I bet without SMG it will cost a lot less and still make enough press for them to want to keep it.
$2.35 million per episode is considered expensive? Ever cared to look up the price of an ER ep? :)
I thought its ratings were doing better this year. I don't think there's any show besides Enterprise which has comparable ratings on UPN. I checked a few weeks ago, and it was beating Angel which hasn't always been the case.
This is certainly an issue that should be given serious consideration if there's to be a spinoff with the Scoobies next season. If SMG leaves it means they can delete her salary and say it's that much cheaper to make per ep. However, what'll probably happen is everyone who remains to renegotiate their contract situation will compete to get that slice of the pie, and the actual production standard and quality of the spinoff will suffer due to lack of monies. So though we may see a spinoff next season that features Willow, Xander, Dawn & Spike in some way, it'll look worse than the premiere of The Lone Gunmen, and no one'll tune in.

Might be best if they just quit while they're barely treading water.

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