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October 21 2004

Sarah Michelle Gellar Discusses The Grudge. This time with

All these interviews with her about the Grudge seem to be blurring into one. Whilst there is some new material in the interview (the comments about leaving BtVS were sweet), I think that this will be the last of them to be posted to on the front page. Same for upcoming TV promotional appearances etc.

But we will have a discussion thread here at Whedonesque on Friday for those who have seen the movie.
I'm trying to get my hands on the Japanese original so I can have a proper version vs version debate. Hopefully it won't escalate into a fist fight like the Ringu vs The Ring debate I had with my RPG group...

She said Eyes Wide Shut 2 so many times I'm ready to sign a petition to have it made.

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LOL, sTalking_Goat. I thought the ongoing Eyes Wide Shut 2 riff was very funny. Also funny: does she want to work with her husband again? "Not really". Good move, Sarah. ;).

All the repetitious stuff about the Grudge and Japan aside, there were some nice moments here.
Actually, I kind of felt the same about all the interviews about the Grudge tending to blend in but this one had a lot of personal stuff that the others don't seem to have. I loved hearing more about her time on BtVS and how she felt they parted on very happy terms and I loved hearing about her getting together with ASH and Seth Green. I also think it's a good move for her not to do another movie with Freddie. He's a cutie but he doesn't have the acting chops that she has. Has anyone else heard that he was considered for playing Dracula originally on Buffy? I just read that on a trivia website. SMG supposedly approached Joss and told him FPj was interested in playing a role and that they thought he fit the look and everything but he had a bunch of movie offers about that time so he couldn't do it. That could've been fun but I liked the guy they used, especially because of the history he had working with SMG before and the fact he played Dracula in that cable movie.

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