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October 22 2004

Sing along with OMWF. For any Boston-area folks, the fabulous Coolidge Corner Theatre is hosting a "special sing-along show" with the theater troupe Queer Soup tonight.

"We''ll have goodie bags full of interactive activities (and plastic vampire teeth, of course), subtitles so you can join in the singing, and our ringleader cast who will guide us through two of the best episodes of our favorite televison show: "Once More With Feeling" (aka, the musical episode) and "Hush"."

Did I miss something or is Buffy the new Rocky Horror Picture Show :p. This sounds great, I wish I could go.
Heck, I live in Massachusetts and this is the first I've heard of this. Does sound like fun but it's a bit too far for me.
I'd like to go too, but, alas, I no longer live in Boston. Now, singing along with OMWF i understand. But "hush?" Maybe it'll involve pantomime... :-)
Yeah, same here. Sounds like fun, but too far. "Subtitles?! We don't need no stinking subtitles!!" ;)
I would kill to participate in this, I really would. What do people know about the "underground theatre sensation "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's High School Reunion"" that was also mentioned?
I used to live right near there, too! And I spent the summer in Boston with my family; I wish they'd had it then! BTW, it's a great theater, and Brookline Booksmith, right across the street, is a wonderful independent bookstore.
Wouldn't that be cool if the musical did become the next Rocky Horror Picture show cult hit and was played at midnight at theaters all over the country?!! "Every single night, the same arrangement..."
"....I go out and fight the fight. Still I always feel this strange estrangement - nothing here is real, nothing here is right."

Oh boy. I wouldn't need subtitles. I listen to the CD all the time. Love it.
I started watching the musical on FX the other day and had to stop because it's so edited. I have season six on dvd but occaisionaly tune in when the shows on TV but couldn't bare to watch that particular episode be so butchered.
ok, dc to boston on Amtrak - 8 hours - when's the next train???
"Oh boy. I wouldn't need subtitles. I listen to the CD all the time."

I wouldn't need the subtitles either, but I do think some fun could be had in trying to sing along while wearing the plastic vampire teeth.
"Everyshingle nighst the shame arransgements..."
Funny this topic came up. Yesterday, a coworker came up to me and said, "You ever had a song in your head you couldn't stop?" Sure. "Ever heard of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I watched this musical last night and...," I guess you can imagine the rest of the conversion. The song was 'Walk Through The Fire'. You should have seen his eyes light up when I told him I had the soundtrack. Another Buffy fan is born.

Interesting concept, Simon. 'Once More, With Feeling' played out like 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. You maybe starting something there.
blwessels - hee hee! I'm envisioning a growing Buffy Sing-Along movement that is a cross between Rocky Horror Picture Show and Grateful Dead concert hoopla. Buffy fans would equal Deadheads in fervent devotedness any day. I can well imagine holding up a lighter and swaying (nod to Dead fans and to Willow/Xander in Restless) while slurping through my plastic vampire teeth and trying to sing without lisping or having the teeth fall out. Oh, and in costume. Who'd I dress as? Sweet would be fun but I'm a woman so I don't know if that'd work too well. I would particularly love bellowing, "They got...the mustard....OUT!" Everyone would have to bring a shirt on a hanger for that one. It be super-fun to do the David Fury accompanying gesture as well.

Perhaps this Buffy sing-along grew out of the demonstrated success of Sound of Music sing-alongs that have been big sell-outs in NYC, London and recently, D.C. And probably a bunch of other places.
Phleb: holding up lighters. Hee hee. Reminded me of Tony's song in "Restless" in the Bronze. Nice.
I know someone who will be going to this tonight but she doesn't post here. Maybe I'll get her to send me her comments and I'll post them
Ooh, bad visual there Phlebotinin! When you started talking about people holding out the shirt I just thought of how they threw toast and squirted water at Rocky Horror and I can now imagine a 100 Buffy fans with mustard containers squirting everyone, and gals wearing skirts singing "I'm not wearing underwear" and lifting their skirts to prove that point!
But, still, it sounds like a lot of fun doesn't it!??!!
Oodles and oodles of fun!

Lioness, if your friend sends her comments to you and you post them here, it would be hugely appreciated. Thanks for offering to try to do this.
If they do "Hush" will they have to mime Buffy masturbating--oops, I mean *staking* the Gentlemen?

One of the funniest moments in TV history.
I'm so out I'm in: my sister goes to lots of Buffy events in Tel Aviv and they always include audience participation in OMWF. I thought that was de rigeuer at cons etc. - as I've never been I thought I was the only one who'd never been to the Buffy Picture Show :)
Well, she reads the links from here, just doesn't have the time to read all of our marvellous comments!
So, I will try.
Chris in Virgina: "oh *that's* what that [scene] means?"
Couldn't agree more. Priceless.

blwessels: and which part of your visual was bad again? . . .
What a blast. OMWF married two of my my greatest passions - Buffy and musicals. To be able to participate with the rest of the audience - as opposed to alone in my living room disturbing the neighbors - would be such a high!
LOL! No sooner do I finally recover from blwessels' "vampire lisp" when Chris in Virginia sends me off again. I loved the look on Xander's face, "Hun?". Joss, we need more entertainment please.
"OMWF married two of my my greatest passions - Buffy and musicals." Well, same here. And as Joss said on some commentary or other, BtVS in general was very much like a musical in its structure and high emotions, so that OMWF was a natural progression for the show. Now, if only I could write music (or teach myself one summer a la Whedon), I'd get busy creating scores to go with some of the other episodes ("Passion", for example, obviously has the high opera thing already going on. Just need to throw in a few arias for Tony and Angel and Jenny).
"'Once More, With Feeling' played out like 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. You maybe starting something there."

Giles in stockings! No wait he's already done that.
Simon, you should put a warning on that link because I sent those pictures to a friend awhile back and traumatized her! She could never quite look at ASH the same again.
*scoff* Indiana is so boring! Nothing is ever here! I am not within (a short) driving distance of a Joss-phone-kerry-party.. :( Cons are never close (except in Chicago... which is still 5 hours!), and now a sing along! *whine*

In HUSH, I like where Buffy (sarah) thinks her hips are wide on the overhead... :)
If Joss were willing, wouldn't it be great if he further expanded the OMWF soundtrack for our little Rocky Horroresque show? They could be inserted during a pauses in the original televised show. Like, what were those "witness arias" that Giles refers to? I'd love to hear what the demon that "made like Yma Sumac" (sp?) sang. How about the musical numbers in Dawn's classes? I'm sure, too, that the Trio sang all sorts of stuff about Star Wars and such. And their evil uber-plans. I want to hear all of these!

We'd also have to include Anya's additional OMWF-era song which was shown in "Selfless."

I'm totally in favor of musicalizing other eps, like others have suggested. Buffy *is* an opera/musical comedy, after all. Same goes for Angel. And why not bring in dance? "Waiting in the Wings" would be incredibly fun to act (and dance) out. As for Hush, yes! Chris in Virigina is right. Hilarity would ensue at the masturbation/stake moment. But it'd have to be done silently, wouldn't it? Wouldn't the audience-participants have to be as silent as (eek) mimes? Except those who were making soundtrack sounds, maybe? A Rocky Horroresque "Hush" would present quite an acoustic challenge, methinks. But Whedonverse fans are nothing if not resourceful.

Okay, I'll stop now. The mind just boggles, though, doesn't it? So many fantastic possibilities. And no-one's mentioned Firefly yet. I wonder if that'd translate as well?
Simon, thank you so much. Everytime I tried to picture ASH in that stage play in minds eye, I couldn't quite do it. Now, I have the image. That play must have been a riot.
Ahh, I'd love a Firefly musical!!!
angellove I lived in Indiana for a year back in 83, nothing boring about it. Very nice state. Very friendly too.
With so many new musicals opening on Broadway, and in the West End here, I could totaly see a Buffy stage musical happening. Either based on OMWF or, to make it more newbie friendly, a completly new show.

Come on Joss! You've conquered TV, directed a big movie, it's time for Broadway!
zz9 - I haven't flown to New York to specifically see a Broadway show since Jekyll & Hyde (freaking awesome). It would definitely be time to cough up some more money if that were to happen!
angellove I lived in Indiana for a year back in 83, nothing boring about it. Very nice state. Very friendly too. -Simon

Yeah, I know. I actually love Bloomington... but I feel so isolated when it comes to the Buffy stuff... :)
Well, I'm not sure anyone will see this but here is the very short report of the OMWF singalong ala Rocky Horror. It is a 600 seat theatre and much to everyone's shock, it sold out. People were turned away! This for a show that was starting at midnight. There are plans to do it again in the spring. It got started late due to the great influx of people. Great fun was had by all. Kazoos were handed out for key moments such as Buffy's minor note "I think I was in Heaven " Others were given bubbles to blow during Tara and Willow's song. They had wanted to throw glitter but it would have been too much to clean up. My friend left at 3:00 and Hush wasn't even on yet so I don't know what time it went to.

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