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October 22 2004

Sarah Michelle Gellar Interview. Gellar discusses The Grudge, Sam Raimi, BTVS and working/living in Japan. (warning: this is a sex positive adult site run by women... individuals 18+ only, please)

Cool, we already knew she liked Donnie Darko, but Napolean Dynamite got a positive mention as well.

I believe the finale of Buffy should have been two hours.

Amen. And *sigh* that's my only major complaint about the series finale itself.

I think a lot of the characters, specifically Xander, didnít get enough screen time.

*whine* She's opening old wounds, damn it.

I know some stuff had to get cut like a scene where I was walking down a hall in the high school having flashbacks so it was fun seeing all of us from eight years ago.

!!! I didn't know about that one! I think I heard about a different scene or two being cut, but that one doesn't sound familiar. It's not gonna be on the Season 7 DVDs, is it? *shakes head* Forget it, even if a complete boxed series of the DVDs is released in North America, I'm not touching it. They're gonna re-release these things with more extensive and satisfying extras some day, the deleted scenes are gonna show up eventually. I can wait. I'll be patient. Maybe.
"I know some stuff had to get cut like a scene where I was walking down a hall in the high school having flashbacks so it was fun seeing all of us from eight years ago."

"!!! I didn't know about that one! I think I heard about a different scene or two being cut, but that one doesn't sound familiar"

It was in the script along with a couple of other scenes that Joss mentoned he filmed but knew for timing reasons he wouldn't get into the episode

This as far as I recall is the first mention that he filmed that scene as well
Yeah, the "buffy walks down the hallway remembering the past 7 years" bit was supposed to take place in the hallway right between Buffy walking away from Xander and Willow and walking into the battlefield with Spike, Faith , and the potentials.

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Gulp - naive though I may be, I had never come across the phrase "sex positive adult site" so I went on the tour of the site. GULP! ah....ah......oooooooookay.....
Can't really remember what SMG's interview was like or even if I have a comment other than well, GULP!

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I actually deleted this link yesterday, so apologies to BadKitty who posted it originally. Just that I think we're getting swamped with Sarah/Grudge interviews which are more or less saying the same thing and I have said in other places that enough is enough. But since there is a discussion going, it can stay.
Haha. Catalyst. I didn't even click on the link, thats suicidegirls? OH MAN. Poor you. Yes, that site is partly a modeling company.
Ah, modelling - so THAT'S what it was. Must avoid that next time!
DRE: Would you ever want to go back to series television?

SMG: Definitely not in the next five years but just because I physically canít do it.

I had to kind of laugh at this statement a little, if The Grudge doesn't do well, and Southland Tales either, and the movie offers dry up, I can't believe for a moment if CBS,NBC,ABC,FOX or WB offered her a tv series she would turn it down, 5 years is a long time to go without work, and stars are not known for their froogle spending ways, and not to mention that 5 years out of the public eye can really hurt an acting career.
I agree that there have been a lot of "Interview with SMG about The Grudge" links but this one, with the aforementioned info about the deleted scene from the last Buffy ep makes this one worth reading. Thanks for leaving it up.
Nuke, I see where you are coming from but I'm not sure I would necessarily agree. Gellar is undoubtedly working on the assumption that her film career is not going to dry up, and there's no particular reason to assume that it would. Early indications are that 'The Grudge' is going to do reasonably well at the box office. 'Southland Tales' looks very interesting, and if 'Donnie Darko' is anything to go by it could be a very good move for her. I would imagine that there are other things going on in the background. High profile actors are probably constantly in negotiations about any number of different projects, and I have no doubt that Gellar is no fool when it comes to her career.

I don't see Gellar's career stalling, even if she never makes a 'great' film. What I would be very interested in knowing is what Alyson Hannigan does in the future. I always thought she was the most talented actor on BtVS and she seems to have slipped into the shadow since 'When Harry Met Sally'.
My thoughts on those movies were pure speculation, they might both do very well for SMG, I just wouldn't believe if they did fall short and the movie calls stopped coming she would wait 5 years and turn down any tv roles.

I am sure she is assuming the best possible outcome, and it's good to always to have a positive outlook, but if her name doesn't bring in the box office more than likely the offers aren't going to keep coming, and if they do really well they will, but it's not feasible to say "I won't do tv for 5 years" if the worst outcome comes to be, no star will turn down work even on tv if nothing else is being offered.
Well,the first numbers for Friday came out and the Grudge not only did well,it did great:15 mil for only Friday.So I guess,no career drying up anytime soon.
Ugh...same stuff, different interview...

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