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October 23 2004

Eliza Dushku confirms Tru Calling cancellation. She and Shawn Reeves (Harrison) told fans last week in London that the show had indeed been cancelled.

Bummer for Eliza and the rest of the cast and crew, but at least it got a fair chance. From what I hear it improved in the second half of the season.
If I had a pound for how many times She must have been asked "Are you going to do a Faith show?"
I bet they asked her that at the same event, zz9.
I was there, met Eliza, get autograph and photo, very nice in person, I didn't say anything about Tru, I just told her loved her work as Faith, I didn't want to get into sadder type question of cancelation and stuff, I like Eliza alot, and want her to be successful, I just never thought Tru Calling was good enough for her, she was say the better part of the show, but the concept and writing didn't excel enough, it might be a good thing for her to do other better things I hope, but it's sad for the fans who are into the show. Even if the show was awesome, I bet it would still be canceled, like Wonderfuls, Fox is like that, we know the drill. In that regard, WB usually is better for lasting more then one season, at least 5 for strong fan devoted shows.

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The show reminded me to much of a old CBS show about a guy who recieved a newspaper everyday that showed the next day events, he then would try and change things, like someone being murdered etc,just can't remember the name of it.

I tried to give Tru Calling a go, but wound up changing the channel after about 30 mins, the storylines to me were bland and not original, I think ED is a amazing actress, just she needs the right script and character, something that seems to fit her, Faith did like a glove, I am sure another character will too.
[Nuke, the name of that show was Early Edition. Reruns still play on the PAX network.]

Dushku did well in the two or three episodes of Tru Calling that I saw. I hope this doesn't diminish her chances of doing television work in the future. Her acting is not in question here. Tru's premise was a gimmick with little thought put into how to make it believable to the audience. The plots were convoluted and contrived, the dialogue was stiff and the supporting characters were flat and uninteresting. I blame the writing more than anything else. I also blame the ripe bastard who insisted on the update montages at the bottom of every hour. If you have to explain in thirty seconds what just happened in the last thirty minutes, you didn't tell the last thirty minutes right. There was no faith in the material on the part of the network, again because the writing wasn't sound.

Dushku deserves another chance, but she needs better material. I do not mean to insult Espenson there. I never got a chance to see the TC episodes she wrote, so I have no opinion there. I hear things were changing for the better and I'd expect nothing less from Espenson. It was just too little too late. A Dushku vehicle with Espenson in the head writing slot from day one would have a much better chance of warming up to the public. In fact at this point I'd only be interested in a Faith Series if both Eliza Dushku and Jane Espenson were on board from day one.

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Nuke I think the series might have been called 'First Edition' or something similar and yeah very familiar template for Tru Calling. I was so excited by the early news of Tru Calling and we even got it here (Western Australia) fairly quickly but it missed by such a margin - great lead actress, great premise but just leaden, leaden writing all the way! Let's hope ED gets the great vehicle she deserves for her talents next time (and if it were Joss driven .....)
Ah poor Eliza. She really fought hard for it. But I agree, as a show it kind of wasn't 'worthy' of her. If she hadn't been in it I can't honestly say I would ever have watched it.
ZachsMind is right, the show was called Early Edition. Interestingly enough, later on in the series, Kristy Swanson joined the cast.
As for Eliza, she is a great actress! Tru Calling was an okay show, but I felt like I had to force myself to watch it because of her. She did(and always does)a great job in her roles, but the show just seemed to be missing something. I'm sure if the show was written and directed by Joss...
That's too bad :(. I wasn't really a fan of the series and it wasn't top-notch TV quality, but I still feel bad for Eliza and the fans.

I'm sure if the show was written and directed by Joss...

Oh, yes, I can only imagine. Damn, that show woulda been awesome if it had been...
Damn. I wish I could travel to parallel worlds where my faves are still in production!!
I actually liked the show, but then, I usually am a little odd. I didn't start watching buffy till I started seeing re-runs of the earlier seasons a few months ago. So when I first started watching Tru I had no idea who E.D. was. I wasn't "brought in" by the fact that "Faith" was in it. I just genuinely liked the show. Towards the end of the season though, (after Priestly was added to the cast), the show did lose some of it's effect.

I'll miss the show. But does anyone know if they are actually planning on releasing the second season as a DVD? or was that just a rumor?
Well, I guess we saw this coming. My sympathies to the 'Tru Calling' fans and Eliza herself. It's a shame FOX gave them hope for a second season only to crush it before it began. I really wanted to see what Jane could do because I feel the writing was what doomed this show.

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