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October 24 2004

J. August Richards guests on CSI: Miami tomorrow night. Instead of playing a lawyer for an evil law firm, he'll be playing State's Attorney.

Be good to see him back on the telly again.

Though I don't care for either of the reinventions of the original CSI, I don't think there is anything else crucial I watch in this timeslot. Thanks Simon - I'll tune in. :)
Glad he got a gig...don't watch CSI (don't watch anything, other than sports, news, and the Food Network, and The Simpsons, actually), so I'll have to rely on posters here to tell me how he acquits himself.
I think the reason CSI Miami has such good ratings is because their competition is poor. No matter what else is on that hour, I always seem to find myself watching it every Monday night. I enjoy the show myself, but realize it's practically a parody of the original CSI Vegas. David Caruso's the most melodramatic actor since William Shatner. I laugh every time he takes off his sunglasses or puts them on. We thought ASH used his spectacles as a prop too much. At least ASH seemed to do it only when his character had motivation. When he found out Buffy lost her virginity to Angel? That was a moment worthy of the ASH spectacle. Conversely, Caruso does it at the drop of a hat. Somebody flushes a toilet, and off come his shades.

The real reason to watch CSI Miami though, is Emily Procter. Calleigh is HOT.
Ah yes Emily Procter has been a favourite of mine since she first appeared in the West Wing, I was disappointed when she left as I never thought they made enough use of her character (and as ZachsMind points out, she is HOT :) )
Yeah, I don't care much for CSI Miami. There's just something about David Caruso that I cannot stand but I will tune in for J.. Did anyone else catch DB Woodside on CSI (Las Vegas) a couple weeks ago? His character was just distrubing.

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