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October 24 2004

Today's the day for High Stakes 2004. Are you at the star studded event in L.A.? Are you at one of the parties around the States? What secrets has Joss revealed in his conference call? Post and tell us all about it. Update: Well it's over and the big news is that Joss will not be directing X-Men 3 but he's working on a new screen play which is not based on anything he has done before.

Yes, please post with the goodies...but be gentle to us fans on the right...thanks!
Ah Coll! I thought you had the 1st bit of news!
have to wait another 5 minutes to make the connection...the conference call starts in 15 minutes! I can't wait!!!!!
Joss’ phone call was only a half hour long, which is disappointing
I’m only writing up the non-political parts…I’m sure that the complete transcript will be available online soon
But I don’t take notes that fast anyway.

Joss arrived and thanked us for having him in our homes but he wished we had put a little more effort into the decorations, but really…it is just fine…
He introduced Alyson Hannigan & Amy Acker, who were the only ones courageous enough to get into the booth with him.

Alyson volunteered the information that altho Emma Cawfield is a Republican she is voting for Kerry (this was in response to a question about how you talk to/convince people like Adam Baldwin)

Someone pointed out that ED’s TV show Tru Calling has been cancelled and would Faith be in a Buffyverse movie…
Joss replied that he loves Faith and Eliza, and they both deserve a wonderful vehicle to explore the character further, but no body can say when anything like that will happen (evidently there are no Buffyverse movies in the offing, altho he didn’t say that directly).

Someone asked about writing a mythic character and Joss said it helps to hire brilliant actors, and he introduced Nick Brendon & Alexis Denisoff who had worked up their courage to come into the booth. Nick said ‘hi’ and Alexis said he would be happy to take any questions so long as Joss answers them.
Joss went on to say that you have to write
1. Bigger than life
2. A story people can relate to
And then the two work together to make a mythic story, you can’t leave out either element.

Someone asked what we as fans can do to encourage Joss to keep writing and he said: Elect John Kerry, because otherwise he will spiral into a depression and stop writing.
(sorry I know you don’t necessarily want to hear the political stuff, but he was taking a political spin on everything,
And they chose the questions for political content I think).

Joss said that he is currently writing a new screen play, something that is not based on anyone else’s work or on anything he wrote in the past.

He was asked again about the Ats cliffhanger and he repeated that the message was that you have to keep fighting…
But he went ahead and said (I think he was being flippant):
Gunn dies (groans in the background…I think J August Richards was there)
Allyria survives
Spike Shanshues
Angel loses an arm (foreshadowed by an early Ats episode w/Cordellia becoming a TV star, remember?)
Xander loses his other arm with is odd because he wasn’t even there.

Question about who Spike would vote for. Joss said, ‘Spike, he is so hot!’
Joss went on to say he always secretly thought that Spike was a tad more evolved than Angel. But Spike loves a fight, and might want to be ornery…and has a wicked sense of humor. So maybe Spike would vote for Nader.

Introduced Nathan Fillon who got lost & turned around and ended up in Santa Monica, which is a comment on his GPS system.

Joss also said he would NOT be directing Xmen3, he wasn’t going to be writing or directing it…he thought long and hard about it but Fox didn’t ask him and if he showed up to start directing it would be a faux pas…

So it was only a half hour, and went by way too quickly…L
But it was fun!
And there was a lot more…be sure to read the transcripts when they come out if you want to hear Joss’ political rants.

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[Bill posted for himself, so this wasn't necessary]

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Anyone with AIM access at the LA party, please get on and ping my AIM id Thanks.
You need to be a HIGH STAKES confirmed party host, btw, for the number.
Im going to write a poem about this

Theres so much bloody tension
When Whedon Speaks
We talk for weeks
then go and get our pension

Its all about the politics
With Bush and Kerry
Who are very merry
Something, something, politics

So we'll listen hard, be on our guard
Joss has got tricks up his sleeve
But for the rest of us, who like to cuss
Just get a joint and smoke some weed
(Drugs are bad, so like your dad
Get the Kettle and make some tea)

Original Material by Apocalypse

Dedicated to Joss Whedon "You've got the Power"
Again, this is not an open call. We posted here to expedite getting information to the party host nationwide. If you are not one of the confirmed hosts, please do not ask for the number.
Apocalypse, that was brilliant.
whump I've updated the subject line with a link to your first comment.

And when the conference call is over, I'll take it off.
AH just said that for the record Emma Caulfield is a Republican and she's voting for Kerry!
Apocalypse, that was great! :D
I'm not a host, but I followed the link to participate as an individual and I made my donation, but have not yet gotten the phone number. Should I figure out how to IM whump?
Whee! Marmoset got the first bit! LOL! Go, Anya!
Now he's praising ED big time and saying she definitely needs a venue that's worthy of her. He's saying he'd be interested in doing a show with her should the opportunity to arise.
Am I allowed to be doing this? Is this helpful?
My question, my question!
I feel i should bow, but that would just be dramatic.

Thankyou for your support everybody. It means so much (bursting into tears while wearing a salmon coloured dress). You can call me Gwyneth from now on
marmoset you post away. Are you at the L.A. event or is this coming over the conference call?
marmoset, I wish I had been able to make it to your party. Thanks for the info.
Wow, he gave a great answer. Briefly, I asked him how impo

Nick Brendon is saying hi. Alexis just said he'd "take any questions as long as Joss answers them."
Conference call. He just said the best thing fans can do to help him is "get John Kerry elected. Otherwise, I will spiral into depression." Now he's thanking us profusely for all the campaigns to save his shows. He said he's worked on so many campaigns that seem hopeless and then coughed Dukakis in a very funny way to much laughter.
Alyson, ask him about X-Men 3....

I'm in shock and awe up here in SiValley.

Thanks again to everyone for your support of this.
Now he's addressing the issue of entertainers coming out with their political views. He says he has always shyed away from it and then joked, "Mostly because I'm afraid of making a fool of myself. But I'm fairly certain I'll do that no matter what." He says that "There comes a time when you have to speak up even if you are worried that someone might be more articulate than you." Applause.
Neither writing or directing. Making funny jokes about just showing up and directing is kind of a faux pas.

He's neither writing nor directing X-Men 3.

"He looked into his heart, and Fox didn't ask him."
I'm loving you guys so much right now. Its like a live event across Whedonesque. I'm waiting for the next post, its so cool. I can just see marmoset and whump and everyone else posting dressed up in black suits with sunglasses and wires.

Just me then
Firefly: Movie opens approx. 6 months after last ep. Talking to Nicky Brendon. Now describing the plot of the show for those who haven't seen it. What's gone on is explained for folks who have seen it.
Whoa! Thats a genuine surprise
Apocalypse, I feel the same...this is so great!
Oh Crap about X3, reeeallly wanted him to helm it...
First pic of the High Stakes L.A. event up at our Flickr Group Pool.
He got much clearer now, there was inteference before. He's talking about cliffhangers and how AtS wasn't one and that the message of the show is "You have to keep fighting!" He brings that around to the election again. He said, "If you don't do that, well, you see what happens." Now he's joking "Gunn dies, Spike Shanshus, Illyria lives, and Xander loses another eye which is weird 'cause he isn't even there."
Thank you all so much for the play by play. It's the next best thing to being there.
Actually, Apocalypse, I'm doing the "Wash" look, with an aloha shirt.
Thats so much cooler than the suits whump!
It looks like a "space shuttle" photo, how cool!
Spike question: Spike reps a tortured voter battling with his instinct against reason--who would he vote for were he able?

Joss says, "He is so hot!" He "secretly always felt that he was a tad more involved as a human than Angel was..." He says that Spike is decent but loves to fight and might say that "people have been so apathetic that people deserve another 4 years of Bush." Then:"maybe he'd vote for Nader."
Q: Spike as independent voter, tortured between emotion and reason, who does he vote for.

Joss says that Spike's much more engaged with the world than Angel. He sought out his humanity while Angel had it dumped back on him.

Spike likes to stir things up, so he'd probably vote Nader.
This is making my homework tolerable. A big, ol' thanks to everyone who's posting.
He's saying that what frightens him most about Bush is his foreign policy. Mentions the international family planning policies and policies with China which, he states, "is a fairly large place." He's talking about a friend who works in some capacity on foreign political tours and mentions that he (Bush) only stays long enough for a photo op. He says Bush is "sowing the seeds of terrorism" and giving a very bad presenter of US to the rest of the world. Applause!

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Nathan Fillion: "I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to this country if we start making decisions that aren't based on oil. Can you hear me?"
Last question: "Would you make Wolverine wear yellow spandex in a movie?"

He thinks that's why he wasn't asked to direct it. He says in comic books "Yes" and in a movie "No".
Quick Question: Is the last episode of Firefly counted as "The Message" or "Objects in Space"
Thanking the High Stakes and LA hosts now. Thanks all of us. Says, "This is fun, this is good...but this is not the end...What more can we do?...Nov. 2 may not be the end...Vote for themselves, vote for their country...and take it back again!" Applause.
Back to my aborted post--I told him that his politics seemed fairly obvious to me when I watch his shows and wondered whether he purposely incorporates them or if he feels he's ambiguous and leaves it to the audience to determine. His response was that while he doesn't feel a person's politics can ever be separate from work that person puts out, he is trying to make stories about real people, he wants everyone to be able to connect with them regardless of their political affiliations.
Thank you very much marmoset for your blow by blow account. Wonderful stuff. I'm assuming now the conference call is over?
Good question marmoset! Answered well, too...
Marmoset and Whump, thankyou, you've been fantastic. You may now both share the dedication of my critically acclaimed (by MalloryM and Willowy) poem with Joss Whedon.
Thanks for the blow by blow account! I felt like I was there too! I can't wait to hear everyone's reports. Thanks for that picture too Simon! Wasn't that cute the Alexis was hugging Alyson?
I would like to, once again, say thank you to Marmoset & Whump for posting during the call. It was wonderful!
Yes thanks to everyone busting their bums (and their fingers) for us folks in the peanut gallery! It is highly appreciated!
Yes three cheers for Whump for this :).
I wonder what's happening now...?
Yes, many, many thanks!

Alexis and Alyson are cute. Screw whatever couple my peers think is adorable. Alyson and Alexis take the cake.
This was great. Joss really went out of his way to twist questions into a political bent, but he could at least make fun of himself for doing it.

Wish there'd been more probing questions about Serenity - but I'm not allowed to complain really, seeing as how I didn't submit one of my own. Kinda like how when you don't vote, you're not allowed to complain about politics.....oh god, I've caught the Joss disease :-)
Damn it Willowy, no questions were asked about "Faith TVS" lol!
Thanks very much all, makes not being able to listen/be there that much less painful :)
I know... but that question about Eliza Dushku was encouraging!

Why am I still thinking that they're still on the phone? EEP I wish I was a fly on the wall! Why did all those celebs show up if nobody else talked? Are they partyin'? Whooooo!

Geez, I gotta calm down, I'm still so adrenalized!
I know what you mean, Willowy. It's quite a rush!
The second pic at our group pool features Amy and Nick, ta very much to Whump for adding notes to the photo :).

And I've just uploaded a couple of pics of Alexis and J. August as well.

Link to pics.

There may be more as the day goes on. Stay tuned.
Oh boy. You couldn't drag me away...
There is a pic of Adam Busch and ?
Could it be Amber Benson? The nose looks wrong through.
This was great. Thanks for the blow by blow
In case anyone has missed it embers has updated her post with some new info. Great account btw.

And the pics sent via a cell phone are coming in thick and fast.
More thanks to Marmoset & Whump!

Lioness - That does look like it could be Amber, but it's hard to tell with the lighting.
Thanks Embers for the extended post (and Simon for pointing it out)!
It's great to see these pictures. Thanks Whump! I'm anxious to read embers's post too.

Apocalypse, I think the ED answer he gave was to whether he would be interested in doing a Faith show now that TC is gone. As far as I can tell he said he would be should she and the network show interest and the timing was right.

Oh, and, love the poem!

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Went, saw, am now home. Didna meet any whedonesquers. Paid 9 dollars for gin that was likely not top shelf. Will vote for Kerry anyway.
Hi! I may be the first post from the L.A. party. I'm sure we'll get much better accounts than mine from SoddingNancyTribe, Rogue Slayer, EdDantes, and RavenU, who are all a lot more prolific (and sociable) than me. The main things that people at the other parties missed were the photo ops and talk opportunities with all the actors (didn't see any writers, as rumored) and Joss' speech rallying the troops for Kerry. I believe SNT got it on his tape recorder, so we should have it later. It was good. Aren't I a great reporter? I didn't talk to any of the actors, but finally did get in the line to speak to Joss at the end. I thanked him for posting on Whedenesque, said that we loved it and felt priveleged, and for the event, which was lovely. He said thank you to us for getting people out to the parties and for keeping him updated on his life for the past year. I thought afterwards that I hope I didn't break the rule about "representing" Whedonesque, but I really don't think he thought I was a mod, he was speaking about us as a whole. Very nice. That's about all I have for now. After the people who are more experienced with these events have their say, I may have some things to add. That will be tomorrow, since I have to get a bit of rest and then hit the road tonight. To sum up, you would have loved it, but you did hear the very best part.

p.s. Thanks again for the beer, SNT, I think it was having a few of those that allowed me to approach Joss;).
Holding on to hope for a FTVS!!!! Thanks marmoset and others...greatly appreciated!!!
Ah, sorry I didn't meet you, Allyson. The ones I mentioned didn't find Oddjob, either. I only found SNT because of his accent, and he took me to the others. Pure luck. I had assumed I would meet some posters, but somehow didn't factor in that I didn't know what anyone looked like and have no social skills.
Well it was great to meet Wendy, SpikeAngelLover & Phlebotinin & several other Whedon fans from all walks of life - but how I wish I was in LA! Joss is a passionate and articulate advocate for change. I especially liked his answer to someone who asked how to persuade a Republican to vote for Kerry. He said it's not a party thing, it's not a liberal/conservative thing, it's a we cannot continue to operate this way thing.
"'s a we cannot continue to operate this way thing."...

I agree with that statement...but I also don't understand what Kerry can do different to affect terrorism that we are not doing right now. I don't say this bitingly...(is that a word??...em..)...I really don't see anyone else helping the matter who is President...
A big ole' Woo and a Hoo! Ed is doing a nice long post now(and sorting through our 100 or so pics), so I will only give a few of my impressions: Danny Strong is SO tiny! But VERY nice. Adam Bush is the new Tom Lenk. He and Amber pretty much kept to themselves. And he was kind of rude. And paranoid, as SNT can tell you! Tom Lenk is the new...I dunno. But he was a lot more upbeat and nicer than at San Diego, so I didn't step on his foot(sorry Willowy!). Nathan Fillion...wowza. Hot, nice, and did I mention hot? He has a quality about him that's and wonderful. But Ed will have more on that., that guy is passionate about his politics. And I hope someone(SNT!!) transcribes his closing speech, because it was so moving and SO TRUE!

And I got ballsy and requested a funny pic with Nathan and Nicholas. It involves a thumb and an eye....

Ok, I'm off!!

PS. Nice to see RavenU again, and to meet SNT and DreamLogic! :)

PPS: Joss and Kai are having a new baby--a girl!!! I don't know if everyone else knew this, but it was news to us!
Just got back home from the L.A. High Stake, and it was the best party ever!!

We couldn't see Joss and Co. on the phone too well, as they were in a little booth, but lots of us crowded round the window to peek in.

Once the call was over, the party began! All of the stars came out of that little room, and were mobbed! But we had them for an hour and a do with what we would (insert evil giggle).

They all signed autographs and posed for pictures and were generally lovely and gracious. Oh and there were only 270 of us.

The best part to me was watching them all interact with each other. Nathan and Nicky together were a blast! And Aly and Alexis are too adorable for words. And watching Amber and Adam hold hands was quite the treat too.

At 4:00 Joss came back into the main room and gave a rousing speech, and then brought the actors up on stage with him. Then they brought out a box of cool sway..stuff like DVD's and CD's and "Once More With Feeling" posters. Joss handed them out to the actors and instructed them to give them out to anyone they wanted. No I didn't get anything :-(

While all of the other actors were mobbed much of the time, Joss had an orderly line of people who wanted to meet him. He had to get up on stage before he had gone through the entire line, so he told them all to wait there and he would get back to them. I overheard him saying that he wasn't going to leave until he got a chance to shake the hand of everyone who was there.

OMG, what an incredible event!! There's so much more I could say, but that is the basic gist of it.
I didn't know that Amber and Adam were seeing each long have I been in the dark on that one???
Hey! I didn't know that Rogue Slayer! And for that bit of baby news I'll let you slide for the foot thing...;)

Wow glad you all had a great time, it sounds so coool! Can't wait to see the full reports. How long did everyone stay? Were there tables? Did you all sit and schmooze at all? Envious of the proximity to them all! What were the giveaways Joss mentioned? Anything cool?

*whew* ... sorry...

Mal's Gal you answered a lot of my questions! I guess we were posting at the same time, thanks! :)

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Huh, Adam was so sweet when I met him...

I'm so excited for the posts! Thanks to everyone who's posted so far.
I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you, too. My head was stuck to my cellphone half the time. I was sad that I couldn't get interviews, but I took a few pics.
I also just got home from the LA party. Can't add much to what's been said but this....Joss is awesome.

He took time to speak at length to everyone there and all of the actors were extremely accessible to the group. No VIP section available to a chosen few. I "won" a OMWF poster signed by Joss, actually Alyson handed it to me and then she signed it.

Best $50 I ever spent. Good cause and good company!

[ edited by kdavid323 on 2004-10-25 03:00 ]
No VIP section available to a chosen few.

I know, when I saw that the donations could go up to $2000, I was worried, that we $50 folks would get stuck in the back, squinting to see the action! But this was awesome. Better than any con I've been to, hands down!
Had a great time at the Falls Church Virginia party. Really enjoyed meeting phlebotinin, gingerific, and wendy. I think I can say a good time was had by all. Joss was SO witty, as usual. I am so extremely jealous of the folks in L.A. I've got to move to the West Coast! But then I guess hearing the conference call was more than the non-U.S. folks got so I do feel lucky for that. There were actually people at our party who had no idea who Joss was or what he was talking about (the show references). Best of all, it was great to talk to other Whedon fans.

By the way, an earlier post wondered what Joss meant by Xander lost another arm--he didn't say another arm, hesaid "another eye" referring to Caleb's dastardly deed in Season 7 of Buffy. No, he wasn't there in the Angel finale, but that's Joss humor.

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Wow all you folks who were at the L.A. party - what an amazing experience that seems to have been. (Trying to tame the green monster of jealousy, trying to tame it.....not succeeding).

But I was lucky enough to attend a terrific house party thrown by gingeriffic in the D.C. area. There were, what, forty guests? It was wonderful to meet her along with spikeangellover and Wendy. I have no new details to add to what others have already so admirably posted. Overall I was impressed with the strength of Joss's convictions and his way of articulating them. True to Jossian form, he injected wit into the more dramatic material (in this case politics). And vice versa. Many howls of laughter at our party. Great Jossian quippage....particulary about Spike voting for Nader. And there was an audible gasp at gingeriffic's house party when Joss said he was working on a screenplay which was all new material and new ideas. Yowza. Can't wait to find out what that is.

After the call ended, lots of people at gingeriffic's party talked in earnest about wanting to do a OMWF sing-a-long, to hearken to an earlier thread. I don't know, a movement may take hold here....

Oh, and Coll? Kudos to you for being so gracious in this thread which, try as people might, still has a lot of political stuff in it. You rock!

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I've posted to the thread about the singalong in Boston. Great fun was had by all.
And I got a brief report about the High Stakes party in Boston - 20 or so people crammed into a very small room.Some disappointment that the questions weren't "live" but overall it was greatly enjoyed, especially as one of the participants had his question (about whom Spike would vote for) answered.
Oooh, Lioness, thanks for the heads-up on the singalong in Boston. I'll check that out. And I must say, the "who would Spike vote for" was a hilarious, fantastic question. A well-phrased question, too. If you see the participant again, please tell him his question was appreciated by many. I bet you Joss was amused by it. He sounded amused.
I have nothing in particular to add except to thank gingeriffic for hosting a lovely party. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting phlebotinin and spikeangellover as well. I just moved to D.C. from L.A., so I'm jealous that I missed the chance to attend over there on the West Coast, too...But, yes, OMWF sing-a-long!
Is AH's hair short now or was it pulled back? I can't wait to see the transcript of his final speech that everyone was talking about. Looking forward to Ed Dantes post as well.
Ah. I saw you, Rogue. But I didn't know it was you. Therefore, I did not say hello. But I would have.
Oh, thanks for posting the pics! I see now, short hair.

Hey, did Amy Acker and Julie Benz make it?

[ edited by marmoset on 2004-10-25 04:02 ]
Wow! Nick Brendan looks great! I hope he's doing better...
Rogue Slayer and Ed Dantes those were fantastic pics! My jealousy is multiplying exponentially. I bet there isn't a better gathering anytime in the near future (at least where you can actually hang out with Joss & Co.)
Fantastic pics, Rogue Slayer! You're the luckiest girl evah. A Nicky 'n Nathan sandwich. Oh boy.
Whee! These are great Rogue! Look at you between Nick and Nate! It's a Rogue Slayer sandwich!

And Ed between them with their matching sunglasses! Heh, priceless!

Alyson looks beautiful, and doesn't Danny Strong have the prettiest eyes?

Great photos all! Thank you!
Phleb, we had the same thought....
Hey Rogue Slayer and Ed, I saw you guys there! Too bad I didn't know it at the time, or I would have said hi.

And OMG, I think SNT took the picture of me and Nicky. I really wish I had known it was him!

Great shots! I took tons of photos myself, but being still stuck in the analog age (and requiring top of the line processing) I won't have my pics back until Tuesday.
Hey, did Amy Acker and Julie Benz make it?

Amy was there and looking very lovely. In fact she got there early, and was standing outside as we went in. She has the tiniest pregnant belly ever. I think she said she is due in January.

As for Julie, I don't think she made it.
"Whee! These are great Rogue! Look at you between Nick and Nate!It's a Rogue Slayer sandwich!

Alyson looks beautiful, and doesn't Danny Strong have the prettiest eyes?" Willowy

"Fantastic pics, Rogue Slayer! You're the luckiest girl evah. A Nicky 'n Nathan sandwich. Oh boy." - Phlebotinin

Ditto to everything Willowy & Phlebotinin said - those were my exact thoughts when I saw those photos!

All the photos were wonderful! Alyson has a real engaging smile and looked great! You guys all looked like you had a wonderful time!
Dropping by really quick:

- What a fantastically magical event! With just three days' notice, for all of the actors, let alone Joss and the fans to have shown up like that, was really awesome. The venue was just perfect, Joss and the actors were great with the fans, and the fans were polite and respectful (no psychos, thankfully). In addition, a lot of the actors hadn't seen each other, especially Alyson, since their cast's respective wrap parties, so there was a really cool vibe in the air... almost like a high school reunion. So when you saw J. August going over to Alexis and giving him a very long and meaningful hug, you knew it was genuine, and that you were witness to something very wonderful.

- Alexis and Alyson celebrated their one year wedding anniversary on a roadtrip, with their dog, to their friend's ranch.

- I overheard Alyson mention that Emma would've been there, but couldn't make it due to a prior obligation.

- Amber and Adam have been an item for at least a year. It is a rather amusing sight, given who their respective characters were. Actually, the photos I took of Amber, Alyson, and Adam as a group are rather amusing as well for the same reason.

- Adam is a die-hard Yankees fan, but is rooting for the Red Sox to win the World Series. His next Common Rotation show in Los Angeles is at Hotel Cafe (just a block away from Cinespace) just before Thanksgiving, and the live CD from their last performance there will be released in about a week. He's also not pursuing any acting gigs for the next year, focusing solely on touring with Co Ro.

- When Nathan saw my cell phone, he whipped out his cell phone, and we talked about cell phones and other assorted gadgets for a couple of minutes. It was pretty unexpected yet fun to have geeked out with Captain Mal like that (the last time that happened to me was when I chatted with Wil Wheaton). Nathan also had one of those thin Sony Cybershot digital cameras on him, which he was using to snap photos of himself and his fellow Whedonverse actors, and due to the size of the camera, he was getting quite a few comments about it.

- I wish I knew what the regulars here at Whedonesque look like. I was *this close* to wearing a makeshift name badge that said "Wheldonesque" just to see if it'd produce a reaction, but I didn't want to seem like an official rep for this website, so I decided not to.

Anyways, I'm riding on a major high from this party. Everything went absolutely well. I wish my days were always this good! :)
Ok I am at the airport checking in - Yes Amy was there and yeah very preggers ut still not big. Will try to post some shots tommorrow when I am back home. Rouge Slayer - you just had to get them alone Adamlikke hugged me twice and I hate being hugged but what are you going to do. Obviously I think I attend to many of these things - but I have too say it was well worth thhe money to be there at twice the price. Julie was not able to attend.
Alrighty! EdDantes here with his long windedness. Pant pant. It's kinda written in haste. (More pics to follow too)

I probably forgot stuff, but I'll just add later. As it is, click below for my LJ post of the Coolest Afternoon Ever:

Man, Oddjob, these bits are what really makes me feel like I was there too. Thanks so much to everyone for everything!
I wasn't able to make it, but Jen (who also org'd the Chicago party) was able to record the Chicago feed of the talk:

Chicago High Stakes Page

The link to the wav might not work yet, so here's the direct link to wav file.

I also encoded it to Ogg (mp3 was having trouble) and uploaded it here.

Note that there are some spoilers for Serenity.
Oddjob and EdDantes, thanks so much for those wonderful reports. And please everyone keep the reports and pictures coming. We love them.

SoddingNancy, what's your funny story with Adam? EdDantes says in his livejournal report that you have one...
Oddjob - did you take the Aly,Amber, & Adam shot at thhe end of the event. Cause I was the one that asked them if they would do that, so you must have been close by. Too bad we missed you well maybe some other time.

Allyson - sorry we missed you as well. I asked some other Allyson's if they ere you - there was a lot of Alyson's there.

I also thanked Joss for posting at whedonesque and he said next time he wont wait so long to post here again.
KernelM, is there any way to manipulate the file to make it Mac-readable? When I click on wav I get gobbledygook on the screen and when I download the ogg it opens in Microsoft Excel! I appreciate much any help you can give to us poor benighted Mac folk.....
RavenU: I asked Alyson and Amber to get-together for a photo op after the passing out of the giftage, so yeah, you must've just been around me at that time.

Phlebotinin: I usually drag links that wind up like that to my Download Manager in IE, and they usually download just fine. If the filetype's wrong in Mac OS 9, I usually use FileTyper to fix it... dunno offhand what the OS X equivalent would be, sorry.

Just saw my pics that I snapped with my Nikon of Alyson, Alyson/Amber, and Amber/Adam/Alyson. OMG, they're amazing! :o
Use "save link" instead of clicking on them directly (however that's done in your browser). They're not my servers so I can't change the MIME settings. To play the Ogg file you'll probably have to download a Mac Ogg player (or maybe try opening it in iTunes or Quicktime).
phlebotinin, the problems you are having are not based on the OS. You'll need a media file player that supports the OGG format, or open your existing media player first and open the wav file, which should work just fine.
Thanks Oddjob and KernelM, I did it successfully through IE.
The .wav file plays just fine on a Mac with Quicktime - but it's a big file and will take a while to download if you are on dialup.

Click and hold the mouse on the link and choose "Save Link Target As".

If the file name is saved as highstakes.wav.html, just delete the .html bit
Hi Raven U. I was Allyson with purple hair, black sweater, and red blouse. I don't know if that helps. It was crowded.
Yes Obbjob - I asked for the 3 shot after the Aly and Amber shot. Although I now know why Amber rarely does conventions - she a has a fear of public speaking. I cannot recall his name but the guy who played the demon that killed Wes was there as well. I got a shot of him and Alexis that is funny and another of him, Alexis, and Amy. I hope to have them posted by tomorrow night.

Uhh if only I had brought my laptop with me. :P I could be doing that now while waiting. I ws also able to talk with Amy and J who had no idea tht the other one was doing a con in London next weekend. It wierd to tell them their own appearances. J even ask me, if I knew if he had to work Friday night.

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Hi all!

I've posted some pics to the FlickR group. If I say so myself, they came out darn well . . . :)

Well, that was one of the most surreal experiences I've ever had. Cheek-by-jowl with some of my favs (and another, oh, 150 or so fans) for several hours, just grinning inanely and feeling buzzy. I can't improve on the descriptions of the event and Joss's announcements, so I won't. Instead, I'll just share my own anecdotes.

First off, I'm afraid that my feeble attempts to use a voicerecorder look doomed. A brief listen of the tape reveals nothing usable. I'll review the whole thing eventually to see if any of it can be transcribed. Big apologies, all. :(

Anyways, shortly after I arrived, which was fairly early, I bought a beer at the bar and stood thinking, "huh, probably won't get to actually interact with anyone . . . " I then turned around, and standing before me were Joss, Aly, Alexis, and Amy all in a group. Since I was so close that I felt like part of their circle, I instinctively backed up . . . Three of them moved on, leaving Amy standing there, all smiley and distinctly showing her pregnancy. I stepped forward and asked her whether it was true she was naming her son "Jackson", and how that was a coincidence since that's our son's name too. She laughed, and said that the name issue was still being hashed out, but that Jackson was on the short list. We then talked baby names and pregnancy stuff for a few minutes, until, quite overwhelmed at the relaxed nature of our conversation and her apparent willingness to talk on, I excused myself politely. (Slaps forehead with hand).

Then met up with EdD and RogueS as related elsewhere. They were as much fun to hang out with in person as they are witty on this board. Thanks guys! Also had a great conversation with dreamlogic over an illicit cigarette. Having a recognizable foreign accent does pay off in some ways. MalsGal (and others): sorry we didn't recognize each other! T-shirts would have been good . . .

(The Adam anecdote). Some time later, I spotted Amber and Adam by themselves (!) at the bar. I ran over and said breathlessly "Hi! I'm buttonholing you for a photo cos if I don't ask, I'll go home without one and then I'll be sad". Amber laughed and said of course. Adam sort of scowled. A guy nearby took my camera for the shot. I was holding the cursed voicerecorder in one hand. Adam sorta looked at it, then at me somewhat quizzically. I said, "oh, I'm recording Joss's call. And, now I guess I'm recording you guys!" ha-ha. Another scowl. After I got my pic, they were pretty much mobbed by teh crowd. But later on - I was talking to Danny Strong (who is incredibly well-informed about politics and quite eager to talk strategy in the minutest details) and Adam walked past. "Watch out," he said, "that guy's recording you". I sorta laughed, but he didn't look like he was making a joke. Now, either Adam has the dryest humor going, or he was genuinely pissed, or thought that I was being shady. Quite a strange interaction.

Who else? Nathan Fillion is just too cool. Grabbed my hand, grabbed my forearm, starting asking questions. Gulp. Had another chat later with Amy. This time she told me that her husband's last name is Italian, so he wants an Italian name for the kid - like Angelo. "But", she protests, "everyone's going to think we named him after Angel". Too funny.

Nicholas Brendon was a doll. A large goofy man-shaped doll, but nevertheless. Amiable, took time with everyone, gave me a big (manly) hug. Later on, I was walking through the crowd and sensed someone keeping pace with me on my right. Turned, and saw Nicky walking alongside. I did a complete double-take and laughed. "I'm sorry", I said, "it's just so weird to see someone you know well in another context right there in front of you". "I know just what you mean", he said right back. Very groovy.

Didn't interact with JAR or Alexis, unfortunately. Now, Joss . . . Joss was very graciously giving everyone in a long single-file line several minutes for chat and pic and signing. I was right behind EdD and RS, who seemed to enjoy a nice moment (or 10) with him. When my turn came, I just couldn't do anything but babble about his work etc. We finally settled down a bit and chatted about how he originally supported Wesley Clark and how he had come around to John Kerry. I didn't really lose it with anyone except him, unfortunately. But it was still worth it. :)

That's quite enough for now. Maybe I'll think of something less fanboy and more articulate to add later.
Hehe, cool, SNT. I told people you should tell your Adam Busch anecdote. I think he thought you were some sleazy journalist or something! Still, seemed a bit of a sourpuss to me too as can be seen from my little story. How odd that he's with Amber now, who's just the sweetest person. Oh well.

Btw I have some pics of you with some people. (including Alexis) Is it okay if I post them? I assume so, but I thought I'd ask. Oh and btw, I didn't mean to call the pen you so graciously gave us 'crappy' in my report above. I just meant crappy as in not very handy to sign a big poster with, heheh.

The pen was more than appreciated and given the number of famous people who have touched it by now we're definitely keeping it!

Oh and Dreamlogic? Is it okay we post your pic? Or would you prefer it if we didn't? Just let us know.
Apocalypse, thank you for the poem.

Simon, thanks to you and the rest of the Whedonesque management for your support these past few days.

The real heavy lifting was the work of Alyson Abramowitz who was on the phone non-stop for the last two weeks working with Joss' people, the National Kerry/Edwards campaign, and all our wonderful hosts, nationwide.

Jim Whitfield handled the site this week.

Janet Kaul wrote the copy for the invites and the site, but she was traveling during the call. She earns major hero points for this.

We had a great bunch of volunteers at the SiValley party: Judith, Charles, Laura.
SNT - I know how you feel when it comes to talking to Joss - a friend of mine claims he's a brain sucker cause the minute I get near him I tend to babble like an idiot. Although I was much better at it this time than the last. Nice pics btw - and what were you doing to Aly when that photo was taken I would like to know and Rouge were exactlly was Nick looking that caused Nathan to try and put an eye out. :)

Now if I can only get home. So I can download and upload. Alas I hate the red-eye flight. However, still wouldn't have changed a thing, exccept finding oddjob and allyson. Maybe instead of a shirt we should have an emblem or pin like the iluminadi had, we can be a secret but not so secret soceity. :P

Nope Allyson, a description doesn't help - it was kinda dark in that place.
RavenU: yeah, "brain sucker" sums it up pretty well . . . Maybe my next time (crosses fingers) will also go better.

Re the pen: Oh, no offense taken, EdD, just glad my humble pen could be of service (that's $2 ya owe me, ya big palooka! . . . ) And you can post a pic of me and Alexis with my blessing - but only if I look more handsome in it than he does. On second thoughts, just post the darn thing.

marmoset: I thought your question about ambiguity in Joss's work was excellent (that was your question, right?) And if I could remember his answer, I would recite it, cos it was excellent too.

(Edited because EdD already mentioned it . . . :))

Oh, just remembered another Joss moment that may have gone unmentioned. In response to someone's question, he talked about how the plot of BtVS S7 changed somewhat in response to the direction US foreign policy was taking at the same time. Initially, he said, it was going to be all about taking the fight to the enemy and dealing it. Once this country started, um, doing that, the writers moved away from that. Very pointedly, Joss said "when Buffy started acting like she had all the power and all the answers and demanded unquestioning obedience to her, what happened? She got kicked out of her own house!"

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"And you can post a pic of me and Alexis with my blessing - but only if I look more handsome in it than he does. On second thoughts, just post the darn thing."

Yeah I know exactly what you mean. Let's not compare won't end well....

"No one seems to have mentioned the "Which presidential candidate would win in Sunnydale?" question."

Why I surely did. In my report linked up earlier. Should I have posted the whole thing in here? I just posted a link to my LJ but if it's easier, I'll post it in this thread instead. I thought it would be too bulky. Any preference, Simon?
Okay, I'm supposed to be in bed, actually went to bed and got up to check and see if there was more to read and am thrilled at all your reports. Ed and SNT, once again, have outdone yourselves! You guys truly bring those of us who couldn't be there right into the room with you. I just cannot stop smiling. Now I'm off to check both your pictures and then I must go too bed because I've got an early morning coming up!
One more anecdote:

- Alyson pinched Tom's butt when she went to say hi to him. He almost turned left towards me instead of right towards Alyson, and I'm sure the look on my face would've been priceless if he had done so!
Hey! Nice shot of the back of my head in that Herc shot.
Hah! That's funny. That was you huh?
Is AH's hair short now or was it pulled back?

She cut it reaaaly short a few months ago. You can probably find them on I like the way her hair is now, reminds me of Season 4 Willow.
Okay, another anecdote:

- I asked Nathan what his revenge against Jewel was going to be (backstory starts on the third paragraph), and he said that the Firefly motion picture gag reel *will be* in the eventual DVD release, so *millions* of people will get to see Nathan giving Jewel the finger. :)
Thanks everyone for letting those of us not attending this event get a sense of what it was like. I feel like I was right there with you, and yet far, far away all at the same time!

And to all of you who got your hands on OMWF posters - I'm so jealous!!!! That is the one item I would love to have - did I mention that I'm jealous?!

Anyway, thanks again!
Well I'll say one thing, I think was Whedonesque's finest hour. Thanks to everyone's reports and pics.
Coming in late to add my appreciation for everyone reporting in. It looks like it was an amazing evening with Joss's patented mixture of fun and seriousness. I hope the events all around the country went off as well as the one in L.A. The pictures and eyewitness accounts make me feel as though I was there! Okay, not really. They make me seethe with envy. But in a good way. ;)

Oh, and Rogue Slayer, that pic of you between the boys is to die for. Is your skin still tingling? *shivers* Mine is just thinkin' about it! Eeeeeeee! My favorite, though, has to be J. and Alexis hugging -- god, don't you know that was emotionally intense for both of them? I wonder if that's the first time since Angel wrapped that they've seen one another? You can tell from the little of J.'s face that's visible just how happy he is to be there.

So cool that everyone who was there got to share in something really singular, special and wonderful (which energy will hopefully ripple out into the world and have a positive effect), and then you brought some of that feeling back for the rest of us. Thanks for including the greater Whedonesque family in the event, guys! We couldn't all be there, but this sure helps take away some of the sting. :)
Also, big 'YAY!' to Joss and Kai for a new baby on the way! That's one lucky little girl who's going to have the coolest parents around.
Thanks everyone for the awesome reports and pictures. Almost like being there.
I finally finished reading all of the posts. Thanks everyone for the reports, sounds like it was a great experience.
Thanks guys, that was a great read. For those who posted pictures (EdDantes&Rogue Slayer, RavenU), would you mind if they were uploaded to our group pool on Flickr? You could either do it yourself, or we could do it for you.

(I can also fix red eyes if anyone wants me to.)
Would once again like to add my thanks to all who have posted reports/photos/audio this has been a brilliant thread and has gone some way to making up for being accross the pond and therefore unable to take part. Thanks all :)
This was just so amazing. Thanks for everyone who took sometime to write the reports, just made me feel right there.
Ed I'm so envious of you, those were some nice pics with Aly.

Downloaded the conference call taping in my pc back home, when I go back later I'll linten to all of it.
I forgot to mention meeting Bobster, a once-in-awhile poster to the board, who found out about the party here. EdDantes, I'm really enjoying your pics. Sure, post mine if you want.
Thanks for all the reports. Man, LA really is the place - not only do you have Joss, you also have great weather. :)
Just want to add my appreciation to the pile of thanks here. The photos, the reports, the little anecdotes and asides - I just can't get enough. This was like the better-than-a-convention über Whedonverse get-together!

On a slightly different note - I'd love to hear from any undecided Whedonesque voters *cough*RavenU*cough* about whether Joss's impassioned words helped you make up your mind in either direction. I'm glad we raised so much money for the campaign, but I'm hoping a few minds were changed as well.
I am as green as Lorne with envy!!! Those pix by EdDantes and his wife are awesome! To be so close to the people who brought to life my absolutely, favorite show...I think I'm going to cry...and I wasn't even there! I cannot tell you how much it means to the rest of us that you can share your experiences with those of us who were not as lucky to be there!

I also wanted to say thank you to Phlebotinin regarding her/his earlier post. I appreciate that. Thank you.

One other thing I would like to say...thank you for keeping the political rhetoric down. In no means do I want people not to express their beliefs...but it is nice to be able to enjoy the pictures and the blow by blow accounts as a HUGE fan. No where else on the web are there more intellegent, thoughtful, and just plain fun people!!! I appreciate you greatly! Thank you to you too!!!

Okay...I'm done being all jealousy and weepy at the same time!! Continue on!!! :)

OH...additionally...I thought Amber Benson looked beautiful in one of the pix above.

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Yes this is such a fun thread. Covering the conference call as it happens, uploading pics sent to me by cell phone. Next weekend, expect coverage of the David/James convention in London.
OMG...wish I was THERE!!! I've made it no secret...even to my husband...that I am lusting after that vampire...Angel. Ohhh...too much info there maybe!!! :)
Once again Whedonesquers have gone above and beyond to give those of us who couldn’t be there the next best thing.

“my most favorite pic evah!!!” –Rogue Slayer


I’m sure I don’t have to remind anyone, but be sure to let your enthusiasm and inspiration motivate you to get out and VOTE on election day. For Kerry supporters, that would be Tuesday, November 2. For Bush supporters, it’s the following Tuesday. ; )
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all you fabulous people who are sharing all of this! As soon as I got into the phone call I just had to log in here because it seemed like the right place to be. I hope I didn't put in any spoilers about Serenity.

SNT: Glad you liked the question. I actually asked two, one kind of light and then the serious one they picked. I didn't mean to make it so wordy. Here was the actual text of it:
"Besides being incredibly funny and exceptionally well-written, I have found your shows to contain strong, albeit implicit, ideological themes--is this something you actively try to incorporate into your work or do you feel that you present ambiguous situations that are left open to different audience interpretations?"
It cracked me up when he stopped after the opening clause and said,"Excellent question!" I remember that his answer was really good but I was kind of in shock about it and don't remember it word-for-word anymore. I have to listen to the file.

Coll: I was also very glad that you were participating on the board even though your views differ. Very impressed.

Thanks again to all of you for sharing all of these goodies!
Just want to add to the general thanks. It was great reading all the posts/transcripts/blow-by-blows/impressions. Far more than any of the conferences, I wish I could have been there.
And, fabulous pics, RogueS!
I also want to add my thanks for all the reports, pictures, recordings, etc everyone has provided here, it's been really really appreciated! Makes it just a bit easier to not have been able to go to any of these parties (though only marginally easier not to have been able to go to the LA party! =)). Sounds like it was a great event, and I hope it was a successful fundraiser as well!
Wow, thank you all so much for your reports! When I found out that there wouldn’t be a conference call nearby last week, I gave up hope and I got suckered into another way-less-cool event for Sunday. So when I started reading about the LA event I was seriously kicking myself in the ass. But the reports help (a little)… This event was probably a once-in-a-lifetime deal and you all got to be a part of it and share it with each other that’s just great. Whedonesquers are so damn cool! =)
Yeah, I want to add my thanks as well. Great accounts, everyone.
All choked up. Can't speak. Anyone got a time machine so I can go back in time, say a year, start saving all my money and be in LA for this????
Caroline - I just uploaded a few of my photos from the event. To the Whedonesque Flickr group.
From those of us stuck on this side of the Atlantic, and with Blair, many thanks for the reports. It sounds like one of those events you tell the grandchildren about!
Also want to thank everyone for posting their reports and pics and such! ;)
It really sucks to live in Germany ...
Caroline, you're more than welcome to put our pics on Flickr. My parents are leaving tomorrow, so we're going to be busy here, or we'd toss them up ourselves. If you've got the time and inclination, you can do whatever you like with the red eye! :)
Thanks, RavenU!

EdDantes, I'll see to it tomorrow, got called out for drinks this evening.
Rogue Slayer and EdDantes- Just want to say how happy I am that you got to go after all. Even if I (sob) didn't. Still, it really (sob) is nice. (sob) I mean, I don't know you or anything but with your reports and pics, I feel as though I do and I'm (sob) really really happy for you. (Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
Just wanted to also extend my thanks to those who provided coverage of this event :) Given the latest news regarding the status of Mutant Enemy, this may indeed end up as one last hurrah for the Buffyverse -- at least for the foreseeable future. So it was nice to have ample coverage of what went on -- sadly, it might be a while before we see so many Buffyverse stars in one place, again. But it sounded like a good time was had by all :)
Lioness"Rogue Slayer and EdDantes- Just want to say how happy I am that you got to go after all. Even if I (sob) didn't. Still, it really (sob) is nice. (sob) I mean, I don't know you or anything but with your reports and pics, I feel as though I do and I'm (sob) really really happy for you. (Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)"

Uhm, you're so happy for us you're crying right? Right? So...why exactly didn't you want to go?

(Dodges fruit and various meats)

Ahh we know. We feel the same when we read other people's reports from events we couldn't be at ourselves. It's cool and it helps but it still makes you go "argh!"

Numfar PTB"Ed I'm so envious of you, those were some nice pics with Aly."

Aly.....hmmmm. Hell I'm jealous of myself! Seriously, that was a big thing on my wishlist there.....Aly....hmm

Anyway, I don't know if there's still people on this thread now, but here's a third and probably last batch of pics.

1: Amy from behind. Can you tell she's 8 months along??

2: Aly from behind. And in spite of what Rogue Slayer says these are NOT 'butt-shots'!

3: Shot of Rogue Slayer and Dreamlogic

4: Aly hugs J. August Richards

5: Not sure what Aly does to Alexis here but it has a funny effect on him...

6: J. by himself. I knew I had a better shot than the one in the earlier post.

7: Alexis, Aly, Nick, Nathan, Danny & Tom in a spontaneous group pose.

8: Danny and Nathan. Seek the differences.

9: Aly, Nick, Danny & Nathan listening to Joss. Did I mention Aly is cute?

10: Big group shot of everybody as they stand around Joss.
Hi everyone! This is my very first post! :) I just wanted to drop by and let you guys know that I have uploaded a bunch of pics from the event to my photo album here. (I went a little camera happy, can you blame me? ;)

Enjoy! :)

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