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October 25 2004

Photos from the High Stakes 2004 event as posted at

I just added a few of my photos from the Highstakes event to the whedonesque pool at flickr
i just joined whedonesque (and can't seem to change my password), and i've also uploaded around 20 pics to the whedonesque group at flickr.
thiscloud - great pictures - thank you! Loved the autographed invitation.

And can I just say - Alexis and Nick. Jeez. They both look better than they do on tv. Everyone looked great, don't get me wrong, but I fogged up my monitor panting over the two of them. Yum.

I mean, I know the idea was actually to tone down their hotness factor, but damn - and while I'm talking about this, I should include Amber. AD, NB, and AB - those are some roll right out of bed, rub the eyes, and walk right out the door good looking people.

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