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"Oh, BALLS."
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December 05 2002

The One Without the Superpowers. Xander's big hero moments, courtesy of Boils and Blinding Torment.

"Since so many in the fandom seem to need a swift kick in the ass reminder of just Xander's greatness, we present to you the greatest Xander hero-type moments. We tried to do a top ten, but we found too damn many moments for that. And sure, on some of these we may be stretching it a bit, but so what? It's Xander. Leave us alone."

These people thought The Prom was the lamest episode ever? They didn't like the umbrella award? Jeez.
I love this site! It's snarky, but clever with it, and not quite as unrelenting as TwoP (Television without Pity). Plus, gotta love anyone who's giving Xander the respect he deserves.

I so hope he's not doomed...
I don't think he's doomed...he may be the only one left standing!

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