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October 25 2004

Sony rushing Grudge sequel into production "Talks are going to begin pretty swiflty to see that they can't get the sequel going by the new year. Depends, of course, on Sarah Michelle's schedule".

Gee, took them long enough! (that was sarcasm but I'm too lazy to do the whole "sarcasm" font thing)!
Please no. Liked the Grudge a lot. But SMG should now have a variety of far more interesting projects available, starting with "Southland Tales", which, I hope, will in turn presage greater roles. She doesn't need, and shouldn't, from an artistic standpoint, want to resuscitate this character, which honestly didn't have much depth to it. And sequels, generally? Not so great.

My friends and I agreed as we walked to the car after the movie that (a) Sarah was fine in the Grudge; but (b) she right now needs to let go and hurl herself into a dramatic role. Something a little dangerous. Still and all, I freely acknowledge that it's her career, and she owes absolutely zip to me as to what she does with it . . .

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Is it really doing THAT well? I am not paying any attention to the grossing, I never do really. I don't know if I would consider it "sequel worthy"... although there aren't many sequels that have came out, that I consider "worthy".

The Ring sequel looks awesome!! Just that preview was scarier than The entire Grudge movie to me.
Well, SMG doesn't need to be in the sequel if it happens, I agree the character didn't have much depth and I don't think she would really be missed, especially by someone who doesn't follow SMG.

I am really looking forward to Southland Tales and hope SMG does it. Donnie Darko is one of my favs.
Well she is signed on for "Southland Tales" and that is scheduled to commence production by the new year as well so if SMG is to be involved in both there is a slight problem

Incidently someone on the SMGFAN board has found the original versions of 6 of the Esquire photo's
If they did do a sequel it can't a remake of Ju-On 2 since it's based on completely different characters. I kind of question the truthfulness of this report because why would they want to deviate from the original series of movies by making a sequel featuring SMG when they fought so hard to stay true to the original this time around? I guess the answer to my own question would be because it would be profitable but that's just lame in my opinion. I don't see a sequel of the Americanized version being that great, and like SNT said the character didn't have enough depth to go much further.

Again like SNT said, SMG did the Japanese horror thing now move on. She definitely needs find a vehicle that shows her dramatic abilites. I'd love to see her try something completely new.
garda39: thanks for the picture tip-off! Of course, when you said the "original versions", my (somewhat less than pure) mind imagined, um, SMG in slightly more risque poses. Which, in fact, is what the originals represent. Great images.
Spikecam21, yes it is doing that well. Had a huge opening weekend and most that have seen it seemed to like it a lot.

I also have my doubts on how true this is because it seems awfully soon. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if they do want to do a sequel but whether or not with her as the lead again is the question. And whether they would be ready to start filming by the beginning of the year doesn't sound realistic either. I know she's said she'd be open to doing a sequel so who knows what was said behind the scenes. I would imagine if there is a sequel with her in it it would most likely be a bigger part as well.

I would also imagine that she is smart enough to realize the implications of this movie being such a huge hit and that she will most likely be getting lots of movie offers. I would think that she would then be able to be really picky with what she chooses to do next and unless she signed a contract that she'd do a sequel if there was going to be one, she may not want to do it.
"Is it really doing THAT well? I am not paying any attention to the grossing, I never do really. I don't know if I would consider it "sequel worthy"... although there aren't many sequels that have came out, that I consider "worthy"."

Budget was 10 millon, it made 40 million in one weekend, make it's budget back like 3 times over, it's not finished it's run yet, worldwide gross will be more profit, then dvd sales, it's gonna be very profitable, dvd revenue is huge, think of Van Helsing, it sold 4 million united in north Amercia alone, which gave it 65 million in revenue, helping it make more money other then's its lower then expected take in the US demestic gross.

I think it's cool Sarah has had this hit, it's horror, linked with Buffy in thats it's creepy, and sort of matches the buffy persona of Sarah, so maybe alot of BUffy fans helped profits as well, maybe good for a Buffy film later on sometime.

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"I also have my doubts on how true this is because it seems awfully soon"

They made the decision to do Scooby Doo 2 on the saturday of the opening weekend of Scooby Doo 1 after it bought in $56m instead of the expected $30 so yes decisions can be made that quick
opening weekends are everything to studios. Especially if the films budget is like 10 million and it makes 40 million.

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I would love a grudge sequel (hopefully done RIGHT this time) =)

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"They made the decision to do Scooby Doo 2 on the saturday of the opening weekend of Scooby Doo 1 after it bought in $56m instead of the expected $30 so yes decisions can be made that quick" - Gard39

Then, maybe it is true! Didn't think they'd do it that fast. Now, I enjoyed The Grudge quite a bit and if they could make a sequel that was just as good with SMG I'd be thrilled for her. But I still don't think they could start filming it so soon. It seems like most movies take quite awhile to get going once they decide to do them. I also think she is going to be bombarded with movie scripts now that this was such a huge hit and I just think she is smart enough to maybe want to wait before signing on the dotted line regarding doing another Grudge movie (unless she is already obligated to do one).
Because nothing says 'quality' like 'rushed sequel to horror flick.' :}
Well it's good for Sarah. Looks like the slower success of the Ring paved the way for the Japanese horror. Although, like with the Ring I'm not sure this will 'sequel' well. The Ring was pretty much finished, and I doubt there's much they can do with the sequel that won't be just rerunning the same stuff. Same with the Grudge, which even had less story.

It all depends on what they do with it of course, but I don't know....I'm rarely pleasantly surprised by sequels anymore.

I'm also not sure if this will really boost SMG that much. It is of course great and I'm happy for her but these are rarely the type of movies that 'make' actresses. I hope so, and it was a step up from Scooby Doo in that regard, but still...
I just hope we Whedon fans can repeat the success of The Grudge's opening weekend when Serenity comes out. I'd like to know within the first week or so after the premiere that I can look forward to at least one more film with the FF gang to fill the ME TV vacuum...

As far as SMG doing a sequel, well, if she really enjoyed herself on the first movie, the script appeals to her, and she isn't worried about being stereotyped or otherwise negatively impacted by her involvement, then how can I argue with her reasoning? It's her career, and everything is done in multiples these days. Sequelitis is a serial crack habit Hollywood can't seem to shake.

Sequels generally prove to be disappointing to me, but I know a lot of people enjoy the whole franchise concept and actually prefer the predictability factor of seeing a favorite feature title followed by a Roman numeral of some kind. Yet, I admit I'm inconsistent on the issue. Serenity itself was conceived and is being considered as the initial installment of a potential threesome, and in its case I find myself firmly in the "yay, sequels!" camp.

It's that crucial distinction between simply seeing a Jossverse actor in a film and seeing an actual Joss-VERSE film that makes all the difference.
When the 'information' comes from an anonymous "studio insider" it must be true. Perhaps it's the same one who had the scope of Gellar doing 'Wonder Women' and 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'!

Discussions about a sequel are inevitable, especially in the light of the kind of revenue 'The Grudge' now seems guaranteed to generate. Gellar was being asked in interviews if there would be a sequel before the first film even came out. For myself, I agree with most of the comments here. Sequels are usually a bad idea. However, money is a great motivator.
I suspect SMG will not accept a role in this sequel, at least in the time frame this article suggests. Thinking back to her 'Southland Tales' interview, I got the impression Sarah was really looking forward to the shooting of that film. She's fond of the director's style and she wanted to play a more dramatic role. And, as several of you have pointed out, these are exactly the roles she needs to play to prove she has the talent to act outside the horror genre. Sarah's a smart girl, she knows that.

Not that Sony won't rush to get a 'Grudge' sequel in the works. I suspect they will, even if they had to use a new cast to do so. In all actuality, seeing how 'The Grudge' ended, I think a new cast would make more sense for a sequel. Then again, who ever said that sequels had to make sense? ;)
Blair Witch Project had a rushed sequel because of the numbers it brought in. We all remember what a fiasco that was.

Any time you can take a film that is made with tens of thousands of dollars, and make a profit of tens of millions, bet your ass there'll be a sequel. However the people investing in the sequel will want to hedge their bets and effect the creative control, which means the second film will either be too much like the previous one or not enough like it. Very tricky to make a successful sequel.

The producers of The Grudge will parlay this into an American sequel and potential franchise that's reinforced with the success of the asian version of the same story. SMG will parlay this into something lucrative for her, but I doubt it would be the Grudge sequel, unless she gets contracted for a lot of money to show up fairly briefly in the sequel. What she really needs is for her 'people' to negotiate a deal for her to do a multi-film contract with a big studio. She has proven her name can help put people in the seats. Now she needs a vehicle that lets her really prove herself. Something that puts her over the top. She needs to topple Nicole Kidman. God, we need someone to topple Nicole Kidman. I want to see SMG start getting Kidman's roles, and if she can get one or two more successes, that's just where SMG's gonna be. She's not there yet but she's well on her way. She needs to conquer something outside the realm of horror. A straightforward action comedy where her male ingenue ends up in the 'damsel in distress' role and SMG has to save him? Where she's a woman who rises to the occasion and furthers the whole female empowerment thing? That would be ideal. Her talents are ideal for that kind of vehicle. Something like a remake of North By Northwest but in reverse. Put her in the Cary Grant role. Get someone like Tom Welling to play the male ingenue that she saves. Call it South By Southeast and have the story take place in Key West. Put Gellar in a bikini for as many scenes as possible and you've got a definite winner.
ZachsMind - South by Southeast - love the twist, both in title and theme
Unfortunately, I think that an updated remake of a Hitchcock classic co-starring Tom Welling would be the worst disaster since Gus Van Sant's Psycho. I pray no one is greenlighting that idea, we've had enough bad remakes and "hip updates" as it is.

As for The Grudge, making $40 million in one weekend will only do great things for SMG's career. Hollywood will now look at her as a bankable actress, since she was central to the advertising and selling of the movie. The great roles should start pouring in at any moment, and all she has to do is pick and choose the right ones. If she plays her cards right, I definitely think we'll be seeing her getting the roles of a Naomi Watts or Nicole Kidman soon.

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