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October 26 2004

Buffyverse 2005 Calendar Covers. The artwork for the front of the Angel, Buffy and Spike calendars. Although I'm pretty sure we've seen the Buffy Calendar (or it was just too similar to last years), the Angel and Spike ones are new. Yet still familiar.

I don't suppose anyone knows if they're doing the Buffy advent calendar in the UK this year. I got one two years ago, very nice it was too (if a little bizzare).
The main picture of SMG has definitely been a calendar cover before, the little pictures are the only difference I think.

Yep, there was definitely an advent calendar 2 years ago (though they're not technically advent calendars anymore as they go to new year), but I'm pretty sure there wasn't one last year (I work on confectionary at Woolies, and after checking every box on the delivery I came to the conclusion that there wasn't one) so it would surprise me if there's one this year.
I have the Buffy Calandar for here, and the Angel one for at home.

Although I didn't have a Buffy one last year (I of course had Lord of the Rings), I think it's pretty spiffy.

I like's like...12 different posters. Although don't get me started on those tear away day ones.

My roommate:...err...shouldn't you change that?
me: How many times to I have to change this thing...

Only add a few swear words...for effect.

Wow. This is what lack of sleep does to a person. No more words for me.
I have the Buffy 2004 Calendar.

These look great, they may go on my Christmas List!

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