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October 26 2004

Seth Green Is 'The Best Man'. He'll play a "porn-addicted loser" in the upcoming comedy film.

Not sure an Oz series would work, but y'know, I'd watch it
I have to agree with that article. He left the series (where he had a wonderful character that could have gone to some really interesting places) to pursue his movie career. So far that has consisted of sewer floaters. Anyway, I'd love to see a script for an Oz The Werewolf episode. Just imagine all the blank paper surrounding the many "short, non-commital sentences."
If they can make an Ats episode where Angel doesn't say a single word than they could do an Oz series with maybe ten or twelve words an episode. And three of those could be him saying "Previously on Oz..."
They made an Ats episode where Angel doesn't speak? What did I miss!

And there is already a show called Oz. I think it's about hunky gay men in prison, I'm not sure.

"They made an Ats episode where Angel doesn't speak? What did I miss!"

Um, me too...which one would that be, zz9?
This must be 'Redefinition' from S2. Angel doesn't speak aloud to anyone in the episode, but there are voiceovers of his thoughts. It's the one after he fires the Fang Gang and uses the cigarette he's smoking (along with some handy accelerant) to set Darla and Drusilla on fire. Good stuff.
Nice catch, Wiseblood! I was wracking my brains, but couldn't come up with the episode.

Re the Seth Green piece. I actually thought it was overly-harsh. The part of a "porn-addicted loser" could actually be a decent and different role if the screenplay was any good. Unfortunately, "The Best Man" sounds terrible.

But as far as Seth needing to find a new agent goes, I just went to IMDB and counted how many projects he'd been in since leaving BtVS. Roughly a dozen movies and a couple of TV things since 2000. Doesn't sound too shabby to me, given that Seth, great actor that he is and all, isn't who first springs to mind when you hear the words "leading man." Whatever it is he's doing, and whoever his agent is, it sounds like it's paying off pretty well. Plenty of other actors would kill to be in his shoes. And, um, a series based around Oz? I'd watch, but realistically, no.
Thought he was great in Italian Job. Loved his mimicing of Handsome Rob.

And the Ats episode did have a voiceover, but remember Oz's thoughts in Earshot? If that's what his brain is like all the time....
Jeffrey Bell commented in an interview that Joss wanted to bring Oz back had there been a sixth season of Angel. Oh, what could have been...

I think that article was judging Seth Green unfairly. He has kept himself quite busy in a string of acts and movies since leaving BtVS. Sure, a few were regarded as stinkers, but that's typical in any actor's career. Point is, he keeps trying. Some day, his ship will sail.
Seth Green is a very likeable actor and as has already been mentioned here, he has not been short of work since leaving BtVS. Green is not, as SNT points out, a typical "leading man", and he is to be congratulated for establishing a niche for himself.

I'm sure that every actor would love to be involved in genuinely innovative and inspiring films all the time, but that that is never going to happen. With the exception of a few lucky ones who can pick and choose their projects (not always with great results, it should be added), they go where the work is.

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