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December 05 2002

(SPOILER) Drew Goddard was at The Bronze: Beta last night and clarified a few things as well as dropping some hints for future episodes.

Ok, now the whole issue of what the hybrid zombie baby would be like is gonna bug me all day. More importantly, the issue of how/why a human male would get busy with a female zombie has given me the wigg'ns. Thanks a lot, Drew.
Reading Drew's ramblings makes me kinda wonder if he was the inspiration for Lorne's personality.

"Let me see if I can answer some general questions. First off, thank you all so much for your kind words, you really are the greatest fans in the world. ...the Buffster’s got her hands full in Sunnydale. As of now, she’s entrusting the gang in LA to take care of it. You know, another day, another apocalypse, business as usual ...girls are always running by and kissing me and running away, so I wouldn’t worry about it ...Hey – I’m getting censored. Is this site run by UPN? ...I’ve got something even better for you: Me. Oh boy."

His words just sound like they're coming out of Lorne's mouth. Maybe it's just me. =)

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