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October 27 2004

Stephanie Romanov announces she is with child. This past Monday she told people at an evening event that she was going to be a mom. So if you are going to White Room this weekend, make sure and tell her congrats.

I have been sitting on ths news for a couple of weeks - I wanted to give her a chance to announce it at one of the events she had this month before posting it. Cause she has wanted this for a while now, she is having the child through invitro fertilization.

ooh, that's wonderful
Wonderful news, indeed!!! Congrats Stephanie!!!
Congratulations to Stephanie!
That's wonderful news for Stephanie. Congratulations and best of wishes!
Best wishes Stephanie!
That's great. She said at a con early in the summer that she was trying to have a child and that their housekeeper kept trying to get her to drink all these homemade fertility potions!
Wow, Amy, Joss(erm, Kai, anyway), now Stephanie! What's in that W&H water?!?! Oh! Maybe Aly and Alexis will be next!
Don't forget Marti.

And oh, never mind. You meant just this year.

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LOL Rogue Slayer! Guess our whedonverse is growing by leaps and bounds.
Great news! Congrats to Stephanie!
Great news, congratulations Stephanie!
Congratulations, Stephanie!!! Happy news :D

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