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October 27 2004

Whedonesque coverage of High Stakes event mentioned by Brazilian News Site. Brazilian website mentions Whedonesque coverage and Joss's annoucement about X-Men 3.

To Simon, Caroline or another mod, please correct the category in case it's wrong.

Wow this is cool, I can kinda get the gist of it, but I wish I knew Spanish.
Brazilians speak Portuguese. I think I've seen an English version of this article somewhere - I think the story is circulating around on several "news" sites.

Yep, it's from the SyfyPortal article: Syfyportal

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This link might be more helpful for the non-portugese-speaking people here.
Thanks, guys!
Curses. I was just going to post this, too. D:
Yeah we got a number of sites mentioning Whedonesque, all good really.
*Scratches head*. That ain't news in my book. But thanks for the heads up.
You must just be jaded. The rest of us get really excited at recognition for Whedonesque ;)
Ghostspike - I love these off the wall translations. It's a hoot. Thanks.
The second link is taken from here, so yes, it is a little odd to repeat it here. Maybe SyFy portal can now report that we reported on their reporting here? ;-)
I'm Brazilian too. I love the times when Joss put our country in Buffy episodes.

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