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July 10 2002

Creep Con coverage up at AtS website 'City of Angel'. Creep Con, a Sci-Fi convention in Baltimore, was held (for the first time) on June 7-9 and featured a few Buffy and Angel related guests:

Brian Thompson, Mark Lutz, Adam Busch, Andy Hallett and Tony Head attended. There's full coverage of their panel, plus a mini interview with Tony Head, who talks about his 'recurring' status and says:

"Coming in to a pivotal moment is always cool. I mean, best entrance of all time, me coming in at the end of the show. [...] I guess in terms of transition, it doesn't feel any different, apart from the fact that I'm not there all the time. I'm not part of the, you know, being a regular so when I go back it's really nice to be missed. And I always say it's like a family there so I always feel genuinely [missed] - it's really, really nice to see people."

Also, on the Ripper series: "Joss wants to do it, I want to do it, BBC wants to do it. It kind of depends on FOX and because it'll have to be produced by the BBC under the license to FOX since Joss and I only want to do like six episodes a year. The American studios - UPN were very interested but they want 22 episodes, which is like not really on the cards. So, it's still happening, Jane Espenson [Buffy writer/producer] and Joss are putting together a pile of scripts."

Head managed to attend two conventions in one weekend, in America and in England. Without the help of teleportation spells.

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