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December 05 2002

No plans to release Firefly DVD in the States despite 20th Century Fox releasing everything else under the sun.

Though, but I'm guessing here, it could be released in Europe (region 2).

The fact that it was actually mentioned is something though. They are aware that there is great marketing potential for the show to bring them money over the long run. Since we only get a few more shows this year, I'm taking this as good sign. Mainly because I need one.

I bought the Futurama 1 & 2 from Great stuff I thought might never be released in the states. And I'm really happy to hear that Mil. is going to be released. That was another great show that people didn't get. Plus Chris Carter didn't understand the metaphor he set up and ruined the last season. CC is highly over rated, especially when compared to JW.
I was just reading over the old posts to see how Firefly's coverage compared to Dollhouse's, and was struck by this headline. Can you imagine how bad an idea not releasing the DVDs would have been?
At the time Fox didn't believe in the show, ultimately.

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