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October 28 2004

Learn the Title Of BUFFY Vet Jane Espenson's Pilot For Fox!! It's called 'Utopia' and it "lies tonally between Buffy and The O.C., with a trace of Margaret Atwood's A Handmaid's Tale".

Which is a great novel and I would recommend anyone who hasn't read it, to get a hold of it.

I completely second the rec for A Handmaid's Tale.

And I hope the show makes it--it definitely sounds like something I'd watch.
I like the plot outline of this show. I hope it gets picked up. And it'll be interesting to see how much it is like The Handmaid's Tale. That's one of my favorite books.
I hope FOX can find a network to pick up this show. This sounds like a much better theme for Jane's talents than 'Tru Calling'.
I hope it turns out well.
I do like Jane's writing and I hope this goes well. I also hope that maybe Jane can find a way to get James involved in one of her efforts. I was hoping that she and some of the other writers could take on the Spike movie, even if Joss is out of the picture for now. I don't know if this is logisticly possible,or even legally possible, but I remember Jane being a big Spike fan, so I had a hope it could happen. If not, maybe she could work James into this new pilot if it happens. At this point I would be happy for any glimmer of hope.
Isn't it a little early for Herc to be trumping it up? Hundreds of shows get developed every year but only about 50 of them actually get made into pilots and even fewer last the entire season.
Wow!!!!!! i can`t wait. I love Janes`s writing.
Heh. Me and Jane have psychic linkage. I just bought a copy of 'A Handmaid's Tale' on Tuesday!

*cue Twilight Zone music*

I hope everybody attending the London Halloween con will not be so overwhelmed by the two (comparitively unimportant) attending vampires to forget to ask Jane some interesting questions. Someone's gotta ask her if she's seen any recent British TV series and what she thinks of them. And someone, for god's sake, ask her if she's seen 'Shaun of the Dead'! ;)
Anyone ever seen the very obscure movie adaptation of the Handmaid's Tale?
Hilarious (-ly bad). This sounds like an interesting series though, and the Handmaid's tale is an excellent book.
Thanks for that URL, sTalking_Goat. It was a hoot. And as Simon recommended at the top of this page, 'Handmaid's Tale' is an excellent read. I highly recommend it.

Back to Jane, would someone please let this gifted writer share her thoughts on the airwaves? Starting to feel like we're fighting a battle with getting an intelligent drama that's worthy of thinking as of late.

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I think Atwood is difficult to adapt for the screen, but, that said, there's no exuse for a movie as sorry as "The Handmaid's Tale." It's recently been adapted into an opera, which is getting good reviews.

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