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October 28 2004

French release date for Serenity announced. On May 4, two weeks after the American release, the French will also be able to enjoy the probably best movie of the year. Other European countries might follow at approximately the same time.

I don't know how reliable this site is, but this news has also been announced at
and at IMDB as well.

Of course I don't know the reliability of the other two threads either (well I know IMDB is often wrong :-). Actually I hope IMDB is wrong about the dutch release date being in june, since that could mess up my holiday plans.
Dutch premiere on May 5, someone posted to
Hyperbole just diminishes the awesomeness it will posess. Lets not get carried away. ;-)
Good stuff, I was dreading a long wait over the summer till it arrived in the UK.
Still, those two weeks will be hell - being in a state of anticipation verging on obsession but unable to use the internet for fear of spoilers. Not pretty.
Exactly Simon! Last Night I was watching "Serenity" and "The Train Job", and I was thinking okay, so that leaves America just under 5 months until the premiere, but what about the UK! What about the UK! I was thinking "Hellboy", took a couple of months getting over here, and if that happened to "Serenity"............

Also pleaseantly suprised to see an advert for "The Grudge" during the advert break for Nip/Tuck last night (I only switched over once "Arrested Development" was finished i swear! (even though it wasn't that good last night = No Tobias!)). Looked quite a lot scarier than I had imagined it to be
Did you see Sarah on TRL last night? She came over really well.
I really hope we get Serenity at the same time or just after America. Not sure I can take a long wait but I'm not sure my bank balance would agree with me flying to the US "just" to watch a film at the cinema.
sasja: "unable to use the internet for fear of spoilers.."

I got an answer for you there. Don't fear the spoiler. Come join us Sasja! Embrace the dark side! Mua-ha-ha-ha! Personally, I'm still looking for a leak of the shooting script. The more I can learn about the film before it comes out, the better.
Youhou, vive la France, vive Joss Whedon et longue vie Firefly (je vais pas pouvoir tenir jusqu'au 4 mai)
Great! I hope the realease date here in Spin will be the same.
Hey, Caroline or anyone who might know, I was trying to find the thread about the release dates on, but couldn't find it. COuld you help me?
Thanks so much for posting this information. I will be studying in France next semester, so I was really concerned about how long the wait would be.
I looked at the site of United International Pictures, and they say they will release Serenity on May 4 in France, May 5 in the Netherlands and July 29 in Norway. For all other countries I either could not understand the language, or I could just not find the release date for Serenity.

As for not using internet after April 22, I would greatly appreciate it if posters at forums, such as this, will directly or indirectly warn when giving away spoilers of the film in the first few weeks after the release. But I guess a delay of two weeks should be less of a problem than for the series though, where we were always a year behind.

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