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October 28 2004

Cast Addition To 'Odd Girl Out'. Actress Jane Seymour is reportedly signed up for Michelle Trachtenberg's latest independent film. The link provides an excerpt from the script, and states the movie will begin filming soon.

Since people might not know too much about this project, the basic premise is as follows -- "A privileged 17-year-old boarding school student becomes archenemies with a new student who is sent there against her will by her troubled mother".

Michelle plays the privileged golden-child of the school, where as Taryn Manning (from Cold Mountain) has signed on to play the proverbial 'odd girl out'. It's basically about the 'dark, little rivalry' that develops between the two characters, and the emotional problems that underlie their conflict. The movie's written and helmed by indian director, Deepika Daggubati who's interviewed at this link.

Nice to see Michelle continuing her foray into independent film work :)

that sounds good (to me, the teenage girl, lol). Taryn's worked with both Michelle and Vincent.
Cool. I had forgotten that Taryn also starred alongside Vincent, in 'Dandelion' :)

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