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December 05 2002

Actor Glenn Quinn dies. Quinn played "Doyle" in series 1 of AtS.

The information is on an unofficial website, but was confirmed by ME's Tim Minear on

Could his health problems have been the reason he left and never returned to Angel? He was still a young man.
Why is it always the good ones?
this is so sad. was he ill long? :(
That's awful! Doyle was my one of my favourites on Angel... And Glenn was such an amazing actor, and from what I heard and amazing person too... Is there any news on how he died? This is terrible... I hope he didn't had any pain. He was far too young to die...
i hadn't heard that. wow... just yesterday (the day after he died) i was contemplating whether they could/would bring him back. :( i miss doyle and i'll miss glenn quinn.
damn. I still haven't seen the early Angel episodes. Glenn Quinn's Doyle, for me, has been something of a mythological character from whose forehead sprang the rest of the cast fully formed. Athena-like.

And to think the day before his death, there was a post telling us everything "everything you ever wanted to know about the death of Doyle.".
I know. I came upon that "death of Doyle" page while I was looking for stuff about how Max Perlich's Whistler inspired Glenn Quinn's Doyle. I had absolutely no idea that Glenn Quinn had passed away.

Mortality sucks.
Damn. He was a great actor and played a very memorable character.

And this was posted on An Angel's Spoiler Board

I'm the webmaster at Believe me, when I first heard, I was sceptical as well, but I spoke on the telephone with Mark Anthony Galluzzo, who directed Glenn in "R.S.V.P." this morning, and have since gotten several emails from Glenn's friends and extended family.

I'll be sending a floral arrangement on behalf of his fans to the services, and if the family starts any kind of charity fund or such for donations, I'll be sure and keep you all up to date.

I only knew Glenn through his work, and was incredibly saddened to learn the news. He will most definitely be missed.

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any word on cause of death? i haven't seen anything.
I read "heartattack in his sleep" somewhere, but there was no verification in the post.
SciFi Wire: "Glenn Quinn, the Irish actor who appeared in the first season of The WB's Angel, died suddenly of undisclosed causes this week, a spokesperson confirmed to SCI FI Wire. The spokesperson declined to reveal details of Quinn's untimely passing until his family could make arrangements for his funeral. He was 32."

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LA Times Obituaries
Glenn Quinn, 32; Actor Was in TV Series 'Roseanne' and 'Angel'
By Dennis McLellan, Times Staff Writer
Glenn Quinn, best known for his recurring role on the sitcom "Roseanne" and a former co-star of the supernatural drama "Angel,"
died Tuesday in North Hollywood. He was 32.
The Dublin-born Quinn was found dead from a possible drug overdose at a friend's home, Los Angeles police said Friday.
Detectives said the case will remain open pending the completion of toxicology tests, but no foul play was suspected.

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