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"He has a disease, if you recall.. an inexplicably adverse reaction to being shot at."
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October 28 2004

"Buffy" Brain Drained. Joss Whedon interview about the closing of Mutant Enemy.

"We're just glad that when he decides to do TV again, it will be with us."

Does this mean he'll still have some sort of contract with them or are they just being really hopeful?
I think I read that he is somehow obligated to return to Fox if he wants to do tv again. Maybe some kind of contractual stipulation. Dunno.
"Whedon cites unscripted tube fare as one of his reasons [for ending the Fox deal]"

I thought "unscripted tube fare" was when you went from Piccadilly Circus to Leicester (Bloody) Square without paying for the ride. . . OK that was rubbish, but in my defense it's still *really early* in California. ;)

Still and all, the use of language in this report is almost up to Variety standards.
Didn't we have these words earlier at the highstakes event notice.
It's sad news for the meantime, I just hope his break is just one season-2004/2005, and that season 2005-2006, a while away-plenty of time for maybe talking with Eliza, and do something with Faith, bring in Spike etc etc, that's my hope.
Joss' contract with Fox is only on hold, when he decides to start putting together a new tv show he will still be expected to deal with them at least for the duration of what is left of that contract. A year or so i believe.
Wow- that writer really likes the word "tube."
Well, there may be good news for the Joss(and those of us who are likeminded) here.

It's an article about how reality shows ratings are declining, and the breakout hits are scripted. They mention Lost and Desperate Housewives, which I believe is one of the highest rated shows on tv right now.
Yeah Lost is a good example, Joss should take confidence in that.
Rouge Slayer, I too thought this season showed clear signs of quality scripted making a comeback. I suppose if Joss suddenly has a great idea it won't be too hard to recruit some new people (Where's my resume...) but but starting from scratch, with new people who may not gel with his way of working could cause problems.
I would not have the slightest guilt about taking Fox's money to keep two or three people at their desks keeping the office ticking over. Profit from Buffy DVD sales in Guam probably more than cover that.
I also heard Joss has a new original idea for another movie, and thats another reason he put his contract on hold.

I will support Joss in anything he does because he has given me so much. If he puts it out, I will buy it. But my selfish side wants to lock him in a closet and forse him to write tv shows and kick the reality craze off the airways. If anyone can do it, he can, especially since he has a garaunteed audiance.

Maybe I have high expectations but I have never not loved anything he has put out on his own terms. All 3 of his shows are on a completely different level of standard then anythinig else, even other good shows (i.e. Lost, Desperate Housewives, X-files, Seinfeld) all remarkable shows but Joss' are just special, untouchable. He had me liking a genre I really never cared for in Firefly. I don't like Stargate, I hate Startrek, I don't care about Star Wars (that might be a stretch, but you get it) but I absolutely love Firefly, if it would have kept running I might of liked it more than AtS, it had such potential.

Dang, I think this is turning into a rant... I geuss I am not ready for Joss to even take a "break" from T.V., movies don't cut it for me, I need something to look forward to every week, not years inbetween, I can barely make it that week.

Maybe I am a little attatched to my favorite shows and just want more... maybe I am under a love spell...
I was wondering about that as well. The way I read it (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong) is this. For the early contract release, Joss had to agree not to be involved in any TV related material for one year. After one year, he is free to do so. However, if he comes up with an idea to base a new TV series on, he has to give FOX an option to produce/support the new series first. If they decide not to, Joss is free to take it elsewhere.

Remembering what happened with 'Firely', I was sadden by this agreement at first. They could pull the same stunt on Joss again and again. Then a bright thought hit me. What if Joss wrote a series that was so dark and adult themed that it could never be aired on a network broadcast station. Surely, FOX would have to pass on the series because they couldn't market it (unless they start affiliating with cable networks which may happen in the future). Perhaps Joss really meant it with his "I feel like doing some cussing" statement. Maybe he has a plan here.

With that said, I still think we are in for a long wait until Joss reconsiders the small screen. Did anyone pick up on that statement? "I've tried to come up with an idea the NETWORKS WOULD BE INTERESTED IN and I couldn't think of any. That's usually a sign that something is wrong." Given with his loathing of reality TV statement, I think Joss' brain is just as creative as ever and the problem is elsewhere. He didn't leave TV, TV left him. IMO, Joss has become disgusted in the current situation of television and he isn't going to lower his standards to join the rat race. And I would never want him to. I believe his first love is the small screen because he prefers the long story arcs and character development. But until he feels television is ready for him again, he's going to sit this out and try his hand in movies to keep himself busy. All we can do is be patient, go wild over the movies, and continue to give Joss our support.
Well, Madhatter, you're absolutely right of course. I read the reports that Joss "quit TV" because "he'd ran out of ideas" with a frown and a slight smirk. As you say, "ran out of ideas", for anyone who follows his work and career, means "ran out of ideas that might be both creatively-fulfilling and yet somehow bland and insipid and shallow enough to get a season on the networks. Ya know what? I just can't think of anything that meets both those requirements." Lack of creative vision, my ass. Every single sentence he speaks contains the germ of an idea. (At least, that's how it seems to me). All he has to do is whip out a recorder and start talking into it, and presto! there's a show, and there's a movie, and there's a comic-book. Not that the full-blown creative process, culminating in a released project, isn't long and hard, but I don't think "ideas" are his problem right now.

Take a break, JW. You'll find a way to get your stuff seen (or read). And enjoy the new baby!
Manhatter, I think you're not making a necessary distinction between 20th Century Fox Television and the Fox network, the latter is what killed Firefly. Still, I've had the same thought. I don't believe Fox Television Production and Distribution has done a cable show. If it's not policy for them to do so then they would presumably have to pass.
20th Century Fox Television produces The Sheild for FX, which is a show that has lots of cussing and adult plots you wouldn't see on network TV.

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This would be an interesting story if it hadn't already been reported days ago.
You're right dreamlogic, I worded that badly. I wasn't pointing out what killed 'Firefly' (Fox network), but rather I feared that Joss would get trapped under Fox (the production studio) with being forced to run a new series pass them first for production. If 20th Fox picks it up, Joss' options are very limited to how the show is marketed (and supported) to the networks. Thanks for the catch :)

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Please check the archives before posting, this E! Online article is basically a rehash of the Variety one which was posted on Monday.
Heh. Simon, you have to jump in faster to crack down on redundant news, otherwise blabbermouths like me will discuss ad tedium even the least-newsworthy of links . . . We just like the company, you see. :)
Ack. Thanks eddy, I didn't know they did The Shield. So much for my little daydream.
sorry Simon, I'll try and be more careful.

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