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October 28 2004

Wonderfalls DVD officially announced. And it's been delayed again, 1st February 2005 now.

I'll definitely be getting this, despite the (in my opinion) terrible box art.

Augh! Damn Fox. January can't be that busy to delay it again, people are broke from spending money during Christmas.

And I like the box art.
I also agree that the box art is terrible, but I'll be picking it up regardless. I just hope that it doesn't get delayed any longer, what's with the hold up?
The box art is growing on me, I initially didn't like it.

I suppose this puts it back, and in unison with, Angel Season 5... I'm going to have fun in February
February 7 is my birthday, maybe I'll ask for this as a gift. I'm already buying Angel that month and I can't afford both.
I love the box art. And if you check out at it has screencaps of the actual DVDs, each of which are made to look like a ViewFinder cartridge, the consistency of which makes me like the cover design even more.
Rob, we added pics of the thinpak cases to tonight, too. I think all the art goes together really well (the discs are my favorite). The DVD menus also have a viewmaster theme.
Cool! Thanks for pointing those out to me! They look great. I've seen all the eps, but I can't wait to get this set!
Why do people not like the box art? I think it's charming and conveys the show's quirky wit very well. (Maybe many of you didn't grow up the with a Viewmaster, but practically every touristy place in the U.S. I remember visiting as a kid sold a set of disks with all the cheesy local "attractions" in lurid full color. Lying sprawled in the backseat of the family car with the ugly but strangely fascinating device balanced in front of your eyes to take advantage of the best available light, you could relive the best scenes of where you'd just been -- before the film in your parent's camera had even been rewound! It certainly made for a much more interesting way to pass the dull hours traveling than playing the license plate game, or working another crossword puzzle.

I also had Viewmaster disks of a couple of the animated Star Trek episodes, if that improves your appreciation of my taste in any way.)

A standard picture of the cast with Caroline Dhavernas would have been the more typical (and boring, in my opinion) option, and it wouldn't be very Jaye Tyler of them to resort to blatantly pushing CD as a sex object to increase sales.

But then, I like the show so much that a box covered in pink flamingoes and barrel bears wouldn't stop me from buying it. ;)

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I happen to love the box art. And the disc art. And the case art looks cool too.

And, of course, I love the show. February 1rst can't come fast enough.
I had a viewmaster when I was a kid, but it had Disney films related material on it.
Maybe it is a nostalgia-type thing where you had to have a Viewmaster as a child to truly appreciate the cover art, and it's a little too esoteric for people who didn't? I remember spending hours and hours with my Viewmaster as a kid. I had literally hundreds, from Muppets to Disney to Superman to I can't even remember what else. I even got the more expensive Viewmaster that was a fad for a brief while, when I was about 7 or 8, as a Channukah present, that had audio narrating the slides. The regular wheels were in a larger plastic cartridge that had a small record-like disc on the bottom. Ah, good times, good times... Anyway, the cover art, particularly the disc designs themselves bring back a lot of happy childhood memories for me.
The first time I clicked on this link, I thought "hum". I wasn't impressed. But after looking at how the whole thing fits together, I have to admit that I really like it. It will be interesting to see how it actually looks once we get it in our grubby little hands.
"From the producer of Angel and Firefly"

Yay for a indirect mention of Tim.

Looks at who is doing the commentaries. Ummmm distinct lack of Tim.
Good that it will have 5.1 surround, but what's up with 1.33:1 fullframe? They first said it would be widescreen and it aired in HDTV widescreen so...
That detail caught my eye too. Was it definitely filmed in widesceen though? I can't remember if any of the episodes aired in wide or full.

I was a bit iffy about the box art when it was first posted, but looking at it a second time after seeing the awesome disc art, I think I kinda love it. Look at the art on the slipcases though, that's the sort of all-cast art they could've slapped on the cover. I think it would've been a lot less appealing. The artsy viewfinder cover art that they've gone with is a lot more eye-catching. Might hook the odd curious type who hasn't seen or maybe even heard about the show into picking up the set and at least having a look. Cover art with just the cast (pretty a cast as it is), would more likely just warrant a non-response since they're mostly all unknowns.
The episodes (that aired) was all broadcast in 1.78:1 widescreen. But it has happened before (Firefly) that Fox has said it would be fullframe and then it was widescreen all along, so we'll just have to wait and see.
Well I love the box art and the whole package, I agree that it fits in with the feel of the show.

Looks at who is doing the commentaries. Ummmm distinct lack of Tim.

Yeah Simon I was disappointed with that as well, am a big fan of Bryan though and so the available commentaries should be fun, just wish they'd gotten Tim to do at least one.
Should I be worried that there are five episodes on one disc? Isn't that too many? Or are there neat, new digital compression secrets that I don't know?
I thought dual layered dvds could have 240 minutes of video which should easily accommodate 5 43 minute episodes.

ETA: found this website with a decent explination

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stiansaint - Wonderfalls was framed for 4:3, except for episodes 10 and 13, which were framed for 16:9. Like almost all their other shows FOX aired the show in both formats: 4:3 on their regular channel, and 16:9 on their not-quite-high-def channel. FOX has a mandate that all their live-action shows be compatible for both formats, so it was shot openmatte.
Thanks, Paul_Rocks.
As someone who had a Viewmaster as a child and yet still hates the box art, I can say that's not the case. I just don't like the look of this giant Viewmaster covering Caroline's face, I'm not sure why.

I didn't notice that there's no Tim commentary on here. How sad.
I like the Viewmaster motif (I still have mine and all the discs), but Iím not overly fond of the box art. It kind of makes her look like she had a giant red praying mantis head! This will probably be the first time the DVD version of a show takes up more of my shelf space than the tape version.
FOx Latin America did broadcast the whole series, but in FullFrame, which was just weird, cause in the opening credits it was clear that it was supposed to be wider.
In Full Screen broadcast, during the opening credits, the name of every cast member got it's beginning (like a character or to) cut out from the screen.

By the way, I jus tlove those thin cases.

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In Full Screen broadcast, during the opening credits, the name of every cast member got it's beginning (like a character or to) cut out from the screen.

For the US airings, the main titles were letterboxed for 4:3 and windowboxed (black bars on all 4 sides) for 16:9.
Tim was too busy to do commentaries. They were recorded in New York in July, and he couldn't schedule time to be there for them.

Three of the original commentaries were just Bryan and Todd, but the three they did with Caroline and Katie were so much fun that they re-recorded the others.
Sorry for the double post, but I have good news: Bryan just confirmed with 20th, and they say the "fullscreen" thing is a misprint. The DVDs will be released in widescreen.
Thanks for those updates, Cranberry. I'm hoping this gets a R2 release.

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