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"They're a little bit Bison."
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December 06 2002

(SPOILER) "This is Joss. Space is black and scary". The man himself posts on the Official Firefly board (reg required).

"See, I'm in love. Which was unforseen and inconvenient. I've never felt this way about a show, or about a cast or a working experience. I love my other shows with gushy passion, but the coalescence of factors on this show just changed me. If you knew the people I get to work with... "

Wow. He IS gushing. Sounds a bit like he's fed up with Buffy/AtS and loves the new baby best. Which is only natural.
I liked what he said here:

"I'll tell you the truth. Rough month. We keep comparing ourselves and our situation to Out of Gas. At once point I told an executive that I thought my life had become that ep, and that I was no longer Mal, I was now the captain of the crappy ship that shot him. I will do ANYTHING to ANYONE to keep this bird in the air. "
Am I missing something? (apart from my mind!) ;) where is the rest of this?

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