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October 29 2004

SFX's complete episode guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. From 'Welcome to the Hellmouth' to 'Chosen', every episode rated by one of the world's best scifi genre magazines. This huge feature originally appeared in their 2003 Buffy Special.

That's well worth a read

I have the original pull out from about 4 years ago they did, which went up to the end of the 4th season reviewing each episode. But i'v never had the one they did at the end of the show.

I really should start buying the magazine again anyway, it used to be the first on my list
That was a fun read, thanks! They seem to have mixed up the events of a couple season six episodes (Spike sees Buffy on the stairs in Afterlife, not Bargaining) and I've never heard that season six has a reputation for being too light-hearted before (was that sarcasm?!), but otherwise that was a fun revisiting of the whole series.
I think the comment about the season 6 being too light hearted is because of people's opinions that the trio weren't exactly a the most serious, threatening villain the show ever had.

SFX is a good magazine, shares my taste in TV for the most part (Whedon and Farscape good, Charmed and Andromeda sh*te), I've read other magazines in the same vein and they're just not as good. Highly reccomend subscription, really good value.

Kind of surprised they're doing another Buffy feature, sure I read somewhere that they got in trouble for their Buffy special last year.

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The current issue has a pretty good feature on how Buffy has changed *deep breath* television, film, comics, books, US defence, DVD Sales, language and religion.

Plus there's comments from Russell T Davies, Jeph Leob, Simon Pegg and Mark Millar on what Buffy means to them.
That was a good feature. I really enjoyed reading it, so thanks for posting the link. My only complaint is that they kept calling Andrew by the wrong name - Johnathan.
This months SFX will be a collectors item, it's the first issue ever where the title doesn't have something placed in just the right place to make it look like 'SEX'.
Ahhh... reading this again just reminds me why I love SFX. It should be compulsory for fans of all things cult to read this magazine. Films, TV, comics, books... SFX treats them all with respect but best of all it knows when to say it with a wry smile and a sarcastic comment. They're also not afraid to say so if they think something's crap.

If there's a better genre magazine out there, I've never seen it.

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The episode guide is compulsive reading. You start to read just one and then it's a hour later and you're still reading. Well, we wouldn't be here if we weren't batty over Buffy.
Dreamwatch used to be an equal of SFX Outsider but the past few years it has become a very bland read. SFX totally outclasses it these days.
Senior Partner - I agree with you. I used to read Dreamwatch several years ago, but it became something of a chore. SFX, on the other hand, has always been an enjoyable read.

Probably the best recommendation I can give (for what it's worth) is that SFX is the only magazine of ANY kind that I was tempted to get a subscription for. And I've never regretted it.
For anyone who hasn't seen one of the season's, MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!
BuffyRox - "For anyone who hasn't seen one of the season's, MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!!!"

Well seeing as how this is an episode guide for the entire series i would imagine that goes without saying ;)
How come there's no ranking on Chosen? Hmmph. Episode guides like this are always fun, especially checking out the status of your favorite episodes to see where they ranked. Hell's Bells and Life Serial are waaaaaaaay too low.
Bleah. "Anne" is always so underappreciated.
MindPieces- I have the original here and it's ranked 8. I love this guide. It has everything. Rates the episodes, interviews half the cast, it even has a couple of pages on fashion in buffy rating their style choices each year. So super xD.

SFX is about the only magazine I buy. I gave up on the Buffy and Angel ones a while ago, so it's all I ever get now.
That's a great link, - thanks :-)

I actually really like the way they've done it. The writer has a classy sense of snark - and the best line section is worth its weight in gold.
Very enjoyable to read - I like the way they set it up with headings like "Why it's great" and "What lets you down". It seems like a very fair guide.

It's very hard though - I mean to pick one line out of an episode as the "Best line".
Yes, that was a good read. Disagreed with several ratings. 'Hells Bells' rated 143? Well, I guess ratings are just a matter of opinion.

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