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November 01 2004

(SPOILER) E-online's Kristin gives us more info on Charisma's guest appearance on LAX. Kristin also mentions Tru Calling, James Marsters, Jane Espenson, and possible spoilers for Lost on the following page.

There's a show called "LAX"? Is it about the airport? Is it a show we're glad to see Charisma on or is like "Charmed"?
Never saw it, doesn't sound that interesting but it is a change for Charisma (away from the "seer" roles). Unfortunately, if it's on the same time as "Lost" I probably won't be watching it. I don't feel as bad about skipping Deperate Housewives when JM is on the Mountain because it seems that ABC is repeating it the following Saturday. Why do they have to put these in the few slots where I do watch something???
Charisma, James, and David. What is it with the stars of the Buffyverse picking terrible shows to guest on?
As for David. I was refering to his new cop show in development. Blah. Cop Shows.
LAX is on opposite Lost. Yeah, it about the airport. The only thing I really know about it is that Heather Locklear is in it. And it seems to be ok if you like that kind of occupation drama thing.

Glad to see someone else promoting Veronica Mars. Ever epsiode so far has managed to be better than the last which is a sure sign for me, that it may get cancelled. (Yeah, I'm a pessimist)
I'm going to be able to watch this, because Lost is getting pre-empted by a basketball game where I live! Ahhh!!!! They're airing it on Saturday instead. I've seen one episode of LAX, was pretty bored, but I can suffer through it this one time because Lost won't be on.
At first I was saddened by the Alias-on-Wednesdays-thing, and then I thought, "oh, wow! Its an all JJ night!" and now I'm okay. Secondly: LAX, bleck. Veronica Mars, okay.
I'm still stuck on the idea that there is actually a show about the Los Angeles airport. Seems weird.

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