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November 01 2004's Coverage of Whedon's Kerry fundraiser. Allyson from describes her experience at the big "High Stakes Hootenanny."

I told Press Dude that I was there to write for PopGurls, and we were a web magazine whose readership is tens of thousands of young women.

He replied, "Well, there's a lot of single guys here!"

Oh. My. God.

And Herc asked Allyson if she was his assistant? Doesn't he already know his assistant?? Geez.
"It occurred to me that he meant to say, 'Joss."

It amazes me how many people say "Josh." Even fans have been known to.

"I wonder if that is worth alienating a truckload of his conservative fans who probably felt more than a bit unwelcome at this particular party."

Did he actually make conservative fans feel alienated? Most people I talked to didn't seem to mind, but then, I am a Kerry supporter, so I don't really know.

Good article. I really enjoyed reading it.
obsessed: Did he actually make conservative fans feel alienated?

Yes. Won't dimninish my appreciation for his art, but, yeah, it's kind of alienating to know that he (and so many cast members, as well) basically thinks I'm a misguided idiot.

Maybe I'm being too sensitive, maybe not. But as a conservative in a liberal area of the country, I get whacked a lot and it's tiresome.

Agree that it was a good article. This Allyson writes very well.
Lizard, A quote comes to mind:

Kirk: Message, Spock?
Spock: None that I'm aware of, Captain.
Who Mourns for Adonais?
Thanks for the link, it was a good read. TVZone also covered the event, hopefully that hasn't been posted before.
Hey Faith, thanks for that. A lot of those pictures were different than the ones here at Whedonesque. The shots of them all up on the stage really gave me a feeling of 'in the moment.' Like I was actually at the event. (Like that one shot from behind of Alyson H. whispering in Nick B's ear. Don't ya just wonder what they were saying?)

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE all our gang's pictures too. Especially the close-ups and the shots of our members. I've posted comments to some which YOU ALL SHOULD DO. I'm sure it took a lot of trouble to get all those taken and up for our viewing pleasure.

I just wasn't aware that other pics existed elsewhere. Kewl.


I liked that article.

I'll put a link to that TV Zone article in the subject line as well. Ta Faith and ta to Allyson at You should post here as well :p.

Lizard's comment about Joss thinking that Conservatives are misguided idiots struck a nerve. I don't believe that he does think that at all, but it's probably necessary to highlight the difference between Conservatism and the current US Government. Now, as a bona fide Socialist, I may not be qualified to judge, but it strikes me that Bush and his cronies give Conservatives a bad name, and Joss was just doing what any right-minded American should try to do - help bring about the end of a backward and damaging regime by highlighting the issues. I am certain he doesn't think any less of his Conservative fans and it would behoove them not to be so damn sensitive.
Hmm, it seems the TVZone link no longer works, I did like the article though, nice one Allyson :)
The article was a great read. Thanks for sharing.
Double hmmmmm, the TV Zone article has indeed disappeared. I wonder. But anyway, thanks for the heads up Paul_Rocks.
Maybe we were giving them too much traffic, or maybe it's something to do with today being the day? It's a shame in any case as I would've liked to have seen those other pictures.
Sad about the TV Zone :(

I don't think Joss thinks that either, nietoperz, but in Lizard's defense we are all--leftists, conservatives, dead armadillos--really damn sensitive right now. Hopefully, after the election, some of Joss' conservative fans can hear some of the things he said in his call about trying to reach out to everybody and about how he is anti-Bush, not anti-Republican.

And, I just got back from the polls--vote, vote, vote, folks!
And there will be extensive Whedonesque coverage and discussion of today's Presidential election in Palau, the independent Pacific island nation, as the day goes on.

Meanwhile, I have a feeling it's going to be a long day here so lets try and keep the political talk down to polite brief comments.
Not really sure how what I said was impolite or lengthy.
What, Palau's having an election? How did I miss the saturation coverage of that? Wonder if there will be fundraisers for that too? Sorry, I will go stand on the corner now !
Sorry marmoset I wasn't referring to you. I was thinking ahead.
You should post here as well :p.

But can I have VIP colors?

Thanks for the kind words about the essay, all!
Odd that the TV Zone pulled the article, I have it saved so if anyone wants it just email me. The photos still work, though: Amber, Adam, and Danny and a group photo.

[ edited by Faith on 2004-11-02 16:45 ]
What a great essay.

“If I'm in a room full of people who all agree that something rocks, I must be the asshole pontificating on why that thing sucks ass. I am that jerk.”

Learn to say curmudgeon. A jerk is someone who reminds young women to vote and then says things like, "Well, there's a lot of single guys here!" in response to mentioning you write for a web magazine that could be used to inform those same women. Whatever.
Totally enjoyed your essay Allyson, had me laughing out loud a couple of times too! I'm also from Massachusetts and routing for Kerry!

I honestly don't think anyone who disagrees with Joss should feel that he thinks they're an idiot. I'm a Democrat and my mom's a Republican. We totally disagree politically but she is one of the people I admire the most in the world. I'm sure Joss and everyone else who is a Democrat is in the same situation, with loved ones and friends having totally different political views. I can understand why you may feel left out of the fundraiser but by no means do I think Joss is trying to insult anyone or alienate his fan base. He's just following his heart. If my mom was throwing a party for George Bush, I also may feel alienated, but it wouldn't bother me that she would want to do that.

[ edited by blwessels on 2004-11-02 19:39 ]
TV Zone probably pulled the article because it contained a transcript of Joss' conference call. It's for that same reason that the transcript that was posted to this LJ was also pulled.
Yep yep. I was quite perturbed when I ran across that TV Zone article the first time since I doubted they got permission to post the transcript either (they seem to be very very particular about not letting a transcript or recording out of this event without having you contribute to the Kerry campaign first). Guess I was right.
I had no idea before reading this thread that they were actively suppressing transcripts of the conference call. I thought about donating again for a recording, but it said the money would go specifically to recounts, and I don't have the heart to contribute to that before the votes are first counted. I guess they're trying to be ready for anything but - dispiriting much?
Oh, so depressed I forgot to say how much I liked your coverage, Allyson.
Yeah the recount thing bothered me as well, but I felt sufficiently guilty for (unknowingly) posting a transcript I wasn't supposed to that I donated anyway. A bit perturbed to find that what you get is a one-time only call to a digital I need to find an unbroken 1/2 hour somewhere to call into this.

I kind of wish this whole event had happened earlier - probably could have convinced some people to register as well as to vote, and the funds would have been more directly related to the campaign. Depressing that they're already earmarking funds for anticipated legal battles over this election.
I kind of wish this whole event had happened earlier - probably could have convinced some people to register as well as to vote, and the funds would have been more directly related to the campaign.

I was thinking the same thing. And I'm bummed about the transcript suppression. I understand their reasoning when they state it but I still feel like it was important for more people to read the transcript or hear the call in the last couple of days before the election. But, alas, kudos to them for organizing anything like this at all!
Marmoset, what was that about "dead armadillos" as alternative to leftists and conservatives in a much earlier post that you've probably forgotten about? I'm very interested in this this morning. Do you think the dead armadillo movement might provide a real alternative? Do you see third party potential? What kind of platform are we talking about? Thank you for your patience.
Ah, "There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos..."

At this point, I'm thinking we should run a dead armadillo as that seems to be the intellectual level that the electorate wants in a leader.

The only good side I can see to this is that maybe now we can get that transcript. I was hoping to see a link in this thread.
And I am one of those dead armadillos. Yeah, they may stop squashing the transcript if somebody wants to repost one. BTW, blwessels has started an election thread on flikr in response to pressure from the mods for us to stop talking about this stuff here. Come join the tears and recriminations.

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